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Author: blossomwriter
Created: January 11, 2018 at 03:49 am
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Another Song  

I'm just hoping for the love and the laughter
that will Spring from your voice
and though  I'm not dead but truly living
im just hoping for the moment 
when I can breathe the air
to testify to the day where we live without the sound
of madness in our ears driving us apart
because the  truth is all we ever were 
and the truth is all we'd ever be
no lie no law no fact in history
I'm the reason for the toil and the mayhem and the blood
the reason for war and mayhem and all our love
fighting on the flesh of men a good mans head may go down low
taking you to the places you never thought a man could go
because I'm the reason that your willing for all the bloodshed you would you be spilling 
and I stand tall though I'm six feet tall in a war I wouldn't be winning at all
you are all I would ever believe in the deception I'd conceive
to take the blame wouldn't be willing at all
to stand like I'd be six foot tall.

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Author Notes

Victorious at heart always set apart.

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January 25, 2018
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This one is...
really a very different take in a poem that purports to be about love. There's starkness, honesty, desperation and pain in this piece. An admission that love and the people in it are not always pure and perfect. Words used such as mayhem, war, madness and bloodshed testify to love sometimes being a battle. Pat Benatar would truly appreciate this poem! Well put and real but there's also sadness here too!


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