A Poem by SilverFang13

Author: SilverFang13
Created: February 07, 2018 at 09:34 pm
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Category: Sad | Personal | Free Verse
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My Castle  

I'm turning up the volume
and building up my walls again 

Bulid them higher, stronger, and better
The memories come flooding back again
Memories of many sins from the past I'd hoped to forget 

Theses wont just be walls like before
I'm building a castle now to keep them all at bay
I'm kicking all but very few out from what my castle will protect

Wrapping each stone of every wall
with thorns to keep away all the pain 
from those that once held a spot within my walls 

I don't feel like rewritting anymore sins 
I'm breaking more than what I can take 
Maybe it all was just a mistake 

To open my heart up in the first place 
Tasking risks I shouldn't take 
have lead to memories 

Memories and feelings I've wished to forget 
Remind me why I built my walls in the first place 
now turning to my castle so that I will never hurt again

I'm closing every window
I'm locking every door that gives way
to the reason why I'm building my castle 

Goodbye walls from the past 
I'm sorry you couldn't last 
Say farewell to me 

I'm closing up my heart for good 
I wish to not hurt again 
I should have listened to my instinct 

I should've trusted it back then
and so I listen to it now this time 
This is the castle I have built 
This is my castle.

© SilverFang13 - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Let this reach them 

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February 13, 2018
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SilverFang13, it seems your castle is your fortress for hurt feelings. Painful memories have a tendency to resurface no matter how high we build our castle walls. Your confessional poem reads well. ~ Sonia

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February 08, 2018
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No man is an island."
" Regrets we have a few but they may be too few to mention..." Life is for living and we take on each challenge that eventually makes us stronger. You'd be surprised at the strength gained and the will to conquer more/ jump over those hurdles triumphant! The pain is only transitory the victory over adversary ~ great!

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