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Academy Chapter 4:The Heart That Destroys Darkness


Ryu and Reis stood before a teleportation crystal in Dream Knights’ Jurisdiction.

“Reis, to commence our quest, there are a few preparations we need to make. To be able to access a certain location that is key to our quest, we need to be granted access by a Teacher at the very least. You could see my Teacher, Sir Raygaard and request permission to the Passage Of The Galagan” Ryu instructed.

“Why don’t you go see him yourself?” Reis asked.

“Right about this moment, he should be engaged in combat with my mates through the ‘Dragon Battle Protocol’. I don’t intend to get sidetracked now and it is vital that we act quickly” Ryu said.

“I see” Reis said.

“Aside from that, I have other business to take care of so we’ll split up for now. I’m certain you have a bit of business to take care of in your homeworld as well. I will await you in Kolmnid Farms” Ryu said.

Reis nodded.

Moments later Ryu stood in Kolmnid Farms. He stared at the Limelight devices and at the crops. Everything was intact.

“As expected, they couldn’t do much damage since the Academy suppresses any form of unwarranted violence” Ryu said.

“I’ve been expecting you Ryu” a voice said.

Ryu smiled and turned around to face the speaker. He was a man with silver hair and blue eyes.

“Jinrai Dragonhaärt” Ryu greeted.

“I see my son has finally made it aboard the Ark by piecing together the clues I left for him before leaving Ryugaeia. Alpha seems to have revealed to him that I am alive which implies that by now he must have knowledge of ‘The Heart That Destroys Darkness’ and is now retracing your footsteps to find us both” Jinrai said.

“Just like you Jinrai, your son Reis appears to have great insight” Ryu said.

“He does. However Ryu, some things cannot be learnt unless they are first taught. You understand what I mean don’t you Ryu?” Jinrai said.

“I do. You want me to reveal the meaning behind ‘The Heart That Destroys Darkness’ to him as well as its significance. I must warn you though Jinrai that Galigaos, your archnemesis is hot on Reis’ trail and seeks the destruction of the Legacy you left him” Ryu said.

“I know. I have been watching that fiend for a while now. I am also watching over my son’s progress and I entrust him into your care for now Ryu. Once Reis learns all that he needs to know…I will act” Jinrai said.

“I understand. For now, I will keep your whereabouts a secret” Ryu said.

“Reis should be arriving any time soon. I must take my leave now” Jinrai said and departed.

Ryu sat upon a rock and took out a flute. He began to play a mysterious song on it. Some companions from Kolmnid Farms including Tanya gathered around him and began to harmonize with his tune. Ryu removed the flute from his lips and began to sing.

Timeless, windless, wordless, endless

Something from my past seems worthless

Memories I can’t define

Of things I just can’t seem to find.


A star, a storm, a great starship

That blazes on an endless trip,

A black hole comes and wakes my fears

The silent stars shed endless tears


Bended, ended, winded, rendered

Silent the crew disappear

I awaken the next day on a bed

To find that all my memories are dead.


Growing, rising, hiding, finding,

I can’t fit in this strange setting

My past is lost but I am here

And the stars keep shedding timeless tears.


Timeless, without wind, without words, endlessly

My earlier nature was without value.

I cannot, it seems, define even my memories,

For things such as these I’ve never known.


A star, a tempest, an enormous vessel

Moving faster, yes, than the rays of Light.

A black hole comes and awakens my fears

The silent stars of the endless tears


Folded, ended, wheezy, returned

Silenced by this, the crew fade away.

I wake up the following day on a bed

To note that all my memories died.


Crescent, crossing, to hide or to find,

I cannot integrate this strange parameter

My past is lost, but I am here

And the stars keep shedding timeless tears.


An Eternal Wind with words unspoken

Indestructible, something from my past appears to be.

Memories, I know, cannot define things. 

Though I am simple, it’s hard to seek me out.


A star, a tempest, an enormous vessel,

Riding on the winds on an unstoppable quest,

A Black Hole arises, my fears fly,

To the inanimate stars, shedding unending tears.


Bended, ended, reaped, then returned,

They that were handed the Staff Of Silence Hidden.

On The Day Of Resurrection, on the bed called the Grave. 

To find them all, my memories died.


The immigrant prevails, I seek His Face.

Though I cannot find meaning to this strange Spirit.

Formerly, I was lost, yes astray but I’m here, 

And the stars guard His tears eternally”

Ryu sang. Reis stood nearby listening. Ryu noted that every time Reis left and returned, he looked more experienced, more mature and manlier.

“What is that song? It’s so mysterious. I don’t believe I’ve heard its kind before perhaps except for ‘The Heart that Destroys Darkness’ and Ayumi’s ‘My Kin, My Family’” Reis asked.

Ryu chuckled slightly.

“Do you believe in primal memories Reis?” Ryu asked.

“Primal memories?” Reis asked curiously.

“Memories that seem to exist beyond a time you could remember, like a seal deeply etched into the human mind. A memory that isn’t false but at the same time conflicts with everything you know about reality? This song is about such a memory. A collective memory of someone very important that my world had forgotten for millennia. It is named thus, ‘Memoires of the Long Suffering God’” Ryu explained.

“That song is your memoires?” Reis asked in surprise.

“It speaks of the Heart and the one who represents ‘Heart’ in my world” Ryu said.

“The one who represents Heart” Reis repeated.

“In my world, we call him Ryuujinn. In yours I believe you call him Benedict. That name depicts the one known as the second person of the Tripartite God, the God of the Heart. Having come this far you should understand what ‘The Heart that Destroys Darkness is’. You should understand the true nature of Benedict’s Ark by now” Ryu said.

“It’s not a ship or an Academy is it?” Reis asked.

“The Academy is an allegorical expression of its true nature. The true Benedict’s Ark fuses various parts of your world into one powerful force; the force I believe you call Arӓlpheisl? The nature of Arӓlpheisl and Benedict are almost identical. You could call Arӓlpheisl the manifestation of Benedict’s will” Ryu said.

“And what is Benedict’s will?” Reis asked.

“You should know by now. After all…you possess the Seal of Arӓlpheisl. You should be able to recall now. The words the Kaignis King spoke to you on the night you met. You heard his voice though no one else did” Ryu said.

Slowly, Sabre-fang’s voice began to echo within Reis’ mind.

“When one possesses the Seal of Arӓlpheisl, he shall become Ryugaeia itself” Reis recalled.

“A heart exists for one purpose. From that you can deduce that the will of the Heart serves one purpose. You recall Arӓlpheisl’s words don’t you? The words only you could read” Ryu said.

The will of the heart is the key to destiny? Wait a minute! You mean he was speaking of ‘The Heart?’ I thought he was speaking of a heart” Reis said.

“If the will of the Heart is the key to destiny Reis, then you should ask yourself why the Heart exists” Ryu said.

“To give life. That is the purpose of a heart. So you’re telling me that the purpose of ‘The Heart’ is to give life?” Reis asked in awe.

“Surprisingly simple isn’t it? That is precisely why one line in my memoires speaking of the Heart says ‘Though I am simple, it’s hard to seek me out’. A heart exists to give life. And when one is alive, they are not dead. The Heart exists to destroy the greatest manifestation of death. Armageddon itself and that is why the song your parents taught you is entitled ‘The Heart That Destroys Darkness.’ Arӓlpheisl appeared on your world that dark day to ensure that the dragons did not die out but he also appeared to bring the Heart to full manifestation. Galigaos and your foes; they believe Benedict’s Ark to be the Academy or a ship and they are not completely wrong but the manifestation of Benedict’s Ark was realized the moment the Dragons began to bond with humans. To quicken and serve as a catalyst to this bond is why Arӓlpheisl appeared on your world through you. Sharing what was once limited to a few select members of one guild with the rest of the world and thus creating the miracle called the Great Rebirth Of The Dragon Race. The Heart has already been born on Ryugaeia as the force known as ‘Benedict’s Ark’” Ryu said.

“You mean…The Guilds back home are the true Benedict’s Ark?!” Reis exclaimed in surprise.

“What is the heart or rather who is the Heart; so fragile that it can be rended apart? Is the heart simply an organ to give life or is it a person? That is the meaning of the question posed in the first part of the song. One part strong and one part weak speaks of ‘man’ and ‘woman’, the forces through which the culture of the Ark and the Heart itself would be carried through generations on end manifested as a multitude of hearts being born through the union of man and woman. They also represent you Reis and Aurora Saggeese, the King and the Dawn. Together, you become the King’s Dawn. Broken and Whole representing the ‘Wisdom’ of Ryugaeia broken by the usurper and the ‘Light’ of Ryugaeia which remains mankind’s greatest fort against the forces of Darkness. Yes, the kingdoms of Saggeese and Novatio. Origins and Endings represent the two Dragon Sovereigns, Alpha and Omega. Alpha marked the beginning of your journey. His call was what summoned you to the Ranger’s Guild and Omega marks the beginning to the end of your journey. He appeared with your sister on the Day Of Arӓlpheisl’s awakening which marked the end of the night and the beginning of the Dawn. Finally ‘Human’ and ‘Divine’ represent the ‘Dragons’ who represent the elements of Ryugaeia and the ‘Dragon Rangers’ with whom this power is shared. These are the final fragments of Arӓlpheisl. Remember this Reis Dragonhaӓrt, to triumph against the darkness, you must awaken ‘The Sleeping Dawn’” Ryu said.

Reis nodded.

“I need to leave for a bit Ryu. I’ll be back soon. My homeworld beckons” Reis said.

Ryu nodded. In the next instant, Reis was gone.

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