A Poem by troublemict

Author: troublemict
Created: August 28, 2008 at 10:44 am
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Category: Love | General/Other | Sad
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I'm not in love with you...  

I keep having dreams
About you and me
Visions of the past
That didnít last
Thoughts that never go away
The feeling of your touch
Or your gentle kisses
Now they only sound like wishes

How will I know?
If it was real or not
I don't want to spend the
Rest of my life wondering...
Sometimes I wish you'd talk to me
So I could just get the chance
To yell at you
To tell you how I hate you
How I wish I never knew you
How you made my life feel like a lie
Or maybe how you made me cry

I wanna tell you how
You don't mean anything more than a bug on the ground to me
How you're worth much less than a penny
I wanna hurt you the way
You hurt me
I don't want revenge
I just want you to know
How you made me feel
That low

At the same time
I want to help you
It kills me to see you wasting your life
On drugs and alcohol.
Using people who were once your friends
Not caring about anything
Walking around like you're some kind of tough guy
When really you're running scared

Canít you see?
Youíre loosing everyone around you
But I guess this phase you're in
Is nothing new
Now no one even knows you
Why don't you let me help you?

I know we're not the best of friends
Who am I kidding?
We're basically nothing
So for now all I have to say
If Iím not in love with you
What is this that Iím going through?
Why else do I love you like I do?
If Iím not in love with you....

© troublemict - all rights reserved

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Comments & Reviews

September 21, 2009
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very deep april
i love the emotion u put in your writing it amazes me truely the abilities that u have

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January 14, 2009
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oh wow it almost made me cry
its beautiful
i love it
and it made me think of my best friend
and her betreading me
and my first boyfriend
and him hurting me d way he did
and everyone around that are acting like not there selves
life is mean
love is a really mean
but i think this is the bestest poem ever

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August 28, 2008
I love this poem!!!!
I know how you feel!!!!

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