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Thoughts on Being a Grandmother

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Author: Sherri6477
Created: April 17, 2005 at 06:29 pm
Entry Type: column Poem, G (All)
Category: Personal | General/Other | General/Other
Entry Stats: 4681 views

Thoughts on Being a Grandmother
Thoughts on being a Grandmother

I never dreamed that I would ever feel this way. A grandmother! My own grandmother was stiff and unbending. She had made a home for my brother and me when my Mother could not and I know that she loved me. She took care of us, made me clothes and doll clothes and took us to Church and Sunday School. I don’t remember her ever playing with me as a child. I thought being a grandmother would mean I was nearing the end of my days! So, when my son called to say I was going to be a grandmother I thought, “Hmmm, this is nice.”

Well that has all changed. Twelve grandchildren in the last ten years have changed my attitude completely! When I held my first grandson, I discovered a huge well of emotions that I never knew were there. Here was a tiny precious life that I could love and spoil but not be responsible for. A remarkable idea that was! I could just imagine the possibilities. I could make him smile, laugh, give him a sugar high and give him to his Mommy to change a dirty diaper. I was ecstatic.

Then I discovered something new and even more thrilling. They were fun to play with. We sprawled on the floor coloring in a color book, twirling around playing Ring around the Rosie or just watching quietly while their favorite video played. What an amazing thing to see the world on their level.

The joy increased as each new grandchild came into our lives. As each was born, we determined that this particular child was the most beautiful in the world. Most of them were born while they lived far away from me. I did have the pleasure of having my last grandson Hunter born right here in Decatur. He and his big sister Kali, lived with us until he was six weeks old, before they followed their daddy to his next duty station.

I have chased my granddaughters as they ran from me giggling and teasing. Played Frisbee and was scorned because I couldn’t make it go as far as my seven year old grandson. I have watched as effervescent bubbles float toward the sky, shimmering in the summer sunlight. I have listened with amazement as my four year old grandson defended himself, “I do not have girlfriends, just friends!”

I laughed to see one granddaughter watch in dismay as another just acquired granddaughter claims her place in my lap. She wasn’t used to sharing her grandma with anyone, especially this new girl who was the same age!

The soreness of my body has assured me that I DID catch my chunky little grandson and twirled him around in circles as he jumped off the big rock in our yard. Probably twenty times was a little too much for my over fifty body!

I love it. They love unconditionally and openly. Their love is so sweet and their trust in me so secure. Nothing can make my heart glad like a three year old running with arms open wide to be the first to give Grandma a hug. Nothing tastes as sweet as a toddler’s kisses, nor smells any better than a grand-baby fresh from their bath.

No, I couldn’t have imagined how rich my life would be with these nine special little beings. Even though some of them are not close, two in Germany and two in San Diego, I enjoy each and every single moment that I get to spend with them. I want them to remember their grandmother as someone who had toys in her living room, riding toys under her desk, and few things that couldn’t be touched.

Me, a grandmother? Yes, and very proud of it. Just ask those who have been recently subjected to the pictures I have in my brag book!

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mmmitsphoebe wrote:   
that was really lovely. we have a pretty small family, so my grandparents only have two grand-kids (my brother and me.) I recently spent an extended amount of time with one of my more
(posted on 7/31/2008)   
Dark_Death wrote:   
wwwwhhhhhhhhhheeeeewwww.. cute story, but i'm glad i don't have children or grandkids.
(posted on 3/18/2008)   
roxinal wrote:   
(posted on 2/21/2007)   
brokenhearted wrote: 
My mother is going to be a grandma within the next few years... (Hopefully) And I hope she'll love her grandkids just as much as you love yours...
(posted on 8/26/2005)   
katepamisan wrote: 
truly, we grandchildren were blessed having a grandparents like you....
its not just us giving you joy...
but you giving us joy too..and its worth remembering...
thanks for sharing.
(posted on 4/18/2005)   

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