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Author: michaelgallatin
Created: April 16, 2018 at 11:55 am
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Category: Horror | Despair | Tragedy
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An Act Beyond Meaning  

Author's Preface - I feel that before I present the poem I wrote about this terribly sad tragedy that I should mention a few things about it to my readers. It happened on 4/5/18 in Sweden, NY. A boy of only seven was brutally killed by his own mother. Sadly she had self committed to a mental hospital twice in March. The second time she stayed for two and a half weeks because she had been there shortly before that. Apparently though the depth of her illness was unfortunately not seen. There were three other people in the home in another room when Abraham Cardenas was murdered; his father, his ten year-old brother and a grandmother. They called 911 but evidently were not able to intervene. Abraham's mother stabbed him in the back and then near about decapitated him. Due to her mental illness and seeking help I feel terrible for both of them and for the family of this boy! God help us all!

When someone says life is perfect
They're telling you lies
And I don't understand the tragic
Sadly I'm not that wise 
But I know that it's unthinkable
When a young child dies

His last day was sadly fated
And he won't have another
A little boy of only seven years
Who was killed by his own mother
To me it brings a sadness
That's not like any other

Of this type of thing
I know I've had my fill
And I wish so very deeply
We weren't compelled to kill
Even though I was advised
That she is mentally ill

Still I think to myself
That it's sad and very queer
This is an act beyond meaning
Which stands out oh so clear
What happened to cherishing life
And seeing loved ones as so dear?

So I weep for this boy
And his most sad fate
As I wish in my soul
That these crimes would abate
It's high time they were over
For the hour is growing late

Only a sweet first-grader
And that's stuck in my head
There's no way at all my child
That you should now be dead
Go with God my dearest boy
As that's where your death has led

Michael "Rest In Peace Little Angel!" Gallatin

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Author Notes

Pretty much everything that needs to be said about this poem and the tragic act that that inspired it was said in my preface. All I want to say now are three things. I weep for Abraham, his mother and his family. There is way too much senseless death throughout this often sad and sick world. And lastly if you know anyone who seems mentally ill, addicted and/or abusive, please try to steer them to help or stay far, far away from them!

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April 16, 2018
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When I was a prescreener I knew a woman who beat her young niece to death because she thought she was possessed by the devil. Paranoid schizophrenia has its own bizarre logic. There is still no cure.

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