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L.O.T.J.L Ep 28: The Golem Giants


Gargolem lay on the battlefield exposed in the presence of the Seven Masters.

“If you believe that discovering my location is all it takes to defeat me, you are severely mistaken. I am not known as the general with the name of War only for my ability to strategize. From this moment onward, I will teach you true fear, look forward to it” Gargolem said as he shrivelled to dust before the Masters.

“You have nowhere to hide!” Master Fencer declared.

“Oh, I am not hiding. I am about to commence my offensive” Gargolem said as the rest of his army shrivelled to dust as well.

“He’s scheming something” Master Andrea said seriously.

As the Masters watched, earth in various parts of the battlefield began to gather. Huge amounts of earth.

“Interesting, so that’s what he’s scheming” Master Pheisl said seriously.

“What do you mean?” Master Kyem asked.

“He dissolved his army and is focusing all that earth into a few locations scattered around the battlefield. Judging from the size of the earth that is currently gathering, I can say the golems he is about to materialize will be significantly larger than those that composed his army” Master Pheisl said.

“So he is compromising quantity for quality eh?” Master Kyem said with a laugh.

“It’s not something as simple as that I’m afraid” Master Colette said.

“What do you mean?” Master Ayumi asked.

“Think about it, he dissolved himself before materializing his army and thanks to the network of Earth-Suturing roots underground, he has no hiding place under the earth” Master Colette said.

“So you mean…” Master Fencer said seriously.

“Yes indeed, it is as you suspect, somewhere among the golem giants that are about to materialize, the real Gargolem is concealed” Master Colette said.

“So he’s hidden himself again and this time amongst his army” Master Fencer said.

“And if he did this once, he can do it again as many times as necessary. As long as we don’t take the real Gargolem down, he can conceal himself amidst faux giant golems. Unfortunately, with this move, Gargolem has pushed us back to square one” Master Colette said.

“And to add to that, if there is no way to tell the golems apart, there’s no way for Jason to expose the real Gargolem” Master Ayumi said.

Just as she finished saying this, several giant golems arose from the earth. The Masters charged on them and began to ram them with a barrage of powerful blows. Master Andrea supported them with her Thunderstorm element but their sheer sizes drastically reduced the rate of deterioration. Master Colette continued to direct them on the best course of action and Master Pheisl restricted their movements with the powerful roots of the Earth-Suturing Trees. Connected to this network of Trees, Jason supported the Masters as they battled.

“Something bothers me though” Master Colette said.

“What is it?” Master Fencer asked.

“For one with such tremendous offensive capabilities coupled with the great defensive abilities the golems naturally possess…Gargolem is being far too careful…far too cautious” Master Colette said.

“Your point being?” Master Andrea asked.

“Think about it, when this battle began, he sent out an army while concealing himself. When we exposed him, we discovered he was far larger and stronger than his golem army. When you consider that he was acting through relay points as though they were himself and that he disguised himself again amongst these golem giants, one thing becomes obvious” Master Colette said. “Something that is hidden if you focus only on the fact that Gargolem tried to wipe us out” she said.

“I see, you don’t set up all these protective measures if you aren’t guarding something. Since the battle began, Gargolem has been trying to destroy us while simultaneously ensuring his own protection. Are you suggesting that Gargolem has some secret vulnerability?” Master Fencer asked.

“All I’m certain of is that there is something he doesn’t want us to see. Whether or not it is a vulnerability is something I cannot say for sure” Master Colette communicated with the Masters telepathically.

“But if we really think about it, there must be something that distinguishes the real Gargolem from the rest otherwise all the golems would simultaneously have the power to control one another and that could cause them to interfere with one another. If the golems under him are not unique but merely acting through the relay of his power, then for one thing, we know that one golem gives the orders. What makes this golem different from the others may perhaps be the only lead we have at discovering that golem” Master Andrea said.



Josec could sense the Masters and the golems as they battled. He sensed that things had become slightly disadvantageous for the Masters.

“Buern, Harry, Estelle, Jason…we need to head to the battlefield” Josec said.

“But we can’t leave you or the people of Gaeia” Buern protested.

“We won’t leave them vulnerable. We’ll help the Masters while protecting the people of Gaeia. There is something quite mysterious about Gargolem and I fear the Masters will be unable to take him down at this rate” Josec said.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked.

“Well, to put it into words, even with the Eye Of Heart, I cannot tell which the real Gargolem is” Josec said seriously.

“You’re kidding!” Estelle exclaimed in shock.

“No, I’m not…however, I’m beginning to see a way to defeat him and I doubt we can do it without the power of fused psychorages” Josec said.

“So you’re going to summon the Snowstorm Dragon Saint, Hurricane again?” Buern asked.

“No, Hurricane’s power is not needed here but I sense another psychorage who can expose Gargolem again and defeat him…the Silver Reaper, Rikishin” Josec said as his eyes assumed the likeness of the phoenix.

Images began to flash within his mind, the image of a boy surrounded by three selfish spirits.

“Look, there is the son of the Great Galagan King Gilgamesh. Who shall claimeth him?” Josec heard one of the spirits say.

“With the power this lad possesses, the world wilt lie beneath our feet!” the voices said.

“HE IS MINE!” Josec heard the spirits fight over the boy.

Then they surrounded him.

“Who are you?” the boy questioned them.

By that time, Josec had temporarily dropped the dome allowing Buern, Harry and Estelle through. They were shocked to discover him with them at the other side. Then the dome was raised once again.

“If you’re here…how…?” Buern said, then she noticed Josec within the dome holding it up.

“You’re inside and outside the dome at the same time?” Buern asked.

“It’s the same technique I used before but this time, I’m causing the dome to fluctuate at exactly the same speed I am moving at allowing me to phase in and out of the dome at high speeds while holding it up” Josec said.

“I see…Incredible” Harry stared in awe.

The party began to head to the battlefield. More images flashed within Josec’s mind.

“We art the kin of the Jingin-reaper who abandoned us to serve Gilgamesh two centuries ago” one of the creatures said to the boy in Josec’s vision.

Two of them seemed masculine, the third was feminine.

“Tell us boy, dost thou possess the strength to wield us” the feminine one asked.

“Who are you?” the boy asked again.

“My name is Aluuris, the one that possesses the heart. I have the power to bend the heart of anyone to thine will. Dost thou desireth my power?” the feminine one asked.

“I desire not the power to control the free will of men” the boy said.

“It’s a shame” the spirit said and disappeared.

Next came another spirit.

“You can call me Longevity. I possess the power to prevent any form of death from touching thine soul. To possess my power, thou must sacrifice to me the soul of a living being each month” the spirit called Longevity said.

“Living at the expense of others is itself another kind of death and yet you say you can shield me from all kinds of death? You are no good to me” the boy said.

“It’s a shame” the spirit said and disappeared.

The boy turned to the remaining spirit.

“What I have to offer, no warrior can resist. I am Invincibility, the only reaper that can shield thee from every kind of pain. By my power you can obtain true strength! To wield my power, thou must offer me thine heart!” the spirit called Invincibility bragged.

“One cannot wield true power without a heart. Without a heart, true strength cannot be obtained for strength comes not by running from one’s pain but by enduring pain. I desire not your power!” the boy declared.

“How conceited! To have refused not one, but all three of us, the greatest reapers since the Jingin-reaper! Thou art naïve and thou shalt suffer for thine naivety. Not by our hands but by the hands of time!” the spirit called Invincibility said and disappeared.

All this while the three spirits tempted the boy, there was a fourth spirit nearby watching. He applauded the boy.

“For you a child to have seen through their lies and deception. Surely, your heart must be pure” the fourth spirit said.

He had long silver hair, was clothed in sparkling silvery white armour and bore two swords. One the colour of the sun, the second, the colour of the night.

“Who are you?” the boy questioned him.

“I am the one who protects that which must not be severed. To those that must not die, I protect their lives, to those that must not be separated, I protect their bonds, to those that must not be forgotten, I preserve their deeds. In my hands I wield Earth and Endregen, man and Endreginian, Light and Darkness. My name is thus…Rikishin!” the Silver Reaper said.

“I desire your power Rikishin” the boy said.

“Behind you, I see hatred. Before you, I see love. Your heart unlike most is incomprehensible for within you lies a spirit. It is neither man or Endreginian, Amooma or Galagan. His power sways to both sides. His kindness shines like the sun, his righteous indignation more ruthless than the shadows of the night. The pain before you will shape you. Do you possess the willpower to endure pain?” the Silver Reaper asked.

“I’ll endure it no matter how much it hurts, as long as it keeps others from suffering!” the boy declared.

“Then speaketh thus the Holy name of your Sekan!” the Silver Reaper demanded.

“Light and Darkness…” the boy said and as he did, Josec, Buern, Estelle, Harry and the Masters began to lose their material forms and were drawn to one another.

“That which protects that which must not be severed!” the boy declared.



Ryu watched the boy’s memories fill Josec and saw the hearts of the Masters and Students resonate. The Silver Reaper appeared before Ryu. He smiled.

“These are the memories of my dear friend and comrade…Raygaard with whom I have shared many battles. I cannot resist the summoning of these humans that beckon to me with his powerful memories” the Silver Reaper said.

“Go…” Ryu said with a smile.

A powerful stream of silver light intertwined with golden light that resembled the sun and navy blue light that resembled the night suddenly flew out of the Great Ship.




“PSYCHORAGE ABILITY FUSION! THE SILVER REAPER…” the Masters and Students called out together.

“The name of my Sekan is…” the boy called.

“RIKISHIN!” the Masters and Students called out.

“RIKISHINKEN!” the boy called out.

Suddenly, the distinct forms of the Masters and Students disappeared and were replaced by the glorious form of a magnificent Silver Warrior. The Warrior opened his eyes and stared at the giant golems below.

“I see, a foe that tries to conceal its life. Do you really believe that you can hide your life from a reaper?!” the Silver Reaper roared as he unsheathed his swords and hurled them towards the golems.

His swords struck the giant golems and as his swords struck, his eyes searched. Eventually, he focused his eyes on one particular golem.

“I’ve found you!” he declared and charged towards that golem.


“Then that technique you used was the Binding Aura Seeker! It works using a principle similar to echolocation! When you tossed those swords, you had imbued them with your energy and with every strike, a bit of your energy was released at once into the golems in the form of vibrations. Using this technique, you were able to conceptualize the general mass of each golem and that is how you discovered that…I am the only golem with a core!” Gargolem exclaimed in horror.

“Then you should know with certainty that you have nowhere to hide!” the Silver Reaper said as he charged on Gargolem and bisected him across the chest with both blades shattering the core. Gargolem dropped to the ground.

“L-Lord Souryu…th-the phoenix brats…are not working alone…they have help from…!!!” Gargolem uttered his final words and faded away.

Rikishin descended to the ground and picked up an earthen coloured stone.

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