A Poem by Andreakimberlyn

Author: Andreakimberlyn
Created: March 28, 2018 at 11:08 pm
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Category: Free Verse | Erotica | General/Other
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Evocation of Erato

Evocation of Erato

Emanate these tangled memories,

Detangle diction:

Together intertwined

Decisive desire

Drugging me

Inhaling your essence

In every sense

With every sense

Your scent, comforting

Your voice, sensual, all knowing delvilry

Your body, alluring, alchemizing

Under your gaze

I think of nothing

But you.



Fall onto me

Come into me

I close my eyes

Ranting remembrances


Your lips


Against mine

Opening my mouth

Taking you in,

Fucking infatuation,

Can I write you out of memory

Into poetry?

The first time,

The dew of


As I clung to your hand,

When our lips touched,

The wind meeting the depths of the ocean

Your tongue in my mouth

Made me quiver

New discovery

Forcing me to breath

My body to life,

This desire is death.


I am not commanded

I am free to do,

But yet, you are in my head,

Can I write you out?

Some days I’m


Today I write my


For you out on paper

Wanting to leave it there,

A separate page,

But not wanting to close the book.


I want to feel you

Touch you

Again and again,

I’m too honest

I want too ardently

I despise wanting

What I cannot



In every way.

I want you gently

The pond rippling under the wind on a spring day.

I want you deeply

The wind and river raging in rapids of lust.

I want you more

A tidal wave that raises with and in the wind

Crashing down hard, violent, relentless


I want you falling on me

Gentle rain

 Sliding down and dissolving into me.

A flurry of snowflakes

Melting into me,

Hail pounding in the


Hitting hard

Flipping over and


I want to raise up

A conquering

As the wind whips through the trees

Climbing hills

Bending the grasses


Aimless wandering up and

Down the prairie.



The desire is mine


But its good

To finally feel

And move in freedom.

I don’t need you

I can write you out


But, do I want to?

       (and can I really?) 

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