A Poem by DaMoment

Author: DaMoment
Created: July 26, 2007 at 04:30 pm
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The Whisper Left Me

Like a cocoon, I was in a shell
I donít have to say my life wasnít swell
I found my way through the trees
Thank God for bended knees
I didnít know where I was, or where I was going
Night had fallen and it was now morning
The rustling of the leaves kept me company
The sounds of nature, this time wasnít funny
I heard some birds and maybe a bear
No one would miss me, for no one would care
I heard a whisper on my way in
The forest I stood, all alone with no kin
The whisper was velvet, so soft and smooth
No fear at all, I ever oozed
The whisper followed me all about
But there was no whisper when I tried to get out
Of course didnít know which way that was
All I know in the end, the whisper left me.
Again, Iím back in my shell.
-Originally DaMoment

© DaMoment - all rights reserved

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