A Poem by JohnCreekmore

Author: JohnCreekmore
Created: October 18, 2017 at 09:58 pm
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I am thankful for

Not to it,

For it is not apart
From me.

It looks out through

Not down on me,

Which could only be
The act

Of another.

© JohnCreekmore - all rights reserved

Author Notes

I am That.

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March 03, 2018
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Yes, I'm the being, and the being is me, my true great reality, my source... and I should feel it each moment, that I'm "being" and that I'm being a "being" if this makes any sense, growing larger, unlimited, not locked inside the human's body, that's it, that's me, brilliant use of expressions here, very very brilliant, one of my most favorites.

Thanks, LS.  Whether you call it God, Allah, Brahman, Nirvana or Being, it is the same thing, and it is us.

 JohnCreekmore replied on March 09, 2018

November 17, 2017
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Deep stuff
How have you achieved such depth of expression so succinctly? I really relate to both thought and style. Thank you John.

Thanks. Over the years I have come to value brevity of expression.  I believe you don't have to be wordy to make an impact.

 JohnCreekmore replied on November 17, 2017

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