A Poem by annalame

Author: annalame
Created: February 08, 2018 at 02:18 am
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Category: Sad | Dark | Personal
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Dark Thoughts  

The thoughts in my mind
Scare even me
The darkness inside
I'm glad they can't see
The inky blackness
The swirling pain
The thoughts of death
The pounding rain
The simmering anger
The lingering fear
The echos of madness
That only I hear
The bleak ideas
The silent pleas
The thundering memories
That no-one else sees
The slithering shadows
The shimmering knife
The pooling blood
The relief from strife
The thoughts in my mind
Scare even me
Such darkness inside
I'm glad they can't see

© annalame - all rights reserved

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February 13, 2018
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Haunting and Dark
Your words are haunting. The pain that can be felt by one with these dark thoughts cannot be understood by anyone who hasn't struggled with it every waking moment. This is a beautiful, emotion striking write.

Thank you very much for your kind reviews.  I write things like this to try to help others that are going through the same things know they are not alone.  To try to help those that do not go through them to understand.

 annalame replied on February 14, 2018

February 08, 2018
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And yet sad and...
sweet lady if you continue to write poems of this type and post them as Personal, it would take a blind person not to see! Your pieces are great but always so stark, pained, sad and hopeless. As stated before, contact me any time you want just to chat if you'd like to. Because dear lady, been there, done that! I've had issues with depression and anxiety since having a father who was verbally and emotionally abusive and a mother who sadly did little to prevent it. And that goes back a long time plus there have been a number of situations since then that continued the problem. Fortunately, though things have gotten very bad at times, I don't consider suicide as an option for me. I don't judge those who do but I prefer to fight which is something I've done from the start. No offense meant but to me suicide would be like giving up the fight. No can do Mam! Your poetry though, as usual, cuts deep like a scalpel right to the point and does that well! SL!


Like you I believe that suicide is not an option.  Self harm is a big problem for me but I have never taken it that far.  My issues run deep and poetry helps me put those feelings on paper.  It is not a solution but it does help some.  I am not suicidal but your statement of hopeless rings very true.  While not suicidal I do not care much if I live or die.  I just exist.  That is all I can do.  Thank you for your kind words.  They really help more then you know.  


 annalame replied on February 08, 2018

February 08, 2018
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Your description of self-harm and depression is both simultaneously beautifully written and entirely harrowing. The descriptors you used of this hollowed blackened void you feel is absolutely haunting and makes me feel a flash of recognition for what I myself have gone through with depression. This is in the category of personal, so I am so sorry that either you or someone who you know has gone through this, even though I know all the sorry's in the world can't so readily fix suicidal thoughts or mental illnesses. I wish you the best either way and if your poem describes something you feel, just know you're not alone in this world and your work can draw light to things not everyone wants to see or talk about.

Thank you for your review.  I am working my way through these feelings and sometimes writing them down helps.

 annalame replied on February 08, 2018

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