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Author: michaelgallatin
Created: January 04, 2018 at 03:32 pm
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Category: Weird | Personal | Biographical
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Thoughts Both Long And Deep  

I can't sleep though I'm counting sheep
for I'm thinking thoughts both long and deep.

Of wins and fails and traveling tales
and when warm winds were in my sails.

Ups and downs amid laughs and frowns
with pretty girls dressed up in fancy gowns.

Very lonely nights and quarrels and fights
plus battling for other people's rights.

Past angry bosses and gains and losses
amid all those things that tempest tosses.

Long highways and the sweetest days
as nights passed by in a hashish haze.

Children's laughter and caring after
while smoke rose high up to each rafter.

Feeling fine and Boones Farm wine
with fried shrimp on which I chose to dine.

Being a fool and attending school
as I tried to abide by the Golden Rule.

Social Work and I could not shirk
and a messed up patient by the name of Dirk.

A wolf spirit guide and a long car ride
with friends or family by my side.

Making my amends and long lost friends
but still no sleep yet this poem ends.

Michael "Too Many Ands?" Gallatin

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Author Notes

As I posted this I noticed there's an awful lot of "ands". I hope that does not detract from the reading! Yet I like the "stream of consciousness" feeling that I get with this piece. Stream of consciousness thinking and writing was very popular back in the 60s along with Encounter Groups, sensitivity training and self awareness. OK then, I'm aware that this writing is weird, personal and quite a bit biographical. A note about Dirk; a very interesting man, smart and streetwise in his way but messed up and childish as well, he wanted a friend and not a Social Worker, Dirk had a traumatic brain injury, alcoholism and a social personality disorder, he was the only patient in forty years who I tried to but could not help, he refused it, Dirk wanted fun and relaxation and to dream of the lake, his lost home and his beloved doggies, God bless you Dirk, I hope you're well! I hope you enjoyed this poem dear reader!

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January 15, 2018
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Life is what we make it Mike and I can see that you have certainly put a lot of effort into yours. Very interesting and so easy to relate to. That's Life as the song says. Take care Rod.

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January 06, 2018
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Full of lessons
This poem was interesting, I found it full of interesting lessons. There were so many experiences shared in this poem, some of them were happy, some were sad and painful, I also enjoyed the notes you wrote concerning this poem. Once more you expressed your love for wolves, made me laugh a bit. Still enjoy the musical quality of your poem and the rhymes.

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