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Author: Darkness17Slayer
Created: February 18, 2018 at 12:03 am
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"The Adversary of The Devil"


When The Devil showed him his wrath, the man fell to the ground, but immediately stood up; for his ankles were made strong. The Devil then swung his flaming sword at the man’s head. The sound of steel breaking into two pieces was heard, as The Devil’s word was rebuked. ‘For the man was wearing the helmet of God.’ The Devil then sent hellfire clouded with all unclean things, to break the man’s core, which supported the temple of his body. The sound of waves was heard, as clean water swept away the hellfire. ‘For the man protected his core, by wearing the belt of God.’ The Devil then showed the man the power of his true presence, commanding the man to fear him. The sound of war cry was heard, as the Devil was confronted. ‘For the man was holding in his hands the Sword of God.’

The Devil then departed back to hell in silence. All of hell asked the Devil, ‘Did you destroy the man of God? It must have been a piece of cake for you.’ The Devil did not reply, and remained in silence. The princes of hell shouted, ‘Of course he did!’ The Devil then walked back to his throne alone. He spoke words to himself that he didn’t want hell to hear. ‘How is it that I was defeated? Who is this craftsman God had spoken of, whom blew on the charcoal fire, and his works produced a weapon?  Who is this destructive man God had spoken of, whom was created to bring forth ruin?’ The Devil finally experienced his first sense of fear.

"For the Man was the Adversary of the Devil"

For thus Saith the Lord, ‘I give power to all who serve me faithfully, and with whole heart. For if your love for Me is genuine, I give you power and authority to tread on the most powerful angel’s head. For Satan answers to no one, but will answer to you, if you obey my Word and Act on it."

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Author Notes

With the Armor of God, you can conquer all things.

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