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D.Ranger Omega Ep 13: The Final Forte


Reis stood before his father. Both of them with blades unsheathed prepared to face each other.

“And now Reis, it’s time for you to inherit the ultimate forte of the Dragonhaӓrt Fencing Style. The forte named ‘With my Life’” Sir Jinrai said calmly.

“How are you going to pass it on to me dad? I know it’s passed directly from the soul of the master to the soul of the student but gramps never told me how it was done” Reis said.

“Are you familiar with the saying ‘when two swordsmen clash swords, they are able to feel the heart of the other through the blade?’” Reis’ father asked him.

“Gramps always repeated that saying to me” Reis said.

“Some things cannot be communicated with words. You need to feel them to comprehend them. You are quite experienced in that area for when you fought Aurora while under Armageddon’s influence, you taught her the Dragon Parry” Sir Jinrai said.

“So once more, I will clash my blade against yours with all that I am. You should do the same” Reis’ father said.

Reis nodded.

The forte will reveal our combined knowledge to each other as our lives themselves become our weapon” Sir Jinrai said.

“Yes dad!” Reis nodded and charged towards Sir Jinrai.

They clashed blades the first time and a tremendous resonance occurred throughout Benedict’s Ark. Reis could feel it, the weight of his father’s blade. The weight of someone who had everything to lose. Sir Jinrai felt the same from Reis’ blade.

Reis leapt back and charged towards Sir Jinrai with tremendous speed. Sir Jinrai did the same and they clashed blades a second time. The huge resonance occurred again and an image appeared within Reis’ mind. He saw both his father and himself kneeling before the Dragonlord as the Dragonlord held the Auroran Flame.

“As a Dragon Ranger, I will be an enforcer of Light,

A protector of Dragons

and follower of the teachings of the Dragon Knights,

I will protect the weak and free the oppressed

I will obey the Dragonlord

For I am a Dragon Ranger and a Dragon Ranger forever”

Reis saw his father and himself take the Rangers’ oath with absolute conviction. Reis saw himself and his father poisoned from the bite of the Kaignis Kings and he saw them recover.

“I AM THE GOLDEN DRAKENGAӒRD! THE HAND OF DIVINE RETRIBUTION!” Reis saw himself and his father assume the form of the Golden Drakengaӓrd to protect Aurora and in his father’s case Jared from Galigaos.

The second resonance had revealed to them how much they resembled each other. Warm feelings flowed through their hearts. The feelings of pride of a father for his son and a son for his father.

The two leapt away from one another and raced around each other as though analysing the movements of the other. They clashed a third time and visions of Alpha filled their minds. Each saw how the Dragon Sovereign had guided them. Both saw how Alpha through the father had prepared the way for the son and how the son had honoured both their wills by following in the path carved out for him.

“Benedict” a voice echoed within their minds as they began to realize how the God of the Heart had lived his life through them. Reis saw Sir Jinrai in his final battle against Galigaos. He saw Sir Jinrai instruct the Prince and Princess to run to the Rangers’ Guild for safety. He saw Sir Jinrai take out his Crystal Key.

“I cannot allow you to roam this world freely anymore. I will seal you forever in a place where you cannot harm anyone!” Reis saw Sir Jinrai trap Galigaos in Benedict’s Ark and watched their battle continue from there. He also saw Sir Jinrai lower his guard after defeating Galigaos. Sir Jinrai on the other hand saw Reis as Alpha revealed to him that he was no longer of the world. He saw Reis’ pain and then he saw Reis’ joy after discovering that he was still alive and then they both shared a memory of when the family was united and the parents taught the children ‘The Heart That Destroys Darkness’.

The third resonance revealed to them how their destinies were intertwined.

Reis and his father leapt apart from each other. Sir Jinrai sighed.

“This is the first part of the Final Forte. It is named ‘The Blade Of Peers’. In this half, we are both treated as students and learn about the lives of each other and how they are connected. We are about to commence the second part of the Final Forte, ‘The Blade of Master and Student’” Sir Jinrai said. “In this part, I will teach you how everything you have experienced so far connects” Sir Jinrai said as he charged his blade with lightning.

“Dad’s getting serious” Reis thought as he did same.

The two charged towards each other and clashed blades. The fourth resonance was particularly severe. Sparks flew all over striking many parts of the Sanctum Of The Water Kings but the damage was instantly repaired. Reis saw himself under Armageddon’s influence. He saw his spirit being tortured by Armageddon and he saw his comrades do their best to rescue him. He saw Armageddon injure Aurora and felt his rage and saw himself become the Golden Drakengaӓrd and reseal Armageddon.

“You are only prolonging the inevitable” he heard Armageddon’s threat. “The very thing you are fighting to protect is that which gives me life. Know this Dragonhaӓrt! I will have you…and when I do, ALL OF RYUGAEIA IS DOOMED!”

“Armageddon has another name. A name that has been forgotten amongst man but known only to the Dragons and Drakengaӓrds. It is a name that describes his nature and the reason he keeps telling you that ‘the very thing you fight to protect is that which gives him life’” Reis recalled Alpha’s words.

Images of war flashed within his mind. He saw Erikkus Di Devilli incite hatred for the Royal Family Of Saggeese, watched as the people turned against their rightful rulers.

“That is true for Armageddon is also known as ‘The Dragon that lives within man’. But precisely because of this nature, you could say that Armageddon has already been defeated” Alpha’s voice echoed within Reis’ mind as he saw his father defend the heirs.

“What do you mean?” Reis heard his question trail off till it became a distant echo.

Reis and his father leapt apart from each other. The fourth resonance revealed to them Armageddon’s role in history.

“Don’t let up Reis!” Sir Jinrai called.

“Yes sir!” Reis said and leapt into the air.

Sir Jinrai did the same. The image of a crimson moon appeared over them as the image of both Kaignis Kings overlapped the two combatants.

“Father, it has been so long. I have desired to see you again” Sabre-fang’s voice echoed within both their minds.

“It has indeed been long son. I am glad to see you bonded to the one who would become the Wise One Of The Unison Courts” a voice more sinister than Sabre-fang’s echoed within their minds.

“I see, this is more than one reunion. The Kaignis Kings are also participating in this Final Forte, ‘With My Life’” Reis thought to himself.

“Don’t hold back son!” the two fathers called.

“I won’t!” the two sons roared.

“CRIMSON MOON!” Reis called as the cross shaped scars appeared on the forehead of Sabre-fang’s image.

“CRIMSON MOON!” Sir Jinrai and Sabre-fang’s father called together as cross shaped scars appeared on the forehead of the image of Sabre-fang’s father.

“Crescent, Crossing, to hide or to find”

A line from Ryu’s song echoed in Reis’ mind.

“KAIGNIS SLASH!” Reis called and released his attack.

“KAIGNIS BARRAGE!” Sir Jinrai called and released multiple attacks.

They clashed onto one another and the fifth resonance began. Reis was now seeing through the eyes of Sabre-fang. He saw himself on the night Team Kira was attacked by the Kaignis Wolves. He saw Sabre-fang’s eyes survey the area and saw them latch unto Team Kira.

“That boy, he possesses the Seal of Arӓlpheisl. How is it possible for a human to house all of Ryugaeia within his heart? I must test this human. No matter how I look at him, he appears to be interesting prey” Reis heard Sabre-fang’s thoughts.

“When one possesses the Seal of Arӓlpheisl, he shall become Ryugaeia itself. Do you possess the Strength of Heart to carry within yourself the Will of Ryugaeia’s Heart and become the Wise One Of The Unison Courts at the end of your journey? Wilt thou even knowing all that thou art capable of still deny thineself?” Reis recalled the Kaignis King whisper to him.

He recalled the Kaignis King’s Trial. The Kaignis King revealed to him the darkness within his own heart and also the reason behind his desire to defeat Erikkus Di Devilli. Without the Kaignis King, Reis realized he might have just as easily taken the path Galigaos and Erikkus Di Devilli had.

“You also helped me see beyond my conceit…that every living creature has a weakness” the Kaignis King’s voice echoed within Reis’ mind.

“And you taught me never to presume that a weakness necessarily represents the downfall of a person” Reis thought.

The fifth resonance revealed the role of the Kaignis King to Reis.

Reis powered down and breathed deeply, then he created a blade out of lightning with his free hand while holding his father’s blade with the other hand. His father also created a lightning blade. Now they both held two blades.

They charged towards one another and clashed blades. There were two huge pulses of power and the sixth resonance permeated all of Benedict’s Ark.

Reis saw Ryu in a cavern staring at a stone altar.

“Molten, I can’t read the first part of the inscriptions though they all resemble those on the Nova medallion” he heard Ryu say.

“It says;

“When two heroes sharing a common destiny unite,

Revealed will be the way to the Light

Reis heard the fiery dragon beside Ryu say.

“Oh, does that mean only two heroes can enter the Light Ryu?” Reis heard Ryu say.

“Not just any two, two heroes with destinies intertwined” Reis heard the dragon beside Ryu say

“The second part says;

A Sword must be wielded

A Sword must be made

For Light to triumph

And the evil to fade

When the fateful day comes and all seems late

A hero will appear as the final Saint”

Reis heard Ryu say. Then another image appeared within Reis’ mind. Ryu stood before an elderly man.

“The prophecy says; ‘A Sword must be wielded, a Sword must be made’. What’s that supposed to mean?” Ryu asked.

“Two special swords are needed in order to vanquish Tristran. One has already been created and the other is yet to be created” Reis heard the elderly man say.

“The one that has been created…it’s the Sword Of Rai isn’t it?” Reis heard Ryu ask.

“Exactly, now one of you must create a special sword infused with all your positive feelings” Reis heard the elderly man say as an image of Ryu forging a sword with his companions who infused the sword with their own elements appeared within his mind. “Such a sword might be able to rival Tristran’s fate techniques” the elderly man’s voice echoed within Reis’ mind.

Reis saw Ryu hold a dull and clumsy looking sword in his hands.

“It looks pretty ordinary to me” he heard one of Ryu’s companions say.

“You may not believe in this Sword’s power but it is a Sword created out of love. The bonds I share with you all and our love for the ryu, the dragons, Ryuujinn and life itself!” Reis heard Ryu declare with absolute conviction.

Reis saw the sword respond by surging with power and transforming into a rainbow coloured blade.

“So what will you name it? I mean I have the Sword Of Rai…” Reis heard one of Ryu’s companions say, the same one that had spoken earlier.

“And Shekan’s got the Death-Sabre” Reis heard another companion say.

“Hmm, Atlanta, why don’t you name it since you presented me with the first element?” Reis heard Ryu say.

“W-Well then…why don’t we call it The Aurora Sabre since it glows like an Aurora?” Reis heard the girl called Atlanta say.

Reis’ heart began to beat with excitement.

An image appeared within his mind of Old Lady Kamikaze standing before the King and Queen of Saggeese.

“King Hiram, Queen Celestia, the surviving Dragons have heard of your kindness. Alpha, the Dragon Sovereign sent me to you with this message. Exactly a year from now, Queen Celestia shall carry in her womb twins, the children of the King. Their destinies will be intertwined with the true Dragonhaӓrt’s however…a while after their births, tragedy will follow. Do not despair for it will be by their faith in the Dragonhaӓrt that Ryugaeia will be ‘Dragon Earth’ again!” Reis heard Old Lady Kamikaze say and now he knew why the heirs were targeted and continuously pursued by Galigaos under the order of Erikkus Di Devilli. It was to terminate the prophecy. Reis recalled the dream he had had on the day he met Shin, Kyla and Master Jin. He saw himself roaming a dark forest.

“Oh no, I’ve been walking in circles. I can’t find my way out, I’m lost” he recalled his admission of defeat.

“Life is just like your situation. Sometimes, you seem to be walking in circles but the answer to the right path lies deep within your heart” Reis recalled Alpha’s voice.

“Who’s there?” he recalled his question.

“Reis Dragonhaӓrt, don’t give up! Dragons will rise again! And it will be by your strength that Ryugaeia will be Dragon Earth again” he heard Alpha say.

He recalled meeting Aurora and the two refereeing the mini-Drӓkan tournament. He recalled her anguish after learning of Jared’s death. Her strong bond with her brother had defined her feelings for Reis and Reis realized that Jared’s ‘death’ had in fact guided the two to each other. Then a series of images flashed within Reis’ mind. Reis had defeated the Kaignis King in an attempt to protect Aurora, when he became the Golden Drakengaӓrd, it was initially out of his rage in seeing Aurora injured and finally Aurora’s feelings had awakened him as Arӓlpheisl. She was there every moment he discovered one of Arӓlpheisl’s fragments. The sixth resonance revealed the role of the heirs and particularly Aurora’s.

Reis and his father leapt away from each other.

“A Sword must be wielded, a Sword must be made. The first sword symbolizes Kolmnid’s legacy and the second sword symbolizes Ryugaeia’s legacy…the first of Arӓlpheisl’s fragments, the Human Princess who represents humanity” Sir Jinrai said.

“You’ve almost mastered the Final Forte Reis. It is now left with the final resonance” Sir Jinrai said as he channelled all the elements into his blade. Reis did the same.

“TREMBLE BEFORE THE MIGHT OF HEAVEN!” Sir Jinrai roared in a mighty voice as an enormous flow of golden light encased his body.

Reis felt his heart respond to his father’s show of power by pulsating. An enormous stream of golden light began to flow out of his body and encase him.

“I AM THE GOLDEN DRAKENGAӒRD!” they declared, “THE HAND OF DIVINE RETRIBUTION!” the golden light around their bodies materialized into golden armour and six powerful wings appeared at their backs.

The cross shaped sword appeared in both their hands.

“I thought the power of the Golden Drakengaӓrd only manifested in the presence of supernatural evil” Reis said as the seventh resonance began. It was the severest of all.

“He is also moved by supernatural good though it is rare for good to fight against good” Sir Jinrai explained.

“The Golden Drakengaӓrd who represents the will of Heaven’s armies” Alpha’s voice echoed within Reis’ mind.

“A star, a storm, a great starship”

Ryu’s song echoed within Reis’ mind as he recalled the storm Erikkus Di Devilli had sent after them on their journey to Saggeese. An image flashed within his mind of his father holding a piece of parchment with the painting of a princess leading an army, a boy with a heart whose image overlapped with that of a Dragon and a tremendous ship weathering a dangerous storm. Reis opened his eyes in surprise as words from Ryu’s song echoed within his mind. He recalled the name of the ship he was in the day the storm was sent after them, ‘Benedict’s Ark’.

“A star, a storm a great starship

That blazes on an endless trip

A black hole comes and wakes my fears

The silent stars shed timeless tears


A star, a tempest, an enormous vessel

Riding on the winds on an unstoppable quest

A black hole comes and awakens my fears

The silent stars of the endless tears


A star, a tempest, an enormous vessel

Moving faster yes, than the rays of light

A black hole arises my fears fly

To the inanimate stars shedding unending tears”

Ryu’s song echoed in Reis’ mind. Words about a ship.

“A starship is a heavenly ship. A vessel can mean a ship, an ark, a cup, or a human body” Reis realized.

“Benedict” the name echoed within his mind.

“If I replace the word ‘Ark’ with any of the above, Benedict’s Ark could mean Benedict’s Ship, Benedict’s Cup or Benedict’s Body” Reis realized in awe.

He recalled the Ryugaeia in Benedict’s Ark. How everyone was going about their daily lives in a perfectly coordinated manner though they couldn’t perceive on another on a sensory level. They weren’t exactly instructing or ordering one another around. In a strange way, they were like locusts that moved in formation even without a visible leader. Reis recalled the Academy Director’s instructions.

“I would like for you to establish social bonds with five special people”. He recalled his initial hesitation.

“Why do I have to find these people? I do not understand the significance of all this”.

“I’m sure you don’t but don’t worry. In time you will. These people may influence your journey in your homeworld and some of them are tied to others that may very well decide the fate of your homeworld” he recalled the Academy Director’s reply.

“How can anything that goes on in Benedict’s Ark affect my homeworld? The distance between this place and my homeworld is very immense for one thing. For another, I cannot interact on Benedict’s Ark with those that can’t ‘see’ me and finally everyone on this Ark is from a different place than my homeworld and have no ties to it. They cannot journey to Ryugaeia and affect the lives of those there so how can you say that some of them may very well decide the fate of my homeworld?” he recalled his initial doubt.

“I see you are beginning to learn the rules by which Benedict’s Ark operates however you are wrong about one thing. Even without journeying to Ryugaiea and influencing events there by themselves, they can still affect Ryugaeia because everyone has the power to influence you just as you have the power to influence them” he recalled the Academy Director’s reply. “For now, you can begin by seeking out…a girl that has lost her memories” he recalled the Academy Director’s instructions and his eyes opened wide.

“What are you doing here?” he recalled the question he had asked Andrea when they first met.

“I’m waiting…waiting for someone. I have been searching for someone; that much I know. It’s within me like a deeply etched memory but I have no memory of that person’s face or name” he recalled Andrea’s reply.

“Do you believe in primal memories Reis?” Reis recalled Ryu’s question.

“Primal memories?” he recalled his question.

“Memories that seem to exist beyond a time you could remember, like a seal deeply etched into the human mind. A memory that isn’t false but conflicts with everything you know about reality. This song is about such a memory. A collective memory of someone very important that my world had forgotten for millennia. It is named thus, ‘Memoires Of The Long Suffering God’” Reis recalled Ryu’s explanation.

Then slowly, more words from the song began to echo within his mind,

“Bended, Ended, Winded, Rendered

Silent the crew disappear

I awaken the next day on a bed

To find that all my memories are dead


Bended, Ended, Wheezy, Returned

Silenced by this the crew fade away

I awaken the next day on a bed

To note that all my memories died


Bended, Ended, Reaped, then Returned

They that were handed the Staff of Silence Hidden

On the day of Resurrection, on the bed called the Grave

To find them all my memories die”

Reis recalled.

“Those lines from the song, they speak about the Severing. The Severing must have occurred on Ryu’s homeworld as well” Reis realized.

More words followed,

“Timeless, Windless, Wordless, Endless

Something from my past seems worthless

Memories I can’t define

Of things I just can’t seem to find


Timeless, without wind, without words, endlessly

My earlier nature was without value

I cannot it seems define even my memories

For things such as these I’ve never known


An Unending Wind with words unspoken

Indestructible, something from my past appears to be

Memories I know cannot define things

Though I am simple it’s hard to seek me out”

Reis recalled.

“Those lines must be speaking of the primal memories” he realized.

“What…is he doing?” he recalled Aurora pointing to him as he cut the ornamental plants.

“Severing thorns…uh-umm…I mean shaping the hedges” he recalled his almost comical reply.

“I finally found you Aurora” he recalled his greeting.

“I…I know you. No…it can’t be…it was all a dream” he recalled Aurora’s reply.

“The Girl with lost memories” a voice echoed within Reis’ mind.

“What is a Dragon Ranger? What are Dragons? That’s all folklore. Dragons aren’t real. A guild? Like a trade guild? Darak, Erasa, Shin, Kyla, who are those? I’m guessing you must be the grandson of Mr Dragonhaӓrt here. Stop damaging the plants!” he recalled Aurora’s loss of memory.

“I guess these are the ‘thorns’ Alpha spoke of. Armageddon is forcing everyone to live a lie while he prepares to overwhelm them in reality. Dragons, Dragon Rangers, friends we know, Aurora can’t remember a single thing. Sheesh, the lie runs so deep my Dragon Ring has even become invisible. However…” Reis recalled Aurora’s Dragon Parry. “Her body still remembers her training at an instinctual level and I’m willing to bet her spirit recalls the truth though her mind cannot quite process it because of the Severing. It must exist within her as a fragment. If only I can piece those fragments together” he recalled his determination.

“To triumph over the Severing, you must awaken the Sleeping Dawn” he recalled Alpha’s words.

“Aurora is the Novatian word for Dawn” Reis thought.

He recalled the novel, the Sleeping Dawn. The words

“The seven faeries moved by the efforts of the brave prince gifted him with a blade that could sever the thorns and armour impenetrable to resist them. So it was that with sword in hand, the prince began to pave a path through the thorns and towards the Sleeping Castle”.

“Aurora, what are you doing here?” Reis recalled his question when she visited his cell within the Severing.

“How did you get those wounds?” he recalled her question.

“I got them protecting someone important” he recalled his reply.

“Arӓlpheisl” he recalled Aurora say in tears.

“What? What did you just say Aurora?” Reis recalled his question.

“You are more than just my saviour. You are my Arӓlpheisl” he recalled her confession and his happiness.

“You are my Dawn. When you awaken, I too will be free” he recalled his confession.

He recalled words from ‘The Sleeping Dawn’.

“With every severed thorn, the spell was weakened. With every wound obtained, the spell was infiltrated by Love”.

“There are some things you will need to learn here in order to defeat the darkness of your world” he recalled the Academy Director tell him.

“Armageddon? You mean you are going to teach me skills I need to confront him?” Reis recalled his question.

“Not skills…lessons and your teachers will be your own peers” the Academy Director replied.

“I see” Reis recalled his reply.

“For now, focus on the task right in front of you and seek out ‘The Master Strategist’…” Reis recalled the Academy Director’s words.

He recalled the Kolmnid farms and the people in the middle of erecting strange devices that seemed to have crystals at their core.

“We don’t want to be caught unawares again. I’m erecting ‘Limelight’. The protocol with which we defeated the Dark ninja of our world. However, they are mainly to be used for agricultural purposes. I’ll have it tweaked with some security alert features so that when the farm is disturbed, we will know” Reis recalled Michael’s ‘Limelight’ devices.

“Wait a sec, Michael, I’m curious about one thing. How could an agricultural device help win a war on your homeworld?” Reis recalled his question.

“Bended, Ended, Reaped, then Returned

They that were handed the Staff of Silence Hidden”

A line from Ryu’s song echoed within his mind as though in response to his question.

“Look at it this way, it’s primary function is to amplify and disperse light however…it can make a nifty flashbomb especially when used against those whose powers are primarily of darkness so the ‘light’ is the key” Reis recalled Michael’s explanation.

He recalled that it was around that time the Dragon Knights had begun to gather those the Dragons had bonded with. He recalled his and Aurora’s decision to plant hope into the hearts of the Saggeesians and he recalled the events that occurred during ‘The Fair’.

“Armageddon is also known as ‘The Dragon that lives within man’. But precisely because of this nature you could say Reis that Armageddon has already been defeated. You should be able to see it Reis, after all it was through you that Arӓlpheisl manifested in Ryugaeia that dark day. You should be able to see the ‘Dawn’” Reis recalled Alpha’s words.

“Ye sleeping Dragons! Hearken to these words and finally awaken from your long slumber. These words are an expression of the love humanity has for itself and for you! Once these words are uttered, the world as you know it will start to change. The balance of power will be tipped yet again and it is possible that another Drӓkan War will occur in the near future…but I have faith in you, all of you that you will use my final gift to you wisely. As Jinrai and the dragons once did, I too will now entrust the boy named Reis Dragonhaӓrt into your care for the path to his destiny is just beginning and your faith in him will determine what becomes of the future of both humans and dragons.

As Dragon Rangers, we are enforcers of Light

We are protectors of Dragons

And followers of the teachings of the Dragon Knights

Protecting the weak, freeing the oppressed

Obeying the Dragonlord

For we are Dragon Rangers

And Dragon Rangers forever!”

Reis recalled the mysterious coloured lights that appeared in the sky all over the world. The dancing lights that assumed the form of millions of dragons and descended to Ryugaeia.

“…and you should be able to see the overwhelming assistance with which you have been provided” Reis recalled Alpha’s words.

“I finally understand. Armageddon is the Dragon that lives within man but now that the Dragons are bonding with humanity, a force for good is also being placed into humanity’s hearts. It’s a battle being fought within the heart. A battle Armageddon is going to lose” Reis said and opened his eyes.

He took in a deep breath and sighed heavily. The final resonance had revealed to him the role of Benedict’s Ark.

“The final resonance is over” Sir Jinrai informed him.

“You have mastered ‘The Final Forte’ of the Dragonhaӓrt Fencing Style. The forte named ‘With My Life’” his father said and sighed deeply.

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