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L.O.T.J.L Ep 42: Duty Of The Phoenix's Spirit


Buern, Josec, Harry, Estelle and Jason sat together at the clearing near one of the Summer Domes. The Masters were nearby.

“You’ve become stronger yet again Josec. Your improvement is really astounding” Buern congratulated him.

“Thanks” Josec said.

“You and Harry are both amazing. You’ve been gradually growing into the roles inherited by members of your clans” Buern said.

She seemed slightly downcast though.

“What’s the matter Buern? You don’t seem so happy” Josec asked her.

“I just feel slightly left out. Josec now has full command over both the Eyes and Wings Of The Phoenix and Harry defeated Anubis through his ability to repel curses and now has control over all seven elements. I’m beginning to wonder whether or not I’m fulfilling my role as the inheritor of the Phoenix’s Spirit” Buern said with a sad smile.

Josec smiled at her.

“Don’t worry Buern. I think you’re doing great. You’ve guided us with your experience tons of times and you protected me when I couldn’t defend myself” Josec pointed out.

Buern smiled.

“Thanks Josec” Buern said gratefully.

“However if you feel like you’re not living up to your expectations, you should probably speak with the Masters” Josec advised.

Buern nodded.

She approached the Masters. They noticed how worried she was.

“Is anything the matter Buern?” Master Ayumi asked her.

Buern nodded.

“I’m a bit worried. Josec and Harry have made significant progress as the inheritors of the Heart and Mind Of The Phoenix respectively however I feel as though I haven’t made any progress as the inheritor of the Phoenix’s Spirit” Buern said.

Master Ayumi smiled.

“Buern, I don’t think you should grade yourself by the improvements Josec and Harry have made. Each of the three parts of the phoenix are different and each has a unique role to play in the Phoenix’s body” Master Ayumi advised her.

Buern remained silent.

“I understand though. As a fighter you have always had the greatest amount of experience amongst the three of you so it’s a little intimidating to see how rapidly the others are growing stronger and you’re beginning to feel as though you’ve hit a wall. You don’t want to be left behind” Master Ayumi simply summed up Buern’s feelings.

Buern nodded.

“However Buern, your role in the Phoenix’s body is just as important as Josec’s and Harry’s and it is quite different from that of the other two. You have been fulfilling your role though you haven’t been conscious of it” Master Ayumi said.

“I have?” Buern asked.

“Do you recall the trial I had you undertake in my cave?” Master Ayumi asked.

Buern nodded.

“The one where you set up a number of traps for me?” Buern asked.

Master Ayumi nodded.

“Exactly, do you recall the nature of those traps?” Master Ayumi asked.

Buern nodded.

“They were traps designed to crush my spirit” Buern said recalling those traps with a slight feeling of dread.

“Did those traps remind you of anything in particular?” Master Ayumi asked.

Buern recalled something far worse than the traps Master Ayumi and the Masters had aimed at her.

“They reminded me of the Black Dragon’s threats especially the threat he made to end Josec’s life via the curse my father inflicted on Josec” Buern said seriously.

“So you should have begun to realize especially since you were originally bonded to Souryu that the Black Dragon has a very specific battle style” Master Ayumi said seriously. “A style centred on crushing the spirits of his adversaries through threats and attacks on the spirit”

Buern nodded.

“The Verns have always had the ability to suppress the Black Dragon’s sinister will. Perhaps it was because your ancestress, Victoria Vern cared for the child left after the clash between the Phoenix’s will and the Black Dragon’s will. Throughout history, your clan, the Verns have had their fates closely tied to that of the Black Dragon’s. I doubt it was mere coincidence that your parents fell for each other and had you. This intertwining fate between the Black Dragon and the Vern Clan in hindsight has gifted the Vern Clan with a certain unique knowledge that the other two Phoenix Clans do not possess” Master Ayumi said.

“And that is?” Buern asked.

“An immense knowledge of the Black Dragon’s schemes and a feel for its sinister will. Of all the three clans, the Verns are the ones that can most accurately sense the Black Dragon’s presence and due to their constant exposure to it, they have acquired a certain level of resistance to its sinister will just as constant exposure to poison can build immunity” Master Ayumi said.

“And how does that help? At times I feel that I might actually be a danger to Josec and the others” Buern admitted.

“Buern, I told you something once before in my cave about leadership. Do you recall what it was?” Master Ayumi asked with a sympathetic sigh.

Buern nodded.

“You said most at times, the greater part of leadership is dependent on the state of the leader and not necessarily the leadership style” Buern recalled.

“A smaller army would willingly fight a larger one if there is no sign of surrender on the face of their general. Morale is an important factor in deciding the outcome of a battle and this morale can be affected by how the army perceives its general. You are by far the most experienced Jo-lan warrior amongst the students. Whether you realize it or not, the others look up to you. On top of that you have the most experience dealing with the Black Dragon’s schemes and its traps. So far, the Black Dragon has been battling physically through Innovain and its power is suppressed because it has been fragmented amongst his generals. It occasionally sets traps through the mingling of threats with half-truths and blatant lies however a real battle with the Black Dragon is a battle of will, a clash of willpower and at the same time, it is a battle for territory. The domains of good and evil keep fluctuating back and forth between both sides endlessly. The Black Dragon without a doubt will be attempting to crush your spirit and the spirits of your comrades. You even out the odds by inspiring your comrades, raising their spirits and ensuring that they do not lose hope” Master Ayumi said.

“I see, so that’s the duty of the Phoenix’s Spirit” Buern realized.

“Like I said, your role is unique. If you were not fulfilling your role, Josec would have been overwhelmed by the curse of the Black Dragon already” Master Ayumi said.

“How do you know so much concerning these matters?” Buern asked in surprise.

Master Ayumi smiled.

“Zan, my husband went through the same trials” Master Ayumi admitted.

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