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Tutorial: Basic HTML Tags (Part 1)  

All PRO memberships include our text customization tool which allows members to easily change the font, size and color of their text. If you cannot upgrade but want to customize your poem text OR if you just wish to have more control over your profile text, this tutorial is for you!

All large text areas on W-N accept HTML. This includes your homepage intro, biography, news page and all your writing pages! HTML Formatting Tags come in three parts:

A starting (or opening) tag
Some text to be formatted
An ending (or closing) tag

Basic HTML tags that will allow you to customize the style of your text:

Bold: <B> Your Text Goes Here </B>
Italic: <I> Your Text Goes Here </I>
Underline: <U> Your Text Goes Here </U>

The Tag: Changing Font Face, Size and Color

The font tag is more complex, and uses attributes to specify particular formatting properties for the text. The most common font attributes are:

FACE - the font itself (e.g. Arial)
COLOR - the color of the text (e.g. Red)
SIZE - the display size (e.g. 2 )

Here is a sample line of code:

<FONT FACE=Arial COLOR=Red SIZE=2> My Text Goes Here </FONT>

The above sample would display your text "My Text Goes Here" in red using Arial Font with a display size of 2. Simply replace the "My Text Goes Here " With your own text and the font attributes with your own choices.

Red Text: <FONT COLOR=Red> Your Text </FONT>
Blue Text: <FONT COLOR=Blue> Your Text </FONT>
Orange Text: <FONT COLOR=Orange> Your Text </FONT>
Purple Text: <FONT COLOR=Purple> Your Text </FONT>

You may aslo nest the above tag and use it in conjunction with another tag:

<FONT FACE=Arial COLOR=Red SIZE=2>Small Red Text, in the Arial font, <B>in bold</B></FONT>

This will produce: Small Red Text, in the Arial font, in bold

I hope you have enjoyed the first part of our tutorial and will find it useful in your profile! If you have any questions feel free to post your comments below.

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March 25, 2017
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I like the color thing!! sounds fun!! and I also like the font thing!!! sounds easy!
(who is currently dead)

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March 10, 2013
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Thank u , i need the size part.

Best wishes,
love, magicrod.

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July 26, 2009
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