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Author: Silverblue
Created: February 07, 2018 at 09:15 pm
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Once I knew myself. The me that stared at me
Once upon a time, I was all that I could be
Now I just don't know, and I love and hate myself
Sorry it's this way - Is it damaging my health?
The world won't understand, how it starts to creep
How I suffer so, the anxiety so deep
But I find the strength to live, to breathe, to be
And I carry on regardless, just to swim the deepest sea

You never say the words, life doesn't work that way
When you need a pick me up, they only offer grey
I wanted you to help, but you didn't understand
You shied away from things, that meant a helping hand

So as time ticks on and on, I'll still be a broken man
Doing what he must, and doing what he can
Crying in his lungs, and bleeding to the core
Dying deep inside, and washed up on the shore

Knowing it's not easy, for so many folks out there
Believe it or not, for souls like this, I often stop and care
I hate to think the damage, that has made it's way along
Traversed it's way into the melodies, of a calm and peaceful song

It's never quite goodbye, to the heartache of the soul
To carry on and struggle, seems to be our human role
I'm a stronger man this this, but a weak man all the same
And when I stop and think it through, It's only me I blame

It will never fully disappear, this struggle that I feel
I guess that's just the way it is, the journey that is real
The tears that flow from eyes that shine, that must glow in this day
Because you see, I might seem bright, but I'm also blue and grey.

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February 08, 2018
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Rather depressing...
for someone who is only seven years-old my friend! But as I just also said to Annalame, stark, honest, sad, forceful and depressing. Plus, been there, done that. Though never remember thinking of myself as weak (an extremely judgmental word). Anxious, tired, confused, depressed, angry, hurt but not weak. And if "you" can still "carry on and struggle", then "you" aren't weak either, you're a fighter. SL worthy!


Thanks for your words 

 Silverblue replied on February 09, 2018

February 08, 2018
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I deeply relate to this
The way you describe everything, the comparisons to the sea and the color grey are just so beautifully written and tinged with a knowing sorrow, it's hard for me to even express it myself the kind of feeling this poem just seems to bring out in me. "Once I knew myself. The me that stared at me," oh I really like this line, it gives me the thought of looking in a mirror and knowing it's "me" staring back but not so much recognizing myself like I'm just a shell, a ghost of my former self with stolen features. It's strange, how much we change over the years and I'm only 18 so I still have so much time to change yet and there's a certain fear there in changing. And this line, "To carry on and struggle, seems to be our human role," there's a very sad, deep truth in this, that as humans we're expected to keep going on despite the invisible weight we carry. And, that as people, we're obliged to hide our issues, struggles and heartache from others with cheery plastered on smiles practically painted on our lips. It does seem, also, when we feel pain, both emotionally and spiritually, that it never will end. You make that feeling quite clear in this poem, a kind of hopeless despair that accompanies a life that will still keep living despite it and it's just wonderfully put into words so well done.

Quite possibly one of the best and touching reviews I've ever received. So thank you, and all the best to you. 

 Silverblue replied on February 09, 2018

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