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Author: Silverblue
Created: May 18, 2017 at 08:16 pm
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The Park  

Dad parks the car, a warm summers day
Here is the place where the children come play
The putting greens open, the pitch and putt too
If you climb up a tree, you can get a good view

Creak goes the gate, as you push on the metal
A toddler with flowers, she drops a lone petal
Children on skateboards, others on bikes
Little ones getting to grips with their trikes

Footballers young, and footballers old
Still a few hours before it turns cold
The café is open, with drinks, food, and more
Sandwiches, chocolate, crisp flavours galore

High on the climbing frame, that's good ascension
The slide such a favourite, gets so much attention
A push on the swing, the roundabout spins
A place where there's joy, an abundance of grins

Mum and dad try to relax in the sun
Yet keeping a watch as the kids go seek fun
A stones throw away, are the boats on the lake
You can hear ducks nearby, from the quack noise they make

The park is a place with such ranges of green
The hues of the flowers create such a scene
Pathways with signposts, to show you what's where
Let's head for that café, it's only down there

One ride on the go-karts, and then a quick treat
A drink for your thirst, I'll find us a seat
That bench over there is a free one to claim
To round off our visit, we'll end with a game

A game of I-spy as we all feel content
That cinnamon bun giving off quite a scent
Family time, that the young cherish dearly
That last one 'balloon,' we could all see it clearly

A few rounds completed, the words mostly found
The charm of this place, every sight, every sound
Time to head back, not too long until dark
How we always enjoy our days out to the park.

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Author Notes

A lot of this piece was inspired by my own memories of visiting the park when I was a child.

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May 20, 2017
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This reminds me of the park near me, my friend. That now has a golf course and cafe. I have often spent time with friends in the latter - generally people-watching - and we have tried - though not successfully - a few holes on the former. Good laugh though, especially when trying to hit the ball out of a bunker! The park is a real haven for wildlife, and a sanctuary from the modern world - an oasis where one can get away from worries and demands for a while. My friends and I don't go there after dark, though, as the council has not been thoughtful enough to provide lighting.

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May 19, 2017
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Close your eyes
I read this a few times then closed my eyes and all I read appered in my mind. The imagery is fantastic, set with a nice moderate pace to take the reader through each segment. Superb and uplifting. Thank you!

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