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Author: Darkness17Slayer
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"The Miracle of the World"

And when “The Miracle of the World” was formed in her belly, it knew her, and spoke to her. A soft gentle voice echoed, within the temple of her body, speaking ‘I love you. I will be back.’ The world heard the cry of the baby, and the sky suddenly became darkened. ‘We have all waited in patience, for the coming of “The Miracle of the World”. Why must we all continue to wait in sorrow, knowing “The Miracle of the World” had left us? The Mother of the child replied to the world, ‘He promised he’d be back.’ The world continued to stare at the empty ground in silence. ‘We are unworthy of your presence, “The Miracle of the World”. For you came as the light, and we all hid in the shadows,’ said the world. Humanity’s tears begun to drop, covering the surface of the green plains. ‘You will be missed by us.’ There was silence in the world, for nine minutes and forty four seconds. Suddenly, a voice is then heard, coming from the heart of mankind.

‘My Beloved Mother and Father, I give you thanks for forming me by the temple of your body. I am grateful to have been formed, by a Mother of Love, and a Father of Faith. For it was not within my will, for me to depart from you. Before I was born into the world, God called me. He said, “The Miracle of the World”, you have forgotten something from your first home. You must return to pick it up, for it is of great importance. Suddenly, I remembered, so I departed from your womb, and went home to pick up something I had left behind.’ The Mother and the Father shed tears, as they believed; it was still no excuse to leave. Before the child departed, he made a promise. ‘For the darkness is temporary, the light will be eternal. I will return in due date. I promise.’ A bright shooting star is then seen, soaring across the night sky. The Mother and the Father smiled, as they knew, their son would keep his promise.

The Mother and Father continued their life, smiling throughout the days, knowing their most cherished would someday return. Little did they know, “The Miracle of the World” was watching over them, waiting for the day of greatness, where he would re-enter his Mother’s womb; only this time carrying the gift he had left behind. And so it was on the ninth season, that God commanded “The Miracle of the World” to re-enter his holy home. The Mother and Father was then blessed, as God formed “The Miracle of the World” a second time. The Mother turned to the Father, and said, ‘Please have faith in me. I know our son will be born.’ The Father replied, ‘The blessings of God are perfect, and He added no sorrow with it.’ On the fifth day, in the ninth season, a loud cry was heard, so loud that the beasts of the earth hid, beneath the shadows of their inhabitant. Thus, a child had been born. A child of light, a child of peace, a child of innocence, a child of faith, a child of hope, a child of prayer, and a child of love. The child who had been given the title, “The Miracle of the World”

Upon holding him in her arms, The Mother cried, ‘Please don’t ever leave me.’ The baby cried out loud four times. ‘I never left you.’ The Father then cried happy tears. The baby then cried out loud seven times. ‘Father, I brought my microphone with me.’

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Author Notes

This Short Story is dedicated to my two Best Friends, Chontelle & David. I love you, and I hope and pray this letter may of been a comfort to you. I will always be there for you, and I will always care for you.
Love, Zayin.

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