A Poem by Littlesong

Author: Littlesong
Created: December 05, 2017 at 09:35 am
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Category: Spiritual | Love | Free Verse
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Heaven shudders
dim noises of wonders
they gleam
Finding their paths through ether
occult splendour
Reflected in my longing heart

I can hear the Nature's voices
moaning through ardent realm
awaiting the rebirth
the labour of new Creator
and I can feel His first sighs
whispering, commanding
each of my senses
"Come fill my well of thirst"
It's the rapturous Majesty
The loving of universe
Through You
It's the glorious divinity
of an adoring Deity
Drifting me through
It's simply
Your Soul's breath
My entity.

© Gh~*






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January 09, 2018
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I was just reading one of your poems and i guess this must be your latest..beautiful words you have written my dear friend..of a new beginning, a new creator and how we fall in love with the whole world through that one, special person..i loved reading this and thank you so much for sharing..

Dearest Anjana, thank You so much for Your beautiful visit, I just send You a message.

 Littlesong replied on February 03, 2018

December 09, 2017
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This is a nicely written poem, the mystical of Breath and the entity give it an emphasis of your thoughts...nice...

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December 06, 2017
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Love in all splendour and sensitivity owns the mind, body and soul. A beautiful 'creation' my friend.

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December 05, 2017
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Second Coming?
In this offering the poet uses images that are reminiscent of religious scriptures. There is a reference to the rebirth of a "new Creator," the capitalization immediately giving the impression that a deity is being mentioned. I don't think any particular religious concept is being cited here; rather, the reference is probably to the spirit of love itself. Later on, we understand it is the loving of the universe through "You," indicating a specific individual is being addressed. The last stanza seems to reinforce the notion of a loving universe manifesting through an individual love. The poem ends with the idea of a merging of souls through love. Thus we have the divine and the human presenting as one. Quite mystical, quite sensuous. Well done.

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December 05, 2017
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Its a great depiction of how God gave life to mankind.

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