A Poem by Silverblue

Author: Silverblue
Created: April 07, 2018 at 07:15 pm
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Category: Love | Romance | Peace
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In The Blue Skies  

What do you show, if not love
What do you give in the blue skies above
A body to share, in the sea, on the sand
Touches of joy, by the craft of your hand

Intimate feelings for two
You here for me, and I here for you
Laying in wait on this beach
No sense of arousal should be out of reach

Curves of the skin to allure
Kisses, caresses, to seduce on this shore
Clouds in the shapes of pure bliss
Hands intertwined as we share a sweet kiss

Naked is what we shall be
Alone, yet together, there's you and there's me
A moment that's sacred and sweet
To taste you this day is a pleasure complete

Water surrounds from the ocean
The thrust of two beings combined with emotion
In harmony, treasured, relieved
Contentment on faces at what we've received

Peacefully drifting to sleep
As waves crash our souls, with a feeling so deep
A final embrace, and a gleam in your eye
A few hours sleep under beautiful sky. 

© Silverblue - all rights reserved

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April 08, 2018
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Good poetic description of love's beauty.

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April 08, 2018
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Lovely poem
Enjoyed this poem. My favourite stanza was the first. Especially enjoyed how it spoke of love shared through craftsmanship. The poem was also quite romantic speaking of the love shared between two lovers at the beach. Thanks for sharing.

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April 08, 2018
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Bravo my friend.
Captivating a scene of the glory of true love, the ecstacy of an idylic moment in time. Well captured. Well put across! thank you for sharing.

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