A Poem by chrome

Author: chrome
Created: December 04, 2017 at 09:36 am
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They see me as an exceptional being
Always on top, always the best.
I'm the personification of what
they want their child to be.
I'm a role model ,they said.

They always look up to me as if I was a king.
But they never knew I was just a slave like them.
Who was always drudge by the society
to reap the prejudge of what they sow.
Who always look up to the sky,
Wondering why is it blue??

They were fascinated to me as if I was a rare being.
But unbeknowst to them I was also fascinated
to the likes of them.
If I was nobody would there will be somebody
to look up to me and even care???

I always wear a mask to put on a good show.
Leaving them in awe through every performance.
I wonder when will this facade will fade??
How long will the performance last??
How much more should I bear for this show??

I become weary from this melodrama.
My mind drifts away as I close my eyes,
the memories of black and white flashes
before me.
Back to where it all begun, to the once there is a 
Once upon a time, were everything seems to be in magic.
But little by little as the reel goes on it turns tragic.

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© chrome - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Good day folks!!!
Need your thoughts for this one.
Thank you

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