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Author: Silverblue
Created: April 07, 2018 at 06:14 pm
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The Words We Say  

The words we produce, by voice or other
Prone to make an impact
Just one slip, or alternate phrase
May give insight to how we act

The right phrase or sentence, at the right time
May change a persons view
To be drawn towards, or shunned somewhat
By the things we say and do

We could be heroes, we could be villains
Depending on what we say
Forming those words at our own free will
There they are on display

For words are quite amazing things
When combined in their combinations
They come and go, they stop, they're perused
As they stop in their various stations

And it's hard to come up with the right words to say
To perfect what we want from our core
We just strive to deliver as best as we can
Not knowing reactions in store

Some have that knack, that art, yes that gift
To issue forth words without worry
Some have to think, taking their time
Words do not come in a hurry

The point herein, is that words make a difference
How they get set out, are displayed
A few simple sentences, a tale that's long
An opinion or story is made

And thus the importance, of words that we read
Whether hopeful, alarming, or great
They are words which to ponder, by eyes that will read
To enjoy, to peruse, to debate.

© Silverblue - all rights reserved

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April 16, 2018
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So true!
Words can create or destroy. Good point here Blue. I say use them carefully in what you say or do. thanks for sharing.

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April 08, 2018
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The Power of Words
Words are powerful things that can be wielded for good or ill. Words can make and words can break. You captured this well. Great writing.

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April 08, 2018
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Sticks and stones....
I wish the current US president would read this. Not that he'd give a damn.

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April 08, 2018
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Noteworthy poem!
I enjoyed this poem particularly because the persona of the poem has an appreciation and a deep understanding of the power of words. Not only do words evoke emotion but they are also an expression of what is in our hearts and so to an extent, whether deliberate or unintentional, they can reveal and reflect us even if we do not realize it.

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