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Author: matelotrod
Created: April 15, 2018 at 07:15 am
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Times they are a-changing  


                        Times they are a-changing

It was Sunday morning and I lay in my bed
I became aware that I had thoughts in my head
It occurred to me  my brain was doing a search
Regarding a Sunday when we all went to church.

There was Sunday morning service, mainly for Dads
Then afternoon Sunday School  for girls and lads
Then it was Mum's turn as she finished Sunday dinner
Attendance of evening service proved she was no sinner

This was many years ago when religion was respected
Unfortunately it now appears that church is neglected
In many Counties it's common to find churches unattended
It must be the human to blame for a religion that's ended. 

Rod Broomham  (c)




© matelotrod - all rights reserved

Author Notes

This is based on what I see regarding Churches in my County and what I have witnessed over the passing years.

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April 16, 2018
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Rod, it is a shame that some churches are losing members within your area. Perhaps it is time to reach out to the community and bring them back to worshipping Time to market our Lord. ~ Sonia

I'm afraid that the religion that I was taught about when I was a youngster seems to have eroded. I was in the church quire and sent to Sunday  School every Sunday, we even had a card that was stamped by the Vicar to prove to our parents that we had attended. It all seems to have changed which is what caused me to write this one. Many of our Churches are locked now due to robberies etc. time marches on.  Thanks for your review, take care    Rod.

 matelotrod replied on April 17, 2018

Please forgive me Sonia for putting Quire instead of Choir, sign of aging I'm afraid.

 matelotrod replied on April 18, 2018

Rod, blame the typo on the gremlins of autocorrect and not you.  
Take care.  ~ Sonia 

 babyboomer68 replied on April 18, 2018

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