A Poem by simon81

Author: simon81
Created: December 07, 2017 at 02:15 pm
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Category: Spiritual | Love | Supernatural
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The Way  

It's the Blue Jay way

where colours come out to play

She swoops and dives but always steady

so climb on whenever you're ready

She can hold you

or maybe even two


Climb aboard and go on a journey

away from the things that concern you and me

a place that may have been forgotten

a place so soft it feels like cotton

as gentle as the breeze

and high above the trees


One wisp of her neon blue feathers

will ease any endeavours

she follows sky currents and channels the airwaves

illuminating past caverns and caves

To see the past present and future

and find the things to suit you


It's the Blue Jay way

where the stars come out to play

strong and steady like an elephant

all your fears will become irrelevant

mute the parrot in your ear

change to a slower gear


switch to cruise control

with a mind that's whole

not the monkey swinging between branches

clambering around and the chances are

you'll be reckless with no direction

you need a birds eye view

to make a difference to you...


slicing through superstition

find the seeds of life's true mission

she never speaks but has a lot to say

she's always there to light the way

or share with someone special if you choose

or to keep for your evening cruise


she sleeps in your heart and flies through your mind

she is the spirit you were trying to find

so in the future you can say

I chose the blue jay way


© simon81 - all rights reserved

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