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L.O.T.J.L Ep 10: Enter The Four Black Captains


Innovain sat in his throne room watching Josec and Buern with his Dragon Eye. He had an unpleasant smirk on his face.

“It’s about time…time for the death of the phoenix kid…that is. Buern, I will force you to accept your destiny” Innovain said.

Suddenly, the sound of approaching footsteps were heard.

“Ah, you’re finally here, my Black Captains, Cobra, Viper, Python, Mamba” Innovain said.

“It has been a while since you summoned us but to think…” a man with long green hair and emerald eyes spoke.

“You actually summoned us all to the same place?!” a man with dark skin, black spiky hair and dark hollow eyes said.

“It’s a pleasure to be in your presence once again Lord Innovain” a woman with brown eyes, brown skin and brown silky hair said.

“Speak for yourself Python! The last time I saw you, you tried to poison me or have you already forgotten?!” a woman with pale hair, cold gray eyes and pale skin said.

“You are one to talk! Have you forgotten how you trapped me in a volcano with a monstrous chimera psychorage?! I still have a scar to show for it!” the man with dark hair said.

“That was an accident. It wasn’t nearly as bad as what you did to Mamba or have you forgotten?! You trapped him under the ocean for three months! You have no reason to complain Cobra!” Viper, the woman with pale hair said.

“Green haired Mamba, Pale haired Viper, Brown haired Python, Dark haired Cobra, I cannot tell you just how glad I am to see you again. Even Souryu is trembling with excitement, after all…each of you has attempted to take the life of your comrade. That is as treacherous as you can get. I still recall how it was when you two battled on the continent of Atlantis. Thanks to you four, I can boast of a lost continent” Innovain said.

“But that is nothing compared to what the generals have accomplished” Viper said.

“Besides, that too was an accident. We got so worked up because Mamba couldn’t keep his greedy fingers off the priceless fish we caught” Python said.

“Hmm, I still remember the taste. It brings back so many fond memories” Mamba said.

“I need you four to work together this time” Innovain said with a smile.

“WHAAAAAT?! You want us to work together?! How do you expect me to sleep with the thought that three backstabbing murderers could attack me at any time?!” Cobra roared.

“I need you to work together however if you can’t, just say the word and I’ll end your lives right here. Regardless of how fond I am of you four, you are not indispensable” Innovain said with a smile.

The four captains began to shiver.

“It’s creepy. How can he say those words and smile? I can never get used to it” Python said.

“For once we agree with you” the others said.

“So what say you?” Innovain asked.

“Could we ever refuse you?” Mamba said but in his mind he thought “if Souryu wasn’t your Psychorage, you’d be dead by now”.

“I admire your thoughts Mamba however I didn’t get this far relying on Souryu’s strength alone” Innovain said with a smirk.

“What?! You can hear my thoughts?! That’s a new level of creepy, even for you Innovain!” Mamba roared.

“Mamba! What were you thinking?!” Cobra asked.

“How many different ways I can kill Innovain” Mamba said nonchalantly.

“Eek! He actually said that to Innovain’s face!” Viper shivered.

“A worthy rival you are Mamba. The twistedness of my mind is second only to yours” Cobra praised his comrade.

“What is wrong with those two?” Python wondered.

“Now let’s get to the matter at hand. There is a task Souryu wants you to accomplish. It should not be difficult but it is…very dastardly” Innovain said seriously.

“Dastardly is good enough for me. What is the task?” Mamba asked.

“I want the four of you to force my daughter and especially the Fenix kid into constant battle. Force the Fenix kid to psychorage over and over again. The longer you manage to keep him in his psychoraged form, the happier I will be with you. However, no matter what you do, do not give him a quick death. I want my daughter to watch the man she loves suffer a slow and terrible death” Innovain said with an excited look on his face.

“He keeps surpassing his own evil with every passing moment. It will be a very terrible thing to become his prey” Cobra said.

“We will do as you wish, Lord Innovain” Python said.



Meanwhile, Josec and Buern prepared to leave Coatl.

“Good luck on your journey!” the villagers waved them at the outskirts of the village.

“J-Josec, I’m sorry for treating you badly earlier. You are actually a nice person” Aria said.

“I don’t blame you, it was my fault after all” Josec said.

“Take care of yourselves” the chief advised Josec and Buern.

“We will, you guys should take care of each other” Josec waved as he and Buern walked away from the village.

They hadn’t walked far when they saw Marina seated on a rock.

“I have been waiting for you two” she said.

“What’s up Marina?” Josec greeted happily.

Marina frowned slightly when she saw Josec.

“I have news concerning Harry” Marina said with a gloomy look on her face.

“Really?!” Josec and Buern exclaimed excitedly.

“However, you will not like what I have to say” Marina said.

Fear passed through the hearts of Josec and Buern.

“What do you mean?” Josec asked fearfully.

“Harry went off to confront Asmodeus and one of Souryu’s seven generals, the one called Anubis” Marina said.

“WHAT?! HARRY LEFT TO CONFRONT ONE OF SOURYU’S GENERALS ON HIS OWN?!” Buern exclaimed in shock and anger.

“That was exactly my reaction” Marina said.

“Buern, do you know about Souryu’s generals?” Josec asked.

“I do not know much about them except for their names and the fact that each one commands an element. Among all Psychorages, each one is at the top of their respective elements and they are ranked in order of power. The weakest is Syren who commands water and is ranked as number seven. Number six is Gargolem who controls earth. Number five is Aesaekal who commands wind. Number four is Aeros who commands wind. Anubis is ranked as number three, a titan who commands death itself. Number two is Raichuu who commands lightning and number one, second only to the power of Souryu is Apollo, who commands fire. Harry does not…no, he possibly can’t stand up to the power of Anubis” Buern said fearfully.

“Exactly, that boy is marching off to a premature death!” Marina muttered angrily.

“I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen”.

“Chillax you guys…uh, I mean girls. Harry may not have a Psychorage and he may come across as weak because he is such a smartmouthed loudmouth however…when it comes to defending others, he is in fact more reliable than I am” Josec said seriously.

Buern stared at Josec and smiled.

“You’re so naïve aren’t you Josec?” she said with a playful punch.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Josec asked pretending to be offended.

“I’ve come to like how you can easily trust others…I guess” Buern said as she tried to avoid staring into Josec’s eyes.

“And I’ve come to like how concerned you are about me. A few weeks ago and you could have cared less whether I lived or died” Josec said.

Buern looked depressed.

“D-Damn…! D-Did I hurt your feelings again?” Josec asked worriedly.

“No, not really. It just scares me to think of other possibilities” Buern said.

Josec laughed, “You’re so earnest!” he said.

Buern blushed.

“Mm-mmh!” Marina cleared her throat to signal to Josec and Buern that she was still around.

“Thanks for the info Marina but you don’t need to worry about Harry. Power ranks do not affect him in anyway because he has a secret weapon” Josec said.

Marina seemed surprised. Buern was surprised as well.

“A secret weapon?” Marina asked, then she sighed. “I see, I completely overlooked that. If that is the case, he might have more than enough chances to win” Marina said.

“Are you talking about the phoenix’s mind?” Buern asked.

Josec was surprised that Buern knew about this.

“Yes, how do you know about it?” Josec asked.

Buern glanced at Marina.

“I see” Josec said.

“I do hope you are right” Marina said as she disappeared.

“Let’s head towards Imperium. If Harry is anywhere near, that might probably be where he is” Josec suggested.

Buern agreed.

Buern and Harry continued towards Imperium stopping to rest at certain places along the way. Josec decided to start training himself whenever he got the chance. He could recall many of his father’s fighting stances. He had watched his father train a lot while he was little and had imitated his father’s fighting style even though he had promised his mother not to see fighting as a means for survival. He hadn’t realized how complex his father’s fighting style was until he started practicing. The move that never ceased to amaze him was his father’s ultra-speed move, ‘Killer Ghost Switch’. It was a move that continuously converted joki from power to speed and back during battle. His father had explained the basis of the move to him though at the time, he was too young to understand.

First, joki is converted into foresight to perceive the opponent’s attack patterns. After memorizing the pattern, joki is focused into the legs as power, which is released all at once as an explosive force of speed with a light step. Using foresight, the move avoids, the path of an incoming attack and transfers the fighter to the most vulnerable point of his opponent, once, there, joki is balanced between power and speed to allow the initiation of an unblockable move that throws the opponent completely off-balance.

Josec memorized the basics of the move but the problem to this move was that it required a living opponent and precise control of joki which Josec didn’t seem to possess at all. Buern watched Josec practice. Being well experienced in the art of fighting herself, she quickly noticed that Josec’s fighting style was mainly defensive. The only form of offence used with that style was turning the opponent’s joki into an ally to counter the opponent’s move.

Buern smiled. Josec had been practicing for almost three hours and it was almost sunset.

“Fighting on this scale could help Josec if we get into a real fight. I cannot allow him to psychorage therefore, I must make sure he can defend himself well” Buern thought.

“Need a sparring partner?” Buern offered.

“Yeah, thanks. I’m becoming familiar with my dad’s battle stances and fighting forms but I just can’t seem to be able to execute moves that involve the use of joki” Josec said.

Buern walked towards Josec.

“The joki sits in here” Josec said as she pointed to Josec’s stomach. “You need to pull it to other parts of your body when you’re fighting” Buern explained.

“And how exactly do I do that?” Josec asked.

“Take a battle stance” Buern instructed him.

Josec spread his legs apart and raised his hands defensively in front of him. Buern paced around him analyzing his stance.

“Hmm, that’s a good defensive stance, only problem is, you don’t seem to know much about defensive stances. You’ve not had real combat experience with the Fenix fighting style have you?” Buern asked.

“How do you know that?” Josec asked.

“You’ve got the basics all wrong. You’ve tensed up your muscles. That is a principle in offence. For defense, your muscles need to be relaxed to allow instant response to your opponent’s attack. For instance…” Buern said as she threw a sudden punch that blasted Josec into the air and unto the ground.

“See? Because your muscles are tensed, your reaction is slow” Buern said.

“I see your point” Josec grunted in pain and struggled to stand.

“The three principles of defensive martial arts are foresight honed from real combat experience and observation, speed and instant execution. One moment of hesitation can cost you your life in a real battle” Buern explained.

“I see” Josec said.

“Until we find Fencer, I’ll train you. However, I’m not taking it easy on you since we do not have the luxury of taking it slow. A true battle with your life on the line will teach you all you need to know. Let’s begin!” Buern declared as she took a fighting stance.

Josec could observe the form of a dragon within her stance. Josec frowned and took his father’s most basic fighting stance. A stance that required minimal use of joki. I observed Innovain’s fight with my dad. Though Innovain defeated my dad, I’ve trained myself to find weaknesses in the dragon stance” Josec thought with determination.

“Are you ready?” Buern asked him.

She had a look of absolute seriousness on her face.

“Yes” Josec replied.

“Good” Buern said.

In a flash she stood before Josec.

“Whoa! What amazing speed!” Josec exclaimed in shock.

“You don’t have time to admire my speed, a dragon’s claws strike swiftly and with great power!” Buern declared as she leapt into the air and performed a high turning kick.

Josec ducked to evade and smiled.

“It takes a while for a dragon to recover from its aerial attack. The phoenix’s talons are much swifter!” Josec declared as he attempted to throw Buern off balance with a swift push while she was in the middle of her attack.

“Fool! You’ve forgotten that a dragon has wings!” Buern declared as she held Josec’s hands and used them as a platform to somersault onto his shoulders thus catching his head in a tight knee hold.

“I don’t like where this is going” Josec said in embarrassment.

In a flash Buern performed a somersault that threw Josec over herself into the air. He landed hard on the ground. Buern stood over him.

“Never underestimate your opponent” Buern said seriously. “Again!” she ordered.

Josec charged in this time.

“Taking the initiative is a good approach however…” Buern declared as she evaded Josec’s palm strike.

“It leaves you completely open to attacks once your opponent reads your move. JO-LAN DRAGON ART! TWIN HEADED DRAGON BARRAGE!” Buern declared as she gave Josec a twin fisted punch to his gut.

The impact sent Josec flying. He crashed to the ground and coughed up some blood. Buern noticed the blood and rushed to his side.

“Josec! Are you alright?! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you!” she apologized.

“Let’s…unnh…do it again” Josec declared.

“No, you can’t take much more. Rest for tonight. We’ll continue tomorrow after we’ve gotten closer to Imperium” Buern ordered.

Josec sighed.

“Stay here while I go hunt for some food” Buern ordered.

“Huh? Did I just hear that? It sounded like you just said I’m weaker than you” Josec said with a sly look on his face.

“Do I even need to say that?” Buern raised an eyebrow.

“She totally rubbed it in!” Josec said with a tearful look on his face.

Buern returned minutes later with some dead bandicoots.

“How do we set a fire? You don’t utilize flames anymore?” Josec asked.

Buern smiled.

“There is more to the Dragon Fighting Stances than just converting joki into flames” Buern said as she gathered some dry wood for fire.

Josec helped her.

Once the wood was gathered, Buern smiled.

“Stand back Josec” she commanded.

Josec obeyed.

Buern blew over her fist, then she punched the wood with all her might shattering them with one punch. After that she twisted her fist over the ground quickly causing an eruption of flames.

Josec stared in awe as Buern blew her fist again as if that was nothing.

“She’s totally cool!” Josec thought to himself.

“How did you do that?!” Josec asked excitedly.

“Friction. It’s a basic trick but really helpful. Once you understand how the forces of nature work, you can use as many elements as you please, my dad taught me that” Buern said, then she realized her mistake.

“Your dad? He must be a great man!” Josec exclaimed joyfully.

“He was a great man…until he turned into a selfish conceited jerk” Buern said.

“Thanks for the compliment Buern” Buern imagined what Innovain’s reply to that would be.

“I guess you don’t like to talk about him” Josec said.

“I don’t. Josec, what was your dad like?” Buern asked.

“He was really cool! He was so strong he could knock a baobab tree down with just a flick of a finger. He also had time for Mom and I. We spent so much time travelling to meet his friends, visiting new islands and fishing. My dad was also quite careless. My mom could send him on an errand and he would return hours later only to say he forgot. Then my mom would hold him tightly in a screwdriver lock hold. He was so funny” Josec laughed.

“I would have liked to meet him” Buern said with a smile.

“The first thing he would say is look how much my son has grown up! Heck, he even has a girlfriend. As popular around girls as I was in my youth” Josec said with a laugh.

“Girlfriend huh? I guess he’d put you into a lot of compromising situations” Buern laughed.

“Yeah” Josec agreed.

“He is so different…from my dad” Buern thought as she recalled her cold, indifferent father.

She tried to remember any good times she shared with him but all she could recall was his stern training. She did recall however that there were times during training when Innovain actually showed concern for her.

She smiled.

“I guess my dad isn’t all bad” Buern said.

“How dare you insult me Buern?!” she pictured Innovain’s reply to that statement and burst into laughter.

Josec couldn’t help laughing with her.

“I’m glad we had this conversation Josec” she said.


The following day arrived sooner than expected. After Buern ensured that they had covered their trail, she began the journey with Josec. They passed several villages asking for directions. At one of the villages, they heard rumours of a hero who had saved the continent of Avalon from two terrible psychorages. Josec and Buern immediately knew that the rumours were speaking of Harry.

“Wow, we leave Harry for a few weeks and he turns into a legend” Josec said in admiration.

“Yes, though he is a loudmouth, you can’t forget that he is a descendant of the Bane phoenix clan. Members of the Bane clan are well renowned for repelling curses and Anubis is well renowned for his death curses so you do the math” Buern said.

“I see your point” Josec said.

“Now we just need to up your fighting level. Are you ready?” Buern asked.

“Anytime you are” Josec declared.

“See those mountains over there?” Buern pointed to a cluster of mountains far ahead. They had just left the last town and were presently in a grassy plain.

“You mean those mountains far ahead?” Josec asked.

“Yes, I heard from one of the villagers that Imperium is beyond those mountains. After crossing the mountains, it’s just about a two day journey” Buern said.

“I see” Josec said.

“I’ll race you to the top of those mountains” Buern declared and then she was off.

“Hey! That’s a cheat!” Josec complained as he chased after her.

Two hours later, Josec had finally arrived at the top of the tallest mountain. Buern was waiting patiently for him while munching an apple. Josec panted tiredly and dropped to the ground.

“Is that all it takes to do you in?” Buern mocked him.

“Are you even human?” Josec asked her.

“I’ll leave that to your imagination” Buern said with a smirk.

“You’ve got one crazy stamina you know?” Josec asked.

“Are you ready to train some more?” Buern asked him.

“WHAAAAT?! I just got here!” Josec screamed.

“Don’t sound so pathetic. At your current level, you will lose to Innovain’s soldiers if they were to ambush you” Buern said.

“Heh, I’ll just psychorage and kick their butts” Josec said proudly.

Buern frowned.

“Josec, I’ve got a favour to ask” Buern said seriously.

“What is it Buern?” Josec asked.

“Promise me that from now on, no matter what happens, you won’t psychorage. Leave battles of that scale to me and try to defend yourself without psychoraging” Buern said with a worried look on her face.

“Wh-What do you mean Buern? We might need to work together to defeat stronger foes” Josec said.

“Please Josec, just trust me for now” Buern said with a pleading look.

Josec sighed.

“I don’t know what this is about but fine” he said.

“Thank you” Buern said.

Josec stared at her as though he was trying to comprehend her decision.

“You may not believe me Josec but a psychorage can only be as strong as the parties involved. If you don’t get stronger on your own, your psychorage will only end up harming you. Besides, we haven’t encountered Innovain’s forces for a while, it can only mean one thing” Buern said seriously.

“Maybe he has realized he can’t pursue us to Avalon” Josec said hopefully.

“He has realized something indeed but it’s just the opposite. He knows that he can’t beat us with pawns. You need to become stronger Josec because I believe Innovain will be sending stronger opponents after us!” Buern declared.

Josec opened his eyes in shock, then frowned.

“I knew that. I just didn’t want to believe it. Let’s train together Buern” Josec said with a smile.

Buern reached out to him. Josec grabbed her hand and she pulled him to his feet.

“We are training right here, on top of this mountain. There is a reason I brought you here. At this height the air is thinner. You’ll find your stamina running out much quicker than usual. Here, I will attempt to teach you your first powerful offensive technique” Buern said.

Josec stared at her in surprise.

“An offensive attack? But you know I’m a defender. Offensive attacks are impossible for me” Josec said in surprise.

“I know that but there is one exception to the rules of the defender. Your power is limited by your Jo-lan class so there is no way you can attack with raw offensive power however…your great defensive powers can be converted into an offense” Buern said.

“What do you mean?” Josec asked.

“Let’s try dueling. Try to see if you can convert your defense into an offence. However, this duel isn’t going to be like our previous duels. This time, we’ll be going all out…with our Jo-lan abilities!” Buern declared.

Josec felt his heart skip a beat.

Buern took a fighting stance. Josec observed her. As he watched her, he noticed the air around her condense to form water. Buern took in a deep breath and the water froze to become ice. Josec stared at her in amazement.

“You can make ice?! That’s really cool Buern!” Josec exclaimed in awe.

“I think I already said this before Josec…you don’t have time to admire me!” Buern said as the ice formed blades around her arms.

In a flash she stood before Josec, ready to strike. Josec was shocked. He immediately created a barrier around himself. Buern knocked the barrier with such force that it shattered. Her ice shattered as well and her fist connected with Josec’s face.

“In high level combat, your shield amounts to nothing” Buern said as she punched Josec again in the gut.

Josec tried to elbow her on the shoulder but he couldn’t bring himself to hit the girl he loved.

In a flash, Buern stood behind him.

“In actual combat, hesitation will cost you your life or didn’t I tell you that?! CLOSE OFF YOUR FEELINGS AND FIGHT!” Buern roared as she initiated a backhanded strike to Josec’s neck. Josec ducked and performed a one-eighty degree spin to Buern’s back and caught her in a tight lock hold.

“GOTCHA!” he exclaimed joyfully.

“Heh! It looks like you have learned…nothing!” Buern declared as she stomped on his foot, elbowed him in the gut after he released her and threw him to the ground.

“You didn’t even draw out your power. This is not a game Josec” Buern said.

“I’m sorry but I just can’t bring myself to hit you” Josec said sadly.

“Well aren’t you the perfect gentleman” Buern sighed.

“For your uselessness, I think I’ll punish you. Go down the mountain and find a rock about half your size. Then carry it up here!” Buern ordered.

“Now that’s taking your liberties too far” Josec refused.

Buern clenched her fist tightly.

“Did you say something? The way I see it you have two choices. You either go down of your own free will or I punch you all the way down the mountain” Buern said with a smile.

Josec recalled his father’s advice to him when he was young.

“Son, there are two things you should know about a woman. When she sends you on an errand and you refuse to go, she may do one of two things. She might yell or smile. If she yells, it means she won’t do anything but if she smiles…don’t wait to see her next move!” Josec recalled.

In a flash, he had descended the mountain.

“Whoa! That was close. I nearly forgot dad’s warning!” Josec sighed and walked around the mountain searching for a rock about half his size. He found none so he decided to venture a bit further. There were many mountains around and a river bed nearby but Josec couldn’t find any rocks about half his size.

“I guess the only thing to do is create one for myself” he said as he looked at the side of one of the mountains. He smiled and took a fighting stance.

“I’ll create one in no time!” he declared as he concentrated. He felt his power begin to rise.

“Here I go!” he declared as he punched the rock with all his might. A cracking sound was heard but it was not the sound of the rock breaking. It was the sound of Josec’s bones telling him not to be silly. He screamed in pain.

Almost immediately after that, Josec heard the mocking sound of laughter.

“He totally tried to shape a mountain with a single punch. For a kid, you’re pretty conceited and foolish” the voice began to sound sinister.

Josec looked around.

“Who said that?” he asked.

He looked up and saw four people standing horizontally on the side of the mountain. Two of them were women. One of the women had pale hair and skin, the other had brownish hair and skin. The other two were a dark haired man and a green haired man.

“To think Lord Innovain sent us to kill a powerless brat!” the woman with pale hair complained.

“I want to eat him whole!” the woman with brown hair said.

“Don’t be rash! Remember what Lord Innovain said. We’re supposed to force him to psychorage!” the man with green hair said.

“Maybe I can poison him too. After all, poison kills slowly too!” the man with dark hair said.

“Not your poison Cobra! It kills even faster than the most concentrated sulphuric acid!” the green haired man yelled angrily.

“Says who?! Maybe I can dilute it!” the dark haired man yelled.

“Not even the sea could dilute your poison!” the green haired man yelled.

“But you’re even more poisonous than I am!” the dark haired man roared.

“Fools! Just yesterday, you were arguing about who was most poisonous. Today, you’re arguing about who is least poisonous! Your foolishness knows no bounds! It is much better to strangle your foe, crush all their bones and swallow them whole!” the woman with brown hair complained.

“She calls them fools and joins the argument. And while you all argue about senseless things…THE PREY HAS ESCAPED!!!” the woman with pale hair yelled.

“WHAAAAT?! THAT FOOL! HOW DARE HE ESCAPE MY POISONOUS FANGS?!” the man with dark hair complained.

“Actually, wouldn’t it be more foolish of him to stay?” the pale haired woman said.

“This is no time for smartmouthedness! After him!” the green haired man ordered.

“You’re not the boss of me!” the other three yelled back.

“Do you want to die?” the green haired man said with an evil sparkle in his eye.

In an instant, all three other captains were reminded just how poisonous Mamba was.

“N-No sir” they said obediently.

Meanwhile, Josec was running as quickly as he could.

“I m-must get back to Buern” he exclaimed with worry.

“Those four are in league with Innovain but…they’re not like all the other foes we’ve faced so far!” he thought. “Their joki is intense!”

He didn’t reach far before he was surrounded by them though.

“Who are you people?!” he yelled angrily.

“You mean, what are we? We aren’t people you fool and everyone knows you don’t ask a beast ‘who’ he is!” the dark haired man yelled.

“Fine, then what are you…things?” Josec said for he lacked the appropriate word to qualify them.

“Things?! Did he just call us things?!” Python said.

“It’s all stupid Cobra’s fault!” Viper said.

“Okay, so lemme guess, you’re snakes. The green haired guy is a mamba, the brown one is a python, the black guy is some blackish mutated worm and the pale one is some snakeskin left behind from blackie’s mutation is that right?” Josec asked with a laugh.

“Did he just call me Blackie?!” Cobra roared angrily.

“Snakeskin?” Viper roared as she and Cobra charged to attack Josec.

In a flash, Mamba and Python held them back.

“Calm down, he’s obviously trying to provoke us” Python said.

“Let me guess, you’re the brains behind this group aren’t you?” Josec asked.

“Brains?! Do I look like brains to you?! Brains are disgusting, I am not! How could you compare me to brains?! I’ll strangle you right now!” Python roared angrily.

“I take that back, you’re all a bunch of idiots” Josec said as utter silence engulfed the atmosphere.

“Idiots” the mountains seemed to echo the last word.

“Idiots?!” the four captains screamed.

“Idiots!” the mountains echoed.

“What does that mean?!” they screamed.

“Idiots; a word qualifying people with little or no mental faculty, in other words, intellectually bankrupt or to simplify the matter, FOOLS!” Josec yelled.

“FOOLS!” the mountains echoed.

“FOOLS?!” the four black captains roared angrily.

“FOOLS!” the mountains echoed.

“Stop repeating everything he says idiot!” Cobra yelled at the mountains.

“Idiot!” the mountains echoed back.

By then, the other captains were fed up with hearing the words ‘idiot’ and ‘fools’! Guess what they did next? They engaged in landscape design utterly transforming the mountains into a mass of rubble and by the time they were done, Josec was long gone.

Soon he reached the mountain Buern was on. She was impatiently waiting for him.

“Buern, we’ve got to get out of here! Innovain sent some idiots after us. They call themselves beasts!” Josec said frantically.

Buern seemed depressed when she heard that.

“The stupid squad. Of all the people he could have sent. By the way Josec, where is the rock?” Buern asked.

“I was interrupted by the stupid squad so I forgot!” Josec pleaded.

“You…forgot? Hmm, that certainly is interesting” Buern said with a smile.

“UH-OH” Josec sighed.

“UH-OH IS RIGHT YOU SLACKER!” Buern yelled as she punched him as though the world was about to end. He flew over the mountain.

“Her strength is…INSANE!!!” he screamed as he flew over the mountains.

“Insane?!” the four black captains screamed.

“INSANE!” the mountains echoed and landscape designing began anew.


Meanwhile, Innovain watched the captains with extreme annoyance.

“Of all the foolish things to be distracted with!” he roared as he suddenly psychoraged. In a flash, he took off for Avalon, caught the captains and returned them to the castle.

“Forgive our incompetence Lord Innovain!” they pleaded.

“So you understand the meaning of the word ‘incompetence’. I’ll end your lives right here!” he roared.

“No Innovain, I have a better idea. This is nothing a little shock therapy can’t cure” Souryu’s voice sounded with a terrifying laugh.

After that, the four black captains found themselves defining every single interpretation of the word ‘idiot’!

“Define ‘intellectually bankrupt’!” Souryu asked with a laugh.

“We’ll get you for this Josec Fenix! If it is the last thing we ever do!” they screamed.

“Excellent definition” Souryu said with a laugh.

“Evil…Souryu is black…absolutely black” Python whispered.

“Compared to his blackness, a shadow is like the sun” Mamba said.

Thus was the fate of the four black captains whose evil caused the destruction of Atlantis, whose foolishness led to their own demise, yet they would return later on as ‘The Reborn Black Squad!’

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