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Academy Chapter 11: The Will Of Two Hearts


Ryu and Reis stood with Zan in the Hall Of Dream Knights. They told Zan everything they had discovered.

“And Aurora told you that these Twin Saggeesian Sabres embody ‘The Will Of Two Hearts?” Zan asked.

“Yet she also admitted that she never understood what those words meant” Reis pointed out.

“I’ve got a confession to make” Zan said with a serious look.

“Spill” Ryu said.

“Concerning the subject of Twin Swords, I also know a thing or two” Zan confessed.

“You do? Hey wait a minute, why are you telling us now?” Reis asked suspiciously.

“I’ve been mulling things over since you guys first arrived and I’ve began to realize that the parallelisms between the things you mentioned and certain elements from my homeworld are far too strong to be passed off as some kind of joke” Zan admitted.

“That certainly appears to be true. Ryu believes these connections may connote Seven Realms that are paradoxical yet unified in some way” Reis admitted.

“Concerning the Twin Swords that I mentioned earlier, Ayu and I share a blade each. We named our Swords the ‘Pyrostellis Luminares’ meaning ‘The Fiery Star Heavenly Lights’. Ayumi wields the ‘Pyrostellis’ or ‘Fiery Star’, a fiery blade the colour of Daylight and I wield the ‘Luminares’, the ‘Heavenly Lights’, a starry blade with the colour of Starlight. These blades are usually linked by a crimson cord that binds Ayumi and I together yet the cord stretches almost infinitely hence this bond does not imprison us and we can fight freely” Zan explained.

“And how exactly was it that you came to possess these Swords?” Ryu asked curiously.

“These Swords were born after I shared my heart with Ayumi. To be more precise, I gave her one of my hearts. I possessed two hearts back then, a crimson heart and a golden heart. My crimson heart contained all my pain and grief, my golden heart contained my love for life and I inherited this golden heart from my parents. A year before my birth, my dad was nearly slain by a sword bearing his own name. As he lay on the verge of death, my mother shed tears for him. Tears that flowed into his wounds and crystallized as a golden heart thus causing my father to be resurrected as the Guardian Of The Eternal Mirror Gate. It was this heart I gave to Ayumi. The side effect of giving one of my hearts to Ayumi was that we both became Demi-Dreamweavers and the Pyrostellis Luminares was born. However, when Ayu and I are together, we are the Dreamweaver, a single whole entity” Zan explained.

“Tell us a little more about the Pyrostellis Luminares. Does it have any special traits?” Reis asked.

“Interesting question. Actually, it does. It allows Ayu and I to communicate telepathically with each other. It also draws out and compares between our experiences the best way to overcome any situation and implements it by drawing strength from the stronger party and sharing their experiences with the weaker party while balancing the abilities of both parties to ensure that their spiritual fortitude is always optimum” Zan explained.

“Two hearts…The Will Of Two Hearts” Ryu and Reis mused.

“I understand what you’re getting at Reis, Ryu. It is quite the paradox you’ve unearthed. Two Swords said to embody ‘The Will Of Two Hearts’ yet said to form the Mythical Heart Sabre when fused” Zan mused.

“What are you trying to say Zan?” Reis asked.

“Think about it you two. It says nothing of Two Hearts once the Swords are fused but at the same time seems to suggest that the union of these Twin Swords, these Two Hearts will result in the birth of ‘The Heart’” Zan pointed out to them.

“You’re right!” Ryu and Reis exclaimed in awe; shocked themselves that they hadn’t noticed this connotation earlier.

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