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Academy Ch 10:The Seven Unified Paradoxical Worlds


Reis and Ryu stood within Dream Knight Jurisdiction, the central corridor of the Academy.

“We need to speak with Aurora. She’s in your class isn’t she Ryu?” Reis asked.

Ryu nodded as the boys approached the teleportation crystal. Ryu accessed the crystal and selected the location “Class Of Deviants”. In an instant, the boys were teleported.

When they opened their eyes, they were in the Class Of Deviants. Everyone turned to face them.

“Ryu…” Nadia said with a growl.

Ryu smiled at her.

“Yes? What is it Nadia?” he said.

“What stunt are you trying to pull bringing the Honours Rep here?!” Nadia roared in anger.

“I thought you approved of him Nadia” Ryu laughed.

“I have no qualms with him visiting the Farms but I definitely don’t like the idea of him trespassing in our class” Nadia growled.

“Zan has approved of him” Ryu said with a laugh.

Nadia’s tensed features relaxed.

“Well if Zan, our rep’s approved of him, I won’t argue” Nadia said.

Aurora sat at her desk watching the argument unfold with amusement.

“Actually, we’re here to see you Aurora” Reis said with a smile.

Aurora smiled at him.

“It’s been a while but we need to ask you some questions regarding the Twin Saggeesian Sabres, you and Jared as well as Novatio and Saggeese” Reis said.

“These are not things I can just discuss in class you know? Besides, are you sure you want others to know about these matters especially people who are not from Ryugaeia” Aurora said as she stared at Ryu.

Ryu laughed.

“Aurora, Ryu already knows a lot more about Ryugaeia than you might have guessed. Besides, this is a matter that does not only concern Ryugaeia. I believe it may concern all the worlds” Reis said.

Aurora sighed.

“Fine then, follow me to the Rangers’ Guild. I’ll tell you everything you need to know there” Aurora said and stood up

The two boys followed her to a teleportation crystal.

Moments later, the three sat within the Temple in the Rangers’ Guild which was also Rangers’ HQ.

“Well, what do you want to know?” Aurora asked.

“First tell us about the Twin Saggeesian Sabres” Reis asked.

“The Twin Saggeesian Sabres are royal heirlooms passed down to the descendants of the Saggeesian Royal Family. Usually, they are inherited by the heir to the Saggeesian Throne but since Jared and I were twin heirs, we each inherited a Sabre. Jared’s Sabre is made from the Dark Mythril Ore and has the power to absorb any element it comes into contact with. My Sabre on the other hand is made from the Light Mythril Ore and thus has great penetration power. Our parents often told us that the Twin Saggeesian Sabres embody ‘The Will Of Two Hearts’. We never understood what they meant though. It is said however that when fused, they form the Mythical Heart Sabre” Aurora explained.

“Tell us about yourself and Jared next” Reis requested.

“Jared and I are the twin heirs to the Saggeesian Throne. Exactly a year before our births, Old Lady Kamikaze appeared before our parents. She said we would be born a year later, predicted that we would be twins. She said the one who inherited the name significant of the ‘Light’ would rule over Saggeese and predicted that tragedy would follow shortly after our births however she also prophesied that it would be by our faith in the Dragonhaärt that Ryugaeia would be ‘Dragon Earth’ again. In Saggeese, it is customary for the firstborn prince to inherit the throne. Though we were twins, I was the elder born, Jared was the firstborn prince thus he should have become king of Saggeese. Jared’s name means ‘One who rules’ connoting his right to inherit the throne. I however was named ‘Aurora’ which means ‘Dawn’ thus by the will of my father, I was named the true heiress to the Saggeesian Throne” Aurora explained.

“I see. You could say the first heir, Jared, was meant to rule by right of birth, however, the second heir, Aurora, was predestined to rule by right of identity” Ryu noted.

“Next tell us about the kingdoms of Novatio and Saggeese” Reis asked.

“The kingdom of Novatio represents the Light Of Ryugaeia. It is a virtuous kingdom that integrates the principles of the Dragon Rangers into its daily living and this goes as high up as the Novatian monarchy. They thus represent the ‘Wholeness’ in the Heart That Destroys Darkness.

The kingdom of Saggeese on the other hand represents the Wisdom Of Ryugaiea. However, when Old Lady Kamikaze prophesied our births and the role of the one whose name was significant of the Light, they misinterpreted the prophecy to mean that Novatio would rule over Saggeese. There was thus great dissatisfaction when my father, the king, revealed his intention to name me the true heiress to the Saggeesian Throne. Our parents had also undergone a long period of childlessness before our births so our births were considered a great miracle by most of our family. However, the people were deceived into believing that we could not possibly be the children of the king leading to a revolt that claimed the lives of my family leaving Jared and I the only apparent survivors. The one who spread these false rumours inherited the throne of Saggeese from then on thus the ‘Wisdom’ of Ryugaeia was broken by the usurper and ruled by Darkness. Saggeese thus represents the ‘Broken’ aspect of the Heart That Destroys Darkness” Aurora narrated.

“I see, the Wisdom Of Ryugaeia was meant to have been ruled by Light however it ended up being ruled by Darkness. The Twin Saggeesian Sabres that are made of Light and Darkness must exist to enforce this fact” Ryu said.

“Seven Dragons, Seven Elements, Seven Clans, Seven Humans, the Code Of Heart and Hate composed of two parts yet considered a single whole representing two mysterious Dragons and the Eighth and Final Saint who rules over all Elements” Reis noted.

“Seven Canons, Seven Masters, Seven Stones, Four Elements, Three Great Clans, History interpreted from two perspectives and a Mythical Eighth Jo-lan Master said to have triumphed over Death” Ryu noted.

“Seven Stones Of Sealing representing Seven Virtues and said to contain the power to seal up the Seven Souls Of Evil when united to the Alpha And Omega Mirror Gate” Reis noted.

“And Twin Swords, Twin Heirs, Twin Nations and all the contradictory parts noted in The Heart That Destroys Darkness, the Twin Saggeesian Sabres made Of Light and Darkness and said to form the Mythical Heart Sabre when fused” Ryu noted.

“I used to think the fragments of Arälpheisl could only exist in Ryugaeia…however it’s starting to feel as though our worlds are pieces of a puzzle that form a whole…” Reis mused.

“Seven Canons…may be Seven Weapons, however a Canon can also be said to be the realm within which a story occurs connoting…Seven Realms!” Ryu suddenly exclaimed.

“I’m starting to believe that all these elements may indeed build up to form an image of Benedict” Reis confessed.

“For now, let us report back to Zan. Thanks for everything Aurora” Reis waved.

“You’re welcome” Aurora said with a smile and waved to the boys as they departed.

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