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Author: Silverblue
Created: April 16, 2018 at 08:38 pm
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Thought For The Day  

Where do you stop and draw the line
Never, probably never
How many days in a row do you think
That continues forever and ever

Give me a signal, give me a sign
That it all worked out well, without woe
Promises, promises, I heard of those once
They're stuck for a place which to go

Take up my hand, and take on my heart
I'm leaning on you as I fall
I trust my own shadow as much as myself
Live a little, make room for it all

There is no desire to fuel every fire
But thoughts they must open a page
Knowing which bits to put off to the side
Is the split between tranquil and rage

A long way to fall, and a high sky to ride
Today is a day like the rest
What are the chances, we take up the chances
Our mind is the mind we like best

An all seeing eye in a thing that repeats
I suppose we can break from it's chain
We can be, we can think, we're the key from our jail
We're our very own blemish and stain

For thoughts are the things, more constant than waves
Wider than skies overhead
Existing as sure as the fish in the seas
A pleasure, a thing that we dread

Crowding us, loving us, hating us too
Swirling like sand on a beach
Ready to enter, to say their hello
Inner thoughts never quite out of reach

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April 17, 2018
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Tells of real 'friendship
... words are so profound. 'there is no desire to fuel every fire' for the one you have chosen to tend is sufficient to keep you warm and content. The grass only seems to be greener!
Presentation excellent! Thanks for sharing.

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