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Created: March 08, 2018 at 03:57 pm
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Be Careful  

Be careful who you talk to these days
Be wary of what you say
Because age and sex and color
can all get in the way

There's no way to practice kindness
If you haven't heard the news
And to be forced to live this way
just gives me the blues

If you are an older man
Speaking to a much younger girl
People will sneer and snigger
and their lips will curl

For they assume you are a pervert
And this I say forsooth
They will make you pay for it
even when it's not the truth

And I understand their thinking
For some sickos are out there
But they put the ass into assumption
which is anything but fair

Sadly these days a simple kindness
Can be seen as a most vile act
So be careful who you talk to
for my friend that is a fact!

Michael "Burned And Saddened!" Gallatin

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Author Notes

At times I have asked family, friends, even total strangers on occasion for three words to use in a poem. It should be a fun, harmless and interesting exercise for both people. But sadly not these days of YOU'RE GUILTY UNTIL YOU ARE PROVEN INNOCENT! I was in a library and I asked a young, African-American girl for three words. Public setting, other people around, totally innocent. She gives me three words, I write a nice poem and I give her a copy. Several days later I'm approached in that library by a policeman. Did I give this girl a poem? Why when she's a stranger? Her mother is downstairs and very upset. So I say exactly what I said above several sentences back and he says it still doesn't look right. So I apologize and say I won't do it again. Then up comes the mother and she calls me creepy though I apologize to her too. And lastly I apologize to the librarian who won't even step into her office with me but insists on talking where everyone overhears. How demeaning when it all was innocent to begin with! Hence this poem and the thought that though I get it, we tend to overdo and become unfair and judgmental without really looking at the actual situation. Apparently handing a poem to a young lady of a different race when in a public place is considered as sexual harassment!

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March 15, 2018
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Reading your attached personal story, I'm not sure the girl's race was a reason for why you were approached, but I think the rest stands. Unfortunately, as your poem so rightly hit, things being sold as making society better and more fair - like the "me too" movement - often end up taking on a less healthy agenda than advertised.

Just recently, two people I know were falsely ostracized from a community - one losing their job - over what very much appears to be a false accusation. The one whom lost their job wasn't even accused of anything other than trusting a friend whom denied accusations of sexual predation. Fair is certainly being lost in the fray right now. Innocent to proven guilty is dying and making way for rule by a court of public opinion. Very dangerous, especially in a day and age where media can light a wild fire so quickly before people have had time to give it much critical thought. All at the same time, as you and a person in the comment section highlighted, acts of kindness and things that should be normal and healthy - such as smiling at a child - are now being discouraged. It's crazy.


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March 09, 2018
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Been there, done that!
I am a child loving old man and I will always nod and wink at little toddlers especially in shopping stores. My wife is continually telling me to stop as I will be accused of being a
paedophile. I don't know where the world is going to but I will continue to wink and chat to children as to me it is the way to help them grow up!! A very good poem and subject Mike Definitely a SL. Take care Rod.

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March 08, 2018
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We are living in strange, angry times.

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