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Author: simon
Created: December 22, 2017 at 06:00 pm
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A walk in darkness (Legacy Untitled)  

Life pause, I remember your lips, they deprived me of oxygen. Horizontal hugs, I remember your touch, it made me feel like a man. Vertical lust only influenced my inflated ego. Life pause, I remember your eyes, they taught me about sorrow. Horizontal kiss, hugs no longer satisfied a directional south. Life pause, because I walked in darkness, but you none knew what was about. Life paused, because your smile no longer rose with the morning. We took a walk among darkness, hoping to understand what hope may bring. Horizontal hugs, you were not even mine, to own. Marked by another man, he'd wonder where you have gone. Paying for your time, this friendship became expensive. But I was not paying for her service, temporary freedom I gave. Life pause, do you understand the situation at hand? Naive and selfish this Poet kissed your lips and? Question mark left at the end because my opposite denied us a chance. Vertical kisses blessing a poem lacking common sense.

© simon - all rights reserved

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January 10, 2018
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I love it!!
keep up the good work.

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