A Poem by Amaranta_Buendia

Author: Amaranta_Buendia
Created: August 30, 2007 at 03:28 pm
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The Weight of Water

I knew you weren't mine
When I could not tame
Not even with passing time
My name with your last name.

I knew you weren't true
When even in my dreams
The thought of me and you
Would spark panic and screams.

I knew you were disposed
When vile things filled my brain
My throat would ache and close
You met me wild and now i'm tame.

Oh, what a shame...I must remain...So mildly plain and barely sane.
The lover's game is like the train
Loud and slow like the mighty crane.
Oh what a shame...filled with disdain...
For a million men, The weight of water,
cannot retain.

oh what a shame.....

© Amaranta_Buendia - all rights reserved

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