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L.O.T.J.L Ep 31: The Land Of Perpetual Ice


It was nighttime in the city of Gaeia. Roughly two weeks had passed since the defeat of Gargolem. The continent of Gaeia had begun trading with both the continents of Avalon and the continent of Vung. Most of Gaeia’s buildings now looked lighter than they were before Jo-lan and the architects began working together.

There weren’t many old buildings in Gaeia now because most of the old buildings had been replaced by newer lighter buildings. Vung supplied Gaeia with agricultural produce. Avalon supplied Gaeia with the reeds needed for architecture and Gaeia in turn supplied both continents with its rich mineral ores.

The three continents had begun to flourish since the defeat of the generals that had once plagued them. Their union and feelings of comradery towards one another was also contributing to their rapid growth. Learning from their past mistakes and realizing that their former disregard for nature was the source of the generals’ strength, they had begun to pursue goals that were more nature friendly.

Master Fencer stood in the forest at the outskirts of Gaeia staring into the distance. He took in a deep breath and began to extend his joki about the continent. Moments later, he saw a brilliant flash in the night sky and a streak of light descended in his direction. When close enough, it transformed into the lady Thunder, Master Luna’s psychorage.

Master Fencer’s eyes assumed a serious gaze.

“How goes Luna’s scout for the remaining generals of Souryu?” Master Fencer asked.

“She has already mapped out the locations of the remaining generals however, she’d like to discuss that with the rest of the Masters in person. She’s waiting for you in the continent of Storms but you need to hurry. The situation there is rather dire” Thunder said.

“What do you mean?” Master Fencer asked.

“Apparently, Aesakal has been rampaging there for over a year now. A very fierce and frigid wind blows there. Its effects are akin to the famine Apollo inflicted upon Vung. It’s so severe there now that the people there are considering retreating into caves” Thunder said.

Master Fencer narrowed his eyes seriously.

“But if they do that…” Master Fencer said grimly.

“Indeed, it’s almost as though they’ve been given a cruel choice. To stay in their villages and die from the cold or retreat into the caves and starve to death” Thunder said.

“So what is Luna doing about the situation?” Master Fencer asked.

“Together with some of Vega’s old friends, she managed to bring some food supplies into the continent of Storms but she suggested that the people retreat into the caves with the food at least until the rest of you arrive there so what I want to know before I return to her is have you come up with a plan to deal with Aesakal yet?” Thunder asked.

“Me? Nah, you more than anyone should know that I’m better at making one up as I go along however I believe that Jo-lan has a plan” Master Fencer said with a laugh.

“Do you happen to know what that is?” Thunder asked.

“Well, I might have a bit of a vague idea” Master Fencer said with a laugh.



The Masters sat at breakfast discussing the plight of the continent of Storms.

“Ever since Aesakal began rampaging there, there have been unending snowstorms. People have come to call the continent of Storms ‘The Land Of Perpetual Ice’” Master Colette said as they ate.

The students woke up eventually and came down to eat. As they ate, Jo-lan walked in on them with a letter.

“What’s that in your hand Jo-lan?” Master Fencer asked heartily.

“A summons from the king. He knows we’ll be leaving Gaeia soon and he wants to know where we are headed next and if there is anything he can do to help” Jo-lan said.




The Masters, Students and Jo-lan stood before the king.

“We came as you called your Majesty. What is it you want to know?” Jo-lan spoke.

“I’ve been discussing with my good friend, the king of Vung regarding your journey. I’ve also spoken with the king of Avalon and from what I hear, things in their lands began to take a turn for the better shortly after you arrived there so we’ve been wondering if there was any way we could aid you on your journey” the king asked.

Jo-lan smiled.

“But you already rewarded us when you began trading with Vung and Avalon” Jo-lan said.

“That is indeed true but at the same time, it was something I had already intended to do regardless of whether you requested it or not” the king said.

“If you intend to know of our next destination, we’re headed for the continent of Storms” Jo-lan said.

“The Land Of Perpetual Ice?” the king asked.

Jo-lan nodded.

“Things are rather dire there. I cannot even begin to imagine how it is you intend to help the people there. It is a land of death” the king said.

As the king uttered those words, Harry felt his heart pulsate with power.

“Gryphon is excited, though I cannot understand why” Harry thought.

Then slowly, he began to recall Gryphon’s song. A song he had heard quite a few times around the time he prepared to confront Anubis,

“Born of wind, free as air

Not of hate, nor of fear

Visible, yet intangible

Like a long forgotten memory.

Like a dream long lost I wait.

I await the one who listens to the wind

My sole purpose is to obey him

Who lost his past, yet clung to the future.

He calls, I hear, but cannot obey.

Not until Life meets Death,

And destiny triumphs.

Only then shall I wear my pride

As the King Of The Air”

“I see, the final part of Gryphon’s song speaks of a meeting between Life and Death. Gryphon must be excited because the foe we are about to confront steals life in very much the same way Anubis did” Harry thought.

He turned to look at Josec and Buern and realized that they were staring at him and Jason. He didn’t want to think too much on it but he felt that somehow they knew that it was his turn to act.

“I cannot imagine why you’d want to journey into such a land but my offer stands. If there is any way I can help you let me know” the king said.

“There is” Harry suddenly spoke up.

Everyone turned to look at him in surprise. He felt his heart pulsate again.

“First, we’ll need a constant supply of food for the people living in the continent of Storms…and secondly…we’ll need blacksmiths” Harry said.

“Blacksmiths?” the Masters were surprised by this seemingly absurd request.

“Yes, blacksmiths. Lots and lots of blacksmiths” Harry said.

“Jo-lan smiled.

“The mind of the phoenix within him must be growing stronger for I was just about to request the same thing myself” Jo-lan said.

“You shall have a constant supply of food delivered to the Land Of Perpetual Ice but you might need to wait a few days before I can assemble all the capable blacksmiths in my kingdom” the king said.




The Masters, Students and Jo-lan stood at the docks, ready to board a ship headed for the continent of Storms. There were many people boarding other ships. These people, they all knew were the blacksmiths of Gaeia and once the ships were full, they all headed for the continent of Storms.

Harry threw up into the sea while the other students laughed.

“Regardless of how many times you travel by sea, you never get used to it do you?” Buern teased him.

“To think our journey is going to take weeks. I look forward to returning to firm ground where the world still makes tons of sense” Harry said with a look of regret.



The air suddenly became colder and visibility became very poor. The Masters, Students and Jo-lan stood on the deck of their ship staring into the distance. Nothing could be seen but mist and a very frigid wind blew about the area.

When the ships finally docked, the Students were surprised to find themselves in an icy land. Josec, Jason and Harry were shivering uncontrollably.

“It’s really cold. My head hurts just from breathing in the cold air. What the heck kind of land is this?!” Harry complained.

Jason, Harry, Josec and Buern came from lands that were warm practically throughout the year. The only seasonal changes had to do with the wetness or dryness of the land so you could say their lands were for the most parts bi-seasonal. Avalon on the other hand where Estelle and the Masters came from enjoyed the usual four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

“Buern! You’re from the same land as we are so how can you be used to this hostile environment?” Harry asked jealously.

“Dragon Breath” Buern said.

“What now?” Josec asked with an amused expression.

“I have partially triggered a Psychorage Improv. of a fiery nature and surrounded my body with flames. I’m constantly releasing fiery joki and breathing it in so I’m warm” Buern said.

“Are you even human?!” Harry asked.

“I’ll leave that to your imagination” Buern said with a smirk.

“And where did you learn that trick?” Josec asked.

Buern laughed.

As they walked away from the docks, they were met by Master Luna, Josec’s mother.

“You sure took your sweet time” she said with a smile.

“I could say the same about you. The message you sent through Thunder sounded urgent” Master Fencer said.

“You can see for yourself how bad things are here. Follow me” Master Luna said and led the Masters, Students and Jo-lan even deeper into the Land Of Perpetual Ice.

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