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L.O.T.J.L Ep 34:A Meeting Of Life And Death Pt III



Before the events that are about to occur atop this mountain began to occur, the Masters had begun to gather information from the citizens of the continent of Storms dwelling within the great cave. They specifically wanted to know where the snowstorms and frost raging within the continent were fiercest. The most predominant answer was that the storm was fiercest atop a certain Mount Frost. Engaging their fiery improv.s, the Masters and Students headed to Mount Frost.

Currently, they stood atop the mountain. It was covered in many sharp ice crystals. They all hovered above the top of the mountain.

“Those ice crystals. This is just like Aesakal’s nest when I confronted him all those years ago” Master Kyem said seriously.

“What do you suggest we do?” Master Fencer asked.

“It doesn’t appear Aesakal is currently within this vicinity but this certainly does look like his nest. I suggest we take opportunity of his absence and reshape the terrain. Once we begin to battle, it would be troublesome if any of us fell into those sharp ice crystals” Master Kyem suggested.

The Masters agreed with this and with the help of the students, they engulfed the top of the mountain in flames thus melting the ice crystals. It was around the time that they were nearly done that Aesakal returned. He was a humongous bird-like creature with feathers made out of sharp ice crystals. He stared at his destroyed nest in fury.

“What have you done?!” he roared.

Master Kyem laughed.

“We meet once again my archnemesis. You were gone for so long we just couldn’t hold back the urge to do a little redecorating” Master Kyem said.

“He’s basically saying you don’t belong here Aesakal” Master Ayumi said.

“I suppose I’ll just have to make myself a new nest here then…after I’ve gotten rid of all of you that is!” Aesakal roared and spread out his wings.

“We’re all in sync now” Master Colette said. “I’m connected to Edgar Fencer’s Library as well. I doubt Aesakal spread out those wings of his just to try out a new flying technique or show off and if we put into consideration the nature of those feathers of his made out of sharp ice crystals…” Master Colette said seriously.

“Then I suppose we should brace ourselves for an attack” Master Fencer said with a laugh.

“A barrage” Master Colette corrected.

“It certainly helps that our thought comm. occurs at great speeds or we’d be hit before we even had the chance to prepare” Master Andrea said.

“So here’s what I want you to do. Extend your fiery joki outwards to create a shield of flame around yourselves. Josec, I want you to raise your dome” Master Colette said.

“Around us? Got it!” Josec said.

“Around us…and Aesakal. We’ll use your dome to shut out his attacks while simultaneously enforcing ourselves” Master Colette said.

In an instant, two domes were up. One around the Masters and the other around Aesakal. Then Aesakal’s barrage of icy spears began to rain down upon them.

The dome around Aesakal took the brunt of his attacks and when it shattered, the dome protecting the Masters took the brunt of the follow up attacks but the icy spears could not penetrate past the Masters and Students shields of fiery joki and melted before they had the chance to do so.

“This could be troublesome” Master Fencer said.

“You realized this as well? You are right, with an attack of this nature, Aesakal practically controls the terrain” Master Colette thought to the other Masters.

“What do you mean?” Josec asked.

“For starters, take a look at the top of the mountain” Master Colette pointed.

They all looked and saw sharp spears of ice lodged into the top of the mountain.

“That’s basically a death trap” Master Ayumi said.

“Next, from that attack, I’m willing to bet that Aesakal can shoot those icy barrage of spears in whatever direction he flaps his wings so when he’s gliding through the air, that’s above and below” Master Colette said.

“Watch out! Here comes another attack!” Master Andrea warned and the triple layered shield was set up once more.

“What’s wrong? Why are you hesitating to attack? Afraid you’ll be run through by my icy spear barrage?” Aesakal threatened.

“On so many levels, I really hate that bird” Harry growled angrily.

“So what happens when Aesakal is not simply gliding through the air?” Master Fencer asked.

“Ho ho! That’s an interesting question Fencer. To be honest, Aesakal really is a fearsome opponent. And to top it off, he’s a very skilful flyer” Master Kyem said placing an ominous emphasis on the last few words.

“You mean?” Master Fencer thought to everyone present.

“Yes indeed, when Aesakal really begins to manoeuvre in mid-air…he can launch an omnidirectional attack” Master Kyem said.

“So you’re basically saying it’s extremely difficult to deal an effective attack considering his capabilities?” Master Fencer asked.

“It depends on how we go about things. For now, let’s experiment for a bit” Master Pheisl said.

“What do you mean?” Estelle asked.

“To be able to come up with an effective strategy of dealing with Aesakal, we first need to know the full extent of his ability. I suppose we should begin with a frontal charge. Josec, can I entrust this to you?” Master Pheisl asked.

“Sure thing!” Josec declared and charged forward to attack Aesakal.

“How foolish of you to send in one of the phoenix brats!” Aesakal roared and spread out his wings.

He thrust them forward and released the barrage of icy spears.

This time Josec only set up a dome around his comrades leaving himself open. It was partially to lure Aesakal’s focus by making Aesakal perceive him as an easy target.

However, before Aesakal’s spear barrage could hit him, he disappeared and reappeared behind Aesakal.

“My attack isn’t limited to a frontal attack. I can attack from beyond my field of vision as well” Aesakal roared and shot icy spears behind himself.

“Missed me! If you can hit me now…” Josec said as he multiplied into a multitude of Josecs forming an encirclement around Aesakal.

“…I’ll be really impressed!” Josec said.

“You’re really more of a nuisance than I originally perceived phoenix brat. Perhaps I’ll introduce you to true fear now” Aesakal roared and curled himself into a ball, then he began to spin violently, throwing icy spears everywhere.

“See? That’s what I meant. That icy ball of frozen spears sure has a lot of energy” Master Kyem said with a laugh.

“And he has the ability to inflict wide range snowstorms as well” Master Andrea said.

Josec returned to the dome the others were in.

“Did that help?” he asked.

“Sure thing Jo! That was pretty amazing” Harry praised.

Aesakal suddenly stopped shooting spears and spread out his wings.

“I see what you’re trying to do. You’re testing my capabilities under different conditions to discover the full extent of my ability and contrive means for a counterattack” Aesakal said.

“We generally have a good idea of Aesakal’s capabilities now” Master Pheisl said.

Master Fencer unsheathed his blade.

“And now it’s finally time for us to commence our counterattack!” Master Fencer roared.

“What’s the plan?” Jason asked.

“Josec, use your Labyrinth Of The Defender to isolate this entire space. If we take Aesakal’s mobility into consideration, this should limit his possible range of actions” Master Pheisl said.

“But if we do that, it would mean trapping ourselves with Aesakal” Josec said.

“Certainly. We’re going to attack Aesakal from multiple directions in a very random way but we’ll let you know from where through our thought speak. We’ll use your dome to shut out his omnidirectional attacks” Master Pheisl said.

“He appears to assume the form of a ball right before an omnidirectional attack. When you see that, raise a dome around him. We’ll use the length of time your dome lasts to advance towards him. If your dome shatters, reinforce it immediately and raise domes around us as well” Master Colette said.

“When we’re close enough, we’ll all attack in unison” Master Fencer said.

“Okay then, charge!” Master Colette ordered.

They all charged towards Aesakal.

“God Weapon Rai! Human form!” Master Andrea called and her sword transformed into the Silver Haired Man.

“I want you to attack Aesakal with a barrage of lightning attacks” Master Andrea said.

The man nodded and transformed into a streak of lightning.

He raced towards Aesakal and struck. Aesakal screamed in pain.

“I see! Lightning attacks are effective because water is good conductor of electricity” Harry thought to the others.

“On the other hand, our current flame improv.s are effective for defence but they do not deal much damage against Aesakal’s icy feathers” Master Fencer thought.

“Then I suggest we split our efforts. Half of us will utilize flame improvs to defend the rest while the other half launch lightning based attacks through lightning improvs. Among the students, Estelle, Buern, Harry, you guys should utilize flame and wind improvs to up the general temperature of this isolated space! Jason, I suggest you stay with Colette and support us as you see fit. Kyem, Andrea and I will launch lightning attacks while the rest of you defend us by increasing the temperature of this isolated space with the rest of the students. We’re going to reclaim the terrain while launching our attacks simultaneously. Josec, utilize your shields and Killer Ghost as you see fit” Master Fencer instructed.

Following Master Fencer’s instructions, the Masters and Students assumed the roles assigned to them. Three of the Masters assumed lightning improvs and attacked. Josec naturally had an affinity for lightning so he joined them in their attacks. The others supported them by raising the temperature within the dome thus weakening Aesakal’s icy spear barrage which now began to melt under the heat.

“If you assumed the icy spear barrage was my only attack, you are sorely mistaken!” Aesakal roared.

“We didn’t” the Masters said with bored expressions on their faces.

“Now I shall transform you into trophies befitting my nest! Prepare yourselves for the great beyond!” Aesakal roared and released a tremendous amount of cold air.

In the next instant, the Masters and Students found themselves frozen within huge pillars of ice.

“Sleep for an eternity!” Aesakal said with a sinister laugh.

Within the ice, the Masters and Students struggled to assume fiery improvs and melt the pillars. Those with fiery improvs were making gradual progress. Those with lightning improvs didn’t have it as easy.

“I’m impressed Harry…” a voice spoke within Harry’s mind.

“Gryphon” Harry thought.

“Before I bonded with you, you were merely a brat who couldn’t let go of the past however you risked everything to confront Anubis. That impressed and surprised me greatly, the reason I shared with you the Holy Class Of Jo-lan to which those bonded to me share” the voice said.

“What are you trying to say Gryphon?” Harry thought as he struggled with the cold.

“I’m saying back then, I only gave you a mere fraction of my power, you were the one who reflected Anubis’ curse of death. You restored life to an entire continent and have done the same here” Gryphon said.

By then, Harry was feeling very extremely weak, as though on the verge of death.

“You not only have the Holy power of Rune Knight but you’ve also began to embody the mind of the phoenix” Gryphon said.

Memories began to flood Harry’s mind.

“Gryphon was a little harsh with you. You’ve been trying your best. You know, before the decisive battle between the phoenix and Souryu, there existed an additional Jo-lan class” Harry recalled the words Jo-lan spoke as he prepared to confront Anubis.

“Really? You’ve never told me that” Harry recalled his words.

“I’ve never told anyone. Back then, among all the Psychorages that fought valiantly to subdue Souryu…there was one whose honour far surpassed the rest. He was Gryphon, the Lord Of The Air. When all other Psychorages gave up on defeating Souryu, Gryphon’s spirit, like an unbent arrow, set in its path, would not sway. But Gryphon never defeated Souryu…not materially anyway, but all the same, never was he once trampled down by Souryu. Many times, though he’d fall, he’d always rise. So immense was his spiritual fortitude that a time came when Gryphon and Souryu would battle for seven hundred and thirty days, and nights. It was after this battle, that Souryu acknowledged Gryphon as his one true nemesis. Whenever Souryu would threaten humanity, Gryphon would leap into battle; a combination of unmatched speed, like that of an eagle, and regality surpassing any lion. But in one such battle, Gryphon was injured, almost fatally. On the verge of death, he saw a form that had never existed in any world; it was the Crimson Phoenix. This mysterious creature showed Gryphon what mankind could be if only they accepted the courage God was offering them. Fear causes all human wars and this fear stems from ignorance. “Only when Life meets Death and Destiny triumphs will a path open to Souryu’s defeat”. Gryphon was blessed with a communion with the Phoenix. When Gryphon awakened, he was being cared for by your ancestor, Lucas Bane. Gryphon was intrigued. Why would a human who dreaded Souryu’s malice dare care for Souryu’s nemesis? Lucas informed Gryphon that the Crimson Bird showed him the future.

‘Gryphon, you will fight a great battle with the rest of humanity against the Black Dragon. You alone shall become the Phoenix’s consciousness and though you will triumph, no one will ever recall your deeds. No one will recall the one who united them and led them towards hope. In time, all that will remain of you will be a myth that will fade away’.

Those were Lucas’ words and they were fulfilled. Though Gryphon was the single consciousness that bound humanity together, transforming their hope into the Crimson Phoenix, this world’s symbol of hope, he was forgotten. No one recalled the King Of The Air who fought to defend them. All everyone recalled…were their own deeds in battle. And as Gryphon became a myth, so did the Holy Class Of Jo-lan that shared itself with those that bound themselves with him. Gryphon then became the sword no one could carry. Gryphon is the Psychorage that chooses its owner and not the other way round. Many know him as ‘Excalibur’ but he has another name, his true name. Though figuring it out is solely your responsibility. Regardless of the torment it would cause him, Gryphon accepted his fate, became what you now consider a myth and hid himself within the Holiest part of Lucas’ Book Of Jo-lan. He accepted his past and remains forgotten. The reason he won’t acknowledge you is that you are now treading the very same road his actions paved, yet unlike him…you are still bound by your past” Harry recalled.

“Relationship between human and psychorage is not very different from relationships amongst humans. Just as humans begin all relationships with a formal introduction, it is the same amongst psychorages but even more sacred. For a psychorage to reveal its true name to a human is a sign of utmost trust, a sign that the two parties are no longer two separate entities but a single entity. You’ve been calling me ‘Gryphon’ but that is not my name. It’s only my nature. You don’t call an animal with which you establish a bond ‘animal’, neither do you call a human you cherish ‘human’” Gryphon said.

Harry remained silent.

“However, I have watched over your growth even before we first encountered one another. Your father serves Innovain but you chose to stand against him. You rejected all three dominant classes of Jo-lan to forge one of your own making. Defeated Anubis and restored life to Avalon and sowed life in this land of death. You are a trustworthy human and so I deem you worthy to learn of my true name and inherit all my power. My true name is…Hieron!” Gryphon declared.

At that moment, the ice pillar containing Harry began to glow brightly with an ever changing light and then it shattered. The ice pillars binding the others shattered as well.

“Born of wind, free as air

Not of Hate, nor of fear

Visible, yet intangible

Like a dream long lost I wait…”

Gryphon’s song began to echo all about the surrounding area. Spheres of the seven elements began to encase Harry.

“I await the one who listens to the wind

My sole purpose is to obey him

Who lost his past yet clung to the future”

Gryphon’s voice resonated strongly throughout the surrounding area.

“Life met Death and Destiny triumphed”

Gryphon sang.

A memory appeared within Harry’s mind. A memory of Ryu and Tristran standing within the underground forest.

“Do you really not intend to act? Well then, I suppose I’ll let you in on a secret. Unfortunately for you, you won’t find those two students of yours in class. My students are working to separate yours. To prevent them from gathering around you and Reis Dragonhaӓrt, the two co-protectors of your legacy” Tristran challenged.

“You really put a lot of effort into separating my students…I’m impressed” Ryu said.

“You should be” Tristran said as his image overlapped with that of a gigantic sinister sabre-toothed black Dragon.

“However, a word of caution to you Tristran…” Ryu said.

Another image overlapped the first. The image of Ryu spreading his arms defensively in front of Zan and Reis.

Then that image faded and the two titans confronted each other.

“…though my students may appear separated from one another…they are also one…just like…we are” Ryu said as the image of a magnificent Rainbow Dragon overlapped his image.

Following that image was the image of the crops growing in the icy land.

“Life met Death and Destiny triumphed,

Now then, will we wear our pride

As the Kings Of The Air!”

Gryphon declared as magnificent Rainbow coloured wings materialized behind Harry.

“Rune Knight Ver. Omni” Harry declared as he sent a flame of wind from amongst the seven elements towards Aesakal.

Aesakal was dumbfounded by his display of power. Aesakal evaded and attacked with his spear barrage but Harry’s wings spead out and encased the others and himself. The image of the magnificent Rainbow Dragon materialized around them encasing them within its wings. The others did not notice it but Aesakal realized the parallelism. Everyone was shocked by Harry’s display of power. Next Harry attacked with lightning causing a lot of damage to Aesakal.

Aesakal stared at the seven elements surrounding Harry just as Harry sent all seven elements after Aesakal.

“So that’s Harry’s true psychorage! Magnificent!” Josec declared.

“Do you really not intend to act…?” Aesakal recalled Tristran’s question to Ryuujinn and his eyes widened in horror.


“…ACTIVELY GUIDING THIS WORLD’S FATE THROUGH…THE BANE BRAT!” Aesakal screamed and then in the next instant, he exploded.

An icy stone fell to the ground and Harry picked it up.

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