A Poem by DayAgainstNight

Author: DayAgainstNight
Created: August 16, 2008 at 08:39 pm
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Category: Parenting | Non Fiction | Dark
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You make me
I break me
Tear me apart on the inside
Holding back nothing
Telling everything
Even the lies
Lies to make me strong
But do they?
I can always prove you wrong
Tell me again what to believe
Show me again what to be
Donít sit there and tell me
Everything Iíve lived for is wrong
If only you could be me
Only then would you see
I will be the one with all the power in time
Letting you ruin me will be my only crime
Protect me because you love me
Kill me because you hate me
You all claim to be different
But in my eyes
Youíre all the same
One day Iíll take your place
Then who will be to blame?

© DayAgainstNight - all rights reserved

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June 18, 2009
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Children are such a blessing. but sometimes I wonder about that too. It is so hard. I enjoyed reading this write. Take Care

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