A Poem by michaelgallatin

Author: michaelgallatin
Created: March 06, 2018 at 05:52 pm
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Category: Despair | Personal | Psychology
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The world's spinning madly
in the frothy, crashing tide
And I'd get off it gladly
if I could just quit the ride

But gravity's my foe
as to this Earth I'm bound
While I've little sanity left to show
as most is in the Lost And Found

Plus it's all so very vast
that the Lost And Found is lost
So I stand here most aghast
knowing I have paid a cost

For this life I'm living
in a place so topsy-turvish
It's my mind that I am giving
as I'm whirling like a dervish

Going mad as I'm spinning
like a messed-up, human top
And there can't be any winning
if this madness will not stop

Michael "Not Always But Way Too Often!" Gallatin

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Author Notes

Oops, better run straight away and quickly back to my therapist, right my friends! Egad you say, another poem about this crazy world messing up your mind and driving you insane. Much like Kevin Gaffigan (an American comedian) I now say sotto voce, "How many poems is this guy going to do about this world screwing your mind over? I mean really, isn't 357 enough already people?" And I say, "Eff off Kevin! You're fine at comedy but don't tell me what to write about bro. Now it's 358!" Hope you enjoyed it dear reader!

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March 14, 2018
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Nice Writing Piece
You're not lost Michael. If you are lost, then we are all lost. In this world, we all have come to the point of giving up. It is in human nature, to allow emotion to take control of the mind. You have a beautiful heart, without you realizing it. Do not turn your eyes to what the world defines you as. Although at times we may feel lost, moments later we can finally see through the telescope again, that life had given us. 'In order to realize how truly beautiful heaven is, we must go through hell first.'

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March 07, 2018
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Whats wrong..
.. in pointing out the true Reality? Some have to be constantly reminded as they walk with their heads in the clouds shoving the Realities of our present situation under the carpet. Freedom of speech is allowed in our society isn't it?

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