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D.Ranger Omega Ep4: Establishment Of Honors' Class


Reis woke up that morning feeling refreshed. Shin was already up. He was staring at Reis seriously. Then he got up and walked downstairs. Reis readied himself and followed Shin.

At breakfast, there was utter silence. After a while of unbearable silence, Reis spoke first.

“I had a strange dream and you were all in it” he said.

Shin’s eyes widened. Reis noticed it.

“I feel like I had a strange experience last night but I have no recollection of it whatsoever” Master Jin said.

“It’s like a memory, you can vaguely perceive but seems distant” Kyla said.

“You mean the memory of Benedict’s Ark?” Shin asked.

“You had it too?” Reis seemed surprised.

“Figures both of you should have the same dream. Weird things keep happening around you two” Kyla said.

“Now you just sound mean when you put it like that” Shin said with a teasing cry.

“Don’t start with me this morning” Kyla shot him a warning look.

“So what are your plans for the day?” Kyla asked.

“Erasa and I promised to play with some of the new Drakes. Of course we’ll be incorporating lessons into their play so don’t even ask Kyla” Shin said with a smirk.

There was an angry growl on Kyla’s end and Shin relented ever uttering those words.

Reis laughed.

“Same as always” he said.

“It’s quite reassuring to see that things around you remain the same even after so long” he said.

“What’s your plan?” Kyla and Shin said and then they growled at each other.

“I still have to train Aurora. Haven’t really had the time lately because of the expansion of the Guild and all the newcomers” Reis said.

“I wonder how Aurora’s been doing lately” Shin said.

“She takes her training very seriously but she is no longer impatient” Reis said.

“I’m off” Reis said and stood up.

Waving to everyone, he headed towards the Kira residence and then a thought struck him. The design and organization of the worlds and classes on Benedict’s Ark was quite similar to the Guild’s organization into ‘houses’ and by affinity and skill. It was an endearing thought.

“You could consider all of Benedict’s Ark a guild on a much grander scale than any guild in Ryugaeia” Reis thought to himself without realizing that he was already at Team Kira’s residence and Aurora had been calling to him for the past two minutes.

“Hey Reis!” she waved.

Reis finally looked up at her.

“Are you here to train me?” Aurora asked eagerly.

“Of course” Reis answered “but I need to ask you something” Reis said and narrated all the events of his dream to Aurora for he hid nothing from Aurora.

She was glad to see how far his trust in her went.

“Did you have a similar dream?” Reis asked.

“I recall being in a strange but wondrous place. I don’t remember what I saw but I felt a strong desire to aid you. Probably sounds crazy doesn’t it?” Aurora said.

“Not so crazy to me but at least I know I wasn’t hallucinating” Reis said.

“After all your experiences with Alpha how could you so easily doubt your dreams? I believe that whatever you’re seeing is real even if I can’t see it myself” Aurora said.

Then Reis and Aurora began to spar. It was a long battle and Aurora had improved immensely. She no longer relied solely on her sword but had wits to match.

“Think I am ready for double handed swordsmanship now?” Aurora asked.

“No…you still need to grasp the basics. When your footwork and movements are a bit more natural, we shall progress” Reis said.

Aurora felt the need to complain but suppressed it. Reis was tired and rested against a tree. Aurora went to get him some water but he found himself dozing till he fell asleep.

Once more Reis found himself before the wall that stretched endlessly and the giant gates. The guards let him pass without questioning him. He walked into the corridor that was Dream Knight Jurisdiction. There were five new locations on the crystal. Reis chose the Rangers’ Guild which was one of the locations listed. He was teleported instantly to the Rangers’ Guild.

He began to explore it. It was a huge area. Initially, he had found himself in the Temple when he first arrived. He walked out of the Temple and was shocked to see he was really in the Rangers’ Guild. It looked exactly like his guild. It was a town and there were people everywhere. They did not seem to see each other though. They moved around carrying out everyday tasks but everything seemed coordinated as though everyone was connected but were without a sensory perception of one another. There was another thing about the guild too. It was much brighter and clearer than the guild he was familiar with. The colours and life he perceived made the guild on Ryugaeia pale in comparison. It was the guild and yet it was also not the guild. The people were the same but everything was quite different.

Reis ran around and eventually arrived at Team Ayenhayze’s residence. He was surprised to discover that it was also here. He wondered how far this place recorded as a single location on the crystal stretched so he raised his hand but Alpha did not appear in a flash of elements like he usually did. This time, he flew down to Reis from the sky.

“It’s all hard to take in I know” Alpha said.

“Wait here for me” Reis said in wonder and walked into the Ayenhayze residence.

Kyla was there with Master Jin but like everyone else, they could not ‘see’ him.

Reis ran to his bedroom and found a wonderful diamond shield with a red cross and the engraving of a dragon on it. Beside the shield was a note.

“Aurora’s faith” was all that was written on the note. When Reis picked up the shield, a memory flowed into his mind in Aurora’s voice.

“I don’t remember what I saw but I felt a strong desire to aid you. Probably sounds crazy. After all your experiences with Alpha how could you easily doubt your dreams? I believe that whatever you’re seeing is real even if I can’t see it myself” Aurora’s voice echoed in his mind.

Words momentarily appeared on the shield.

“These are the materials that compose this shield” the words said.

Then the bright words, “AURORA’S FAITH” appeared on the shield and remained there.

Reis smiled and picked up the shield. Then he ran out of the Ayenhayze residence. He mounted Alpha. Together, they flew past the Ranger’s Guild.

“I want to see whether there are borders to this place or not” Reis said and they flew on.

Reis felt a strange new life well up within him. He didn’t feel he could ever get exhausted. He flew past Novatio and eventually ended up in Saggeese. He found his old home. His grandfather was present too. Reis was glad to see he was healthy but like everyone else, his grandfather couldn’t see him though he felt Reis’ presence and stared in the direction Reis was momentarily as though he saw him.

“There are so many things I want to tell you gramps…all about my experiences with the Rangers and that my dad…your son is still alive and about…” Reis felt tears flow down his face. “…about Benedict’s Ark” Reis said.

Reis journeyed to the Saggeesian Castle on a whim and momentarily felt like facing his old enemy but decided against it. He turned back without realizing that if he had proceeded any further, he would have discovered that there was no presence of his nemesis on Benedict’s Ark. He might have learned that there was no real danger there…at least at the moment.

Reis journeyed back to the Rangers’ Guild. He accessed the crystal…filled with many thoughts and chose the location ‘Dream Knight Jurisdiction’. It always seemed to be the central corridor to Benedict’s Ark. Once there, strange rumours began to circulate. He heard that there was a literal storm brewing on Kolmnid Farms. According to the rumours, this storm brewed in multiple locations periodically but was always at one place at one particular time. It was a strange storm that was never in two places at the same time. It had the characteristics of a thunderstorm. It appeared, generated a lot of lightning sparks and then suddenly disappeared.

“It’s that Thunderbird again, isn’t it?!” he heard an excited feminine voice.

She rushed past him, almost knocking him down in the process.

“Excuse me…sorry” she said and had accessed the crystal in a flash and disappeared.

“She is so convinced that the storm is caused by a mythological creature…the Thunderbird but no one has ever seen a form in that storm before. It is overly concentrated and quite troublesome” Reis heard another voice say.

Reis thought back to his encounter with the Silver Haired Man.

“For now you can begin by seeking out a boy that turns into lightning…” Reis recalled.

“Is it possible that this ‘storm’ is neither a storm nor a bird but a boy?” Reis thought in slight amusement and rushed to a crystal. He slammed his hand on the crystal, cycled through his choices and slammed his hand on the location ‘Kolmnid Farms’.

In an instant, he found himself in the location of choice. It was sunny and clear. He was amazed to see a vast and beautiful farm rich in ornamental plants. He suddenly began to hear a loud surging sound and then various sparks of lightning surged across the sky.

“You…what are you doing here?” the girl he had seen earlier asked him.

“You can see me?” Reis was puzzled.

“Of course I can. Those who inhabit this place as students and teachers can see each other” the girl said.

“And what of everyone else?” Reis asked.

“They inhabit this place in ‘spirit’ but lack an awareness of it” the girl said.

“You won’t believe me if I told you but I think it’s…that storm is neither a storm nor a bird but a boy” Reis said.

“Haha…you’re much smarter than I thought. That’s Josec’s psychoraged form” the girl said.

“Any plans?” Reis asked the girl.

“Don’t ask me. I’ve been searching for Josec for a while now since I arrived on Benedict’s Ark. The only leads I had were focused around a storm that appeared to be sentient” Buern said. “Besides” she added, “my psychorage is water natured. That thing…I mean Josec is lightning natured. He would fry me in an instant if I went toe to toe with him in battle and I’m not dumb enough to try a psychorage improv. with a beast whose power output levels I can’t measure. Can I enlist your help? It will be a rewarding experience” Buern said.

Reis smiled.

“Tame a crazy storm? Sounds like fun!” Reis said as he slammed his fists together.

“Quest Accepted! Taming Thunder!” the voice of the Academy echoed in Reis’ mind.

“So…the question I’ve been meaning to ask is uh…you…got a plan?” the girl asked.

“Umm…no” Reis replied.

“You strong?” she asked.

“Relatively” Reis responded.

She smirked.

“No stronger person than the one who doesn’t admit it openly” she laughed.

Then all of a sudden, the lightning strikes began to hit a little too close to home.

“Has it seen us?” Reis asked.

“Effect of quest…Thunderbird concentrates attacks on quester. Heheh…sorry” the girl said with a smirk.

“And you couldn’t have told me that…sooner?!” Reis exclaimed.

He found himself dodging lightning here and there.

“If you know it’s aiming for you, you can easily evade its attacks. Trick is the surge that occurs before a strike plus lightning and thunder often go together” the girl said with a laugh.

“But there is no thunder in this storm…just…lightning!” Reis exclaimed in anger.

“I know…like trouble trumpets its presence before striking. If things were that convenient, the world would be a paradise” the girl said.

“You received a lesson. Look through your library?” a voice echoed in Reis’ mind.

“What’s a lesson?” Reis asked while barrel rolling out of the path of more lightning strikes.

“To put simply, a lesson well learnt equips you to avoid certain kinds of trouble, overcome certain obstacles in the future. That is one of the many aspects of this Academy you might need to know. The entire Academy is a lesson in itself” Buern explained. “Here’s another one for you, the best defence is a good offense” Buern said.

“You just learnt a lesson” a voice echoed in Reis’ mind.

Reis noticed his awareness grow. He was being more cautious now.

“You are being quite cautious now. That’s lesson one; precisely because the nature of trouble is unforeseeable, you need to walk carefully” the girl said.

“The lightning is strong. It might be as strong as Saanyigre’s. The storm isn’t evil or the power of the Golden Drakengaӓrd would have awakened and finally…I do have Saanyigre’s power within me” Reis declared and clashed the bolt that headed his way against one of his own. They latched onto one another and the intensity began to grow.

“I should be able to communicate with the boy within the storm through the resonance of our bolts” Reis said and flashed periodic bolts of lightning through the bolts.

“I should calm down…” he heard a voice speak to him.

“You are in a place called Benedict’s Ark. You are safe” Reis communicated his thoughts through serial flashes of lightning.

“I am…safe” the boy replied and the overconcentration of lightning began to diffuse. Within the storm was a brilliant white bird and then the bird slowly transformed into a human. The boy slowly descended to the ground. He had long brown hair and soft brown eyes.

“Josec” the girl called and ran to hug him.

“I have sought you all this while” the girl said.

“I am…sorry Buern” the boy said calmly.

“Thanks…uh…” he said.

“The name’s Reis…Reis Dragonhaӓrt” Reis said calmly.

“I am Josec Fenix” the boy introduced himself.

“You don’t need to be frightened. You are not alone” Reis said.

“It’s not fear that drove the storm. When I first arrived here, I decided to seek out Master Fencer. I couldn’t find him. It is a bit frightening to be in a world so huge and feel like the people you knew might not be here. Plus, the source of Jo-lan, the power that once defended my world from Souryu resides here. I can feel it. It has never felt this close before” the boy called Josec said.

“Everything’s fine now. I need to be somewhere else so I guess I’ll see you later” Reis said.

The two waved to him.

“Congratulations on your ability to take the initiative and for prudence” the voice of the Academy sounded within his mind.

Reis headed back to ‘Dream Knight Jurisdiction’. Rumours began to circulate and a lot of them were centred on his recent achievement.

Then he ran into a blonde woman with short hair and blue eyes.

“Hello Reis, I am a teacher in this guild” she introduced herself.

“My name is Noella Arthur and I believe I might soon be teaching you” the woman said.

She didn’t appear much older than he was but if she was a teacher, Reis felt he should respect that gap in knowledge.

“I need to enlist your help with one of the students I am assigned to. She spends all her time in a place called Rai’s Sanctuary and almost never interacts with anyone” she said.

Reis realized that this might be a clue to the ‘girl with lost memories’ so he accepted her request. As he headed towards the portal, he met the boy, Josec Fenix.

“What do you plan to do now Reis?” he asked.

“There is one more person I need to find. ‘The Girl with lost memories’” Reis said seriously.

“Just after you left, the Academy Director gave me this to hand over to you” Josec said as he handed Reis a crystal key.

“What’s it for?” Reis asked.

“Why are you asking me? Raise it before one of the teleportation crystals and see what happens” Josec instructed.

They were currently in Dream Knight Jurisdiction. Reis and Josec hurried over to the nearest teleportation crystal and raised the key before it. An image of the Academy’s Director popped up.

“Reis Dragonhaӓrt, you are hereby granted access to Rai’s Sanctuary” Reis instinctively slammed his hand on the crystal portal and in an instant he and Josec were teleported.

They arrived in a beautiful garden with numerous ornamental plants. At the centre of the garden was a stone altar with stairs leading up to it. Four tremendous broken chains lay at each of the four sides of the altar. Seated on the altar was a girl with hair the colour of earth and eyes the colour of grass. Around the altar were other people carrying out their usual activities.

Reis approached the girl with Josec beside him.

“H-Hello” he greeted nervously.

“Good morning” the girl greeted.

She had a kind voice that had a sort of strength mixed in.

“How do we approach someone that has lost their memory again?” Josec asked nervously.

“Do you know who you are?” Reis asked with a nervous laugh.

“Now that’s an odd way to greet someone don’t you think?” the girl said with a laugh.

Reis remained silent to avoid saying anything more embarrassing than he had just said.

“I do know who I am. I am Andrea Rayne from Ferren Village” the girl introduced herself.

“I am Reis Dragonhaӓrt Of Ryugaeia. The one beside me is…” Reis was saying when Josec interrupted him.

“I am Josec Fenix from Ferus Village” he said.

“What are you doing here?” Reis asked and realized it might have been better to ask what she was up to instead.

“I’m waiting…waiting for someone” she said.

“Think the Academy Director got her profile messed up? Do you think she is the ‘Girl with the Lost Memory?” Josec asked.

“Who are you waiting for? Maybe we can help you find him” Reis offered.

“I…don’t know. I have been searching for someone; that much I know. It’s within me like a deeply etched memory but I have no memory of that person’s face or name” the girl said.

Reis sighed.

“The Academy Director never said she had lost all her memory. She seems to have lost a particular memory” Reis thought to himself.

“Would you mind sticking with us for a bit? We can probably help you find who it is you are seeking” Reis offered.

“Thanks, I’ll be glad to stick with you for a bit…at least until I find who it is I am seeking” Andrea said.

“And our merry party grows” Josec said with a laugh.

Andrea laughed as well. At that moment, the Academy Director’s voice sounded within Rai’s Sanctuary.

“Will Reis Dragonhaӓrt please report to the Director’s Office?” the voice demanded.

“Gotta go. You guys can wait for me here for a bit can’t you?” Reis asked.

“We sure can” Josec said.

Reis hurried off to the teleportation crystal and checked the lists for an address to the Academy Director’s Office. When he slammed his hand on it, he was transported once more.

When he recovered his senses, he found himself in a familiar room. It was a room he had been in the first time he arrived on Benedict’s Ark, the Academy Director’s Office.

“I see you discovered both ‘The Boy that Turns into Lightning’ and ‘The Girl that has Lost Her Memory’ he said.

Reis nodded.

“Now you must find ‘The Master Strategist’ and ‘The Princess who is a Dragon Wielder’ like you. This Princess you must find though is not Aurora Saggeese from your homeworld. She has already triumphed over the darkness of her homeworld along with ‘The Master Strategist’. They are from the same homeworld and as fate would have it, they are both in Kolmnid Farms, a location you previously visited” the Academy Director said.

“Why do I have to find these people? I do not understand the significance of all of this” Reis said.

“I’m quite certain you don’t but don’t worry. In time you will. These people may influence your journey in your homeworld and some of them are tied to others that may very well decide the fate of your homeworld” the Academy Director said.

“How can anything that happens on Benedict’s Ark affect my homeworld? The distance between this place and my homeworld is quite immeasurable; almost the same distance that separates dreams from reality” Reis said.

“That would actually make the distance that between sleeping and waking up and that distance is not so immeasurable is it?” the Academy Director said.

“For one thing, I cannot interact on Benedict’s Ark with those who can’t see me and for another, everyone on Benedict’s Ark is from different worlds that probably have no ties to my homeworld. They cannot journey to Ryugaeia and affect the lives of those there so how can you say that some of them may very well decide the fate of my homeworld?” Reis asked in confusion.

“I see you are beginning to learn the rules by which Benedict’s Ark operates however you are wrong about one thing. Even without journeying to Ryugaeia and directly influencing events there, they can still affect Ryugaiea because everyone on this Ark has the power to influence you just as you have the power to influence them. You may accept or reject that influence but you can still remember the influence exerted on you while you were here when you return to your homeworld. In hindsight, you could say everyone on Benedict’s Ark has the power to influence the homeworlds of everyone else here through themselves. After all you take the influence exerted on you back to your homeworld” the Academy Director said.

“I see, indirect influence huh?” Reis said.

The Academy Director nodded.

“And there are some things you will need to learn here in order to defeat the darkness of your world” the Academy Director said.

“Armageddon? You mean you are going to teach me the skills I need to combat him?” Reis asked.

“Not skills…lessons and your teachers will be your own peers” the Academy Director said.

“For now focus on the task at hand and seek out ‘The Master Strategist’ and ‘The Princess who wields the Crystal Dragon’” the Academy Director said and tossed a crystal key to Reis.

“What’s that for?” Reis asked.

“It’s access to an unnamed hall. A library that has not been used in a while. I’ll give it a name once your tasks are complete” the Academy Director said.

Reis nodded.

“You can leave now” the Academy Director said.

When Reis was back in Dream Knight’s Jurisdiction, he met Andrea and Josec waiting patiently for him.

“We knew you’d show up here” Josec said with a laugh.

“Thanks for waiting” Reis said gratefully.

“So what’s next?” Josec asked.

“We are to find a Master Strategist and a Princess who wields a Crystal Dragon” Reis said.

“Do you know where we can start searching?” Josec asked.

“Kolmnid Farms. That’s where the Academy Director said we’d find them” Reis said.

“Okay then, let’s get searching” Josec said cheerfully.

The three students walked to the teleportation crystal and touched it. A list popped up. Kolmnid Farms was already on Reis’ list of accessible locations. Aside Rai’s Sanctuary which was a new location was another location with the name ‘Unnamed Library’. Reis accessed Kolmnid Farms and in an instant the three students were teleported.

On Kolmnid Farms were a number of people busily working to recover from the rampage of the Thunderbird. Lightning rods had already been set in place lest the Thunderbird rampaged in the farms again. The people were also in the middle of erecting strange devices that seemed to have crystals at their core. Among the people was a girl who had a purple looking dragon beside her.

The Dragon was producing crystals in vast quantities.

“We don’t want to be caught unawares again. I’m erecting ‘Limelight’. The protocol with which we defeated the Dark ninja on our homeworld. However they are mainly to be used for agricultural purposes. I’ll have it tweaked with some security alert features so that when the farms are disturbed, we will know” a boy said.

The boy had golden hair and blue eyes. The girl had brown hair.

“Sorry about that” Josec apologized. “I was the one that went berserk on the farms. It was overwhelming to find myself in an unfamiliar world” Josec confessed to the people there.

“Whoa! That’s surprising. A human with the ability to become a Thunderbird. Just don’t raze our farms with lightning again. It takes a lot of work to keep everything in order” the girl said.

“And just in case you try it, the ‘Limelight’ devices have been tweaked with the ability to siphon lightning. You’ll only drain yourself dry so you’d best remember that” the boy said.

“He already said he was sorry Michael. Don’t give him a hard time” a boy with blue hair and blue eyes said.

“My name is Ryu by the way” he introduced himself.

“Hello Ryu” Reis greeted as he introduced himself and the others.

“This here is my brother Michael. He is a Master Strategist and was instrumental in the defeat of the Dark ninja from our world” Ryu confessed with a smile.

“You say the nicest things sometimes little bro” Michael said as he held Ryu around the shoulders and rubbed his hair in a screwdriver lockhold.

“Hey I’m no longer a kid you know?” Ryu protested.

“Regardless of how old you become, you’ll always be my little bro” Michael said with a laugh.

“Ryu, Michael. Stop joking around” the girl said.

“She by the way is Atlanta Reige. She is the Princess of the New Fiery Ryu and wielder of the Crystal Dragon Saint” Ryu explained.

“We just found the people we were looking for” Andrea said.

“Wait a sec Michael. I’m curious about one thing. How could an agricultural device help win a war in your homeworld?” Reis asked.

“Look at it this way, it’s primary function is to amplify and disperse light however…in hindsight that makes it a nifty flashbomb especially when used against those whose powers are primarily of darkness so the ‘light’ is the key” Michael explained.

Reis and the others were shocked.

“Wow, I guess this is what Master Fencer calls an ‘improv’” Josec said with sly pleasure.

“What’s an improv?” Reis asked.

“Using something with a specific primary function to achieve secondary functions” Josec said.

“Basically there is more than one way to achieve the same result. Different people may use different means. That’s the principle behind it. If it differs from the standard, it’s an improvisation or ‘improv’ for short” Josec explained.

Michael and Josec laughed at their cleverness while everyone else tried to understand how their minds worked.

“Atlanta, Michael, I’ve got a favour to ask. Ryu, you could join us if you want” Reis said.

“Depends” Ryu said.

“The Academy Director instructed us to establish a sort of social gathering on Benedict’s Ark. He gave us profiles for the people we should find. I found Josec and Andrea here. You two, Atlanta and Michael fit the profile of the next pair I am supposed to find” Reis said.

“We don’t mind. Actually, we’ve been sort of waiting for something like this to happen” Michael said.

Atlanta nodded.

“I’ve already been asked by Ayzan Nightbane and since I don’t fit the profile of someone you’re supposed to find I guess I’m out. Besides, I already joined up with Zan’s group moments ago” Ryu said.

Suddenly, the voice of the Academy Director sounded in Kolmnid Farms.

“Michael of Kolmnid and Atlanta Reige have been granted access to the Unnamed Library” he said.

“Nice!” Michael and Atlanta said as they removed their Crystal Keys from their pockets and checked the list of locations they now had access to.

“You can head there whenever you want. I need to go see the Academy Director” Reis said as he waved and ran to a teleportation crystal.

In a flash, he was gone.

Once more, he stood before the Academy Director.

“It’s amazing how quickly you are completing your tasks. Before you leave Benedict’s Ark for your homeworld, there is one more person I’d like you to find” the Academy Director said.

“And who might that be?” Reis asked.

“The Heroine of the Battle of Black Water Bridge, the Wielder of the Blades also known as the Pyrogeysers” the Academy Director said.

“How do I find someone like that?! I can’t just walk around the Academy asking everyone I meet ‘Are you the Heroine of Black Water Bridge?!’ and ‘Do you wield blades called Pyrogeysers?’ I would seem too suspicious!” Reis exclaimed at this seemingly absurd request.

The Academy Director laughed.

“Well, that is certainly true. It would be suspicious to ask a stranger that…in the wrong setting and under the wrong conditions however it might not be as suspicious to ask people that share a similar reality as the target that” the Academy Director said.

“So now she’s a target huh?” Reis asked.

“For lack of a better word” the Academy Director said.

“’Subject’ would make her sound like an experiment. Either way I think target is simple and clean” he added.

“Acck! What sort of a mind do you have?” Reis wondered.

The Academy Director laughed.

“To help you out, I will grant you access to a new location” the Academy Director said.

Reis felt his pocket grow warm. He reached into it and touched the Crystal Key. It was generating heat. He took it out and stared at it.

He recalled Michael and Atlanta checking theirs for new locations. He squeezed it and a list popped up. He checked the list and found a new location.

“Hall Of Dream Knights” Reis sighed.

“This is the last person you need to find” the Academy Director assured him.

He nodded and walked to the teleportation crystal and checked it. “Hall Of Dream Knights” had been added to its list.  Reis touched it and slammed on the crystal. In an instant he was gone.

He appeared in a room decorated with weapons and armoury. There was an arrangement of elegant chairs there and people clothed in various armour walked there. Reis noticed the boy he had seen earlier, the one with the ‘Seals Of Identity’ on his face. He seemed to be talking to a girl who appeared to be disinterested in what he was saying. Reis approached him.

“Hey, I need a little help” Reis greeted.

“Can’t you see we are in the middle of a serious conversation? Nothing you have to say can surpass the urgency of this serenade” the boy said.

“Zan, really?” the girl said and rolled her eyes in even more boredom.

“Ayu, I’m serious. I’d really like you to hang out with us” the boy called Zan pleaded.

“I hear your group has been breaking Academy regulations and you’re not really serious about your studies. I won’t hang out with you if you continue to slack off in your studies” Ayumi said.

“Am…Am I interrupting something serious?” Reis asked nervously.

“Nothing serious. Hey, you’re the guy that’s also trying to create an Academic Class on Benedict’s Ark aren’t you? I am the Dream Knight Ayumi Kirisawa, wielder of the Pyrogeysers. Sign me up so this guy…” Ayumi said as she pointed to Zan. “…can stop pestering me”.

“AYUUU!!!” Zan exclaimed in dismay and bowed his head.

Then he raised his head and glared at Reis.

“A rival huh?! I won’t forget this Reis Dragonhaӓrt!” Zan exclaimed and ran away.

“Hey, wait a sec…how does he know my name?” Reis wondered in surprise.

“Zan’s actually quite resourceful when he puts his mind to it. Nothing gets past him and he can be quite dangerous too when it’s necessary. Finding out your name is child’s play to him” Ayumi said with a smile.

“Couldn’t you consider that before putting me smack in the middle of your lover’s spat?!” Reis exclaimed in disbelief.

Ayumi laughed.

“If he were bright though he’d know that I really do love him but this is one misunderstanding I can live with” Ayumi said.

“It may be convenient for you but it’s a danger to my health so please make sure he understands THE TRUTH!”  Reis said seriously.

“TCH! Boys! Can’t even take a decent joke” Ayumi complained.

“I’ll have you know any danger to my health is seldom considered a joke in that vague area you are determined not to comprehend called ‘My Reality’” Reis said.

Ayumi laughed.

“We really do get along well. You and Zan are actually quite similar. Anyway, I asked you to sign me up to your group” Ayumi said.

“Yeah, about that, I was actually searching for you but I guess it’s settled” Reis said.

“Announcement to all people on the Ark, at this very moment, Reis Dragonhaӓrt Of Ryugaeia formed the Class Of Honours; Ayzan Nightbane Of Dream City also formed the Class Of Deviants!” the Academy Director’s voice sounded within the Academy.

Reis and Ayumi checked their Crystal Keys. Reis noticed that in the place Of Unnamed Library, the words Class Of Honours decorated that slot.

“Let’s meet with the others” Reis said as he walked with Ayumi to a teleportation crystal.

He accessed the Class Of Honours and in an instant, he was with everyone else.

“Let’s celebrate the formation of the Class Of Honours” Josec said and motioned to the food and drinks the others had prepared as well.

Reis smiled. He ate and talked with them all and when he tasted the food and drinks, he realized something.

“It’s all real” he thought to himself as a tear flowed down his face.

“I’m needed here guys…but I’m also needed on my homeworld. I have to return now” Reis said.

“Will you come back?” Josec asked.

“When Alpha beckons, I shall return” Reis said and then shut his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself resting on Aurora’s lap.

“Are you finally back sleepyhead?” she asked with a smile.

“I’m back and I’m grateful for a good day’s rest” Reis said as he sat up.

“Consider it a reward for helping with my training” Aurora said with a smile.

© EdwinBozie - all rights reserved

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