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Created: June 10, 2007 at 07:54 pm
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Devil on Earth

The evil that stands here in the world,
It calls to me and makes itself known.
How is it possible to make it all alone?
Sheltering, I will step up to the throne.
I'll be the person everyone wants me to be,
I'll be the person who falls from underneath.
Deeper and deeper I'll plunge below the earth,
Farther and farther I can take so much more.
Stronger and stronger I have become.

Now it is time and I can feel the weight of the world.
I can feel it's hate, it's undying needs.
Feel the sins buried in between.
The heartaches that mean nothing built as a stage,
The stage which welcomes those who follow.
And play their song with short-lived grace.
The heartaches that have made me strong, now welcome me to build my home.

Feeling so much, the weight of the world.
Standing on the burning coal.
Resisting those who try to come in.
The walls that were built will not crumble within.
Impostors of souls that I once knew.
Now lost forever in my brighter past.
And I can make it through all the pain.

All of the fire and all of the rage.
But now I have stepped up to this throne,
The devil's position I'll forever hold.
To feel and love passion of the world,
It's hate and rage and burning souls.

Christina Marie Weir

© yeaytay - all rights reserved

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