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Author: PGordonKennedy
Created: April 08, 2018 at 07:52 pm
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Category: Fantasy | Free Verse | Death
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King and Castle  

Once there was a castle on a rock
and a king upon a throne.
Gilded treasure and ambition.
He won every battle,
but he lost the war,
for time is never standing still
and all that is gilded turns to dust.
Kings die and kingdoms fall.
Only hollow ruins and
forgotten bones endure,
until they too crumble away,
scattered to the winds of the ages.

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Comments & Reviews

April 13, 2018
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Thank you for sharing this piece of writing. You did a very good job on this one hun. Sad but very very true. The wheel of life never stops turning and eventually we will all be forgotten.
Take care and i shall look forward to seeing more of your writing in the future.

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April 09, 2018
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Sad but true
A short poem, quite sad but true. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall and regardless of the power and wealth one accumulates in one's lifetime, in the end death and decay claim us all. It is a sad truth.

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