A Poem by werewolf117

Author: werewolf117
Created: December 03, 2017 at 10:27 pm
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Category: Fantasy | Science Fiction | General/Other
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Rigor Mortis  

Claw, bleed, scream, gore,
They still come for more, more, more.
Run, run faster and faster,
As the rot closes in, tighter and tighter.
The smell, the stentch that steals your breath,
The scent of this unending cloud of death.
The decayed scream for blood as they close in,
The rotten demand flesh, as if humanity itself is a sin.
That stentch, those screams, those last breaths, they fill you with a final dread,
For this is the day humanity falls, for this...is the day of the dead.

© werewolf117 - all rights reserved

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December 08, 2017
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Almost gave this...
a 3.5 but decided on 4 because I like the genre and the shock value is decent. On the downside and no offense meant - "more, more, more" seems a bit comical (what about something like "They still keep coming on for more.") and you spelled "stench" wrong twice. Plus, and this is only my opinion, from someone who goes by the name of "werewolf" I'd expect a werewolf poem. This clearly is a zombie attack which is fine so maybe I'm overdoing my expectation.


PS - Where in the Hell is Darryl Dixon when you need him?

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