A Poem by mattpantaleon

Author: mattpantaleon
Created: March 21, 2018 at 12:30 am
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Category: Sad | Contemporary | Death
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I Refuse to Ask Certain Questions

Aw! Virtue buried men deeper than six
Some triumph when a righteous man died

Why won't em? When soft palms are tied

Reproach of pest savour 'em beyond fix



The patriarch was a um, humane mix

His arms are always stretched out and greased

That those without grains would eat with eased

Little did he know that certain ills were affix


Unlike O'days, Wednesdays seldom hold grudge, nor suffix

If they think I would ask questions about Wednesday, they lied

Ninety days in that morgue was weary, we tried

I would keep certain questions behind me, the truth suffice


As life sufficient, still, they took his breath

I refuse to curse the rose that lay wreath

© mattpantaleon - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Little wonder William Shakespeare said 'Some rise by sin. Some by virtue fall. Some run from brakes of ice and answer none. Some condemned for a fault alone." Pantaleon Eneawaji was a good, whose life was cut short by friends and close associates. Death be not proud!

In Memory of Eneawaji Pantaleon


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