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Majestic Dreamers Ch 20: We Were Here


The Saggeesian Wilds were a huge plain surrounded by thick forest. The plain itself was like a huge clearing in the middle of a huge forest.

“Haah, this place sure brings back memories doesn’t it Atlanta?” Ryu of Kolmnid said to one of the girls in his guild.

“It sure does Ryu” the girl called Atlanta replied.

“Of course, it’s Zangaeia’s equivalent of ‘Heart Of The Dragon’ in Kolmnid” Darak said.

“You mean Dragonheart?” Reis asked.

“It’s all the same regardless” Darak said with a smile.

“I feel like I’ve been hit with new insight I can’t afford to lose” Reis said with a sigh.

Then everyone took their time to inhale the cool fresh breeze of the Saggeesian Wilds. It was warm but not too warm and the wind blew quite strongly creating a climate conducive for sleep.

“Alright, let’s get started on our tenth expedition to the Saggeesian Wilds. As usual, the rules are the same. We’ll divide ourselves into groups based on affinity instead of guilds and venture into different parts of the wilds. The aim remains the same as always, by the end of the expedition, everyone is required to leave evidence of their presence here. If possible, evidence strong enough to last until our next expedition a year from now” Darak said.

“As usual, I am forced to ask, though it is entertaining and all, why do we have to leave evidence of our presence? Aren’t we supposed to be a guild that thrives on concealment?” I asked Darak.

He sighed.

“You’ve come this far and you still do not understand the significance of The Union Of Twelve Gates?” Darak asked me.

“We do the same thing every year. It’s fun and all but you’ve never told us what the point is” I said with honest curiousity.

“We’d like to know too if you don’t mind” Aurora said politely.

“Well, let me ask you a question first. What do you think a Guild is?” Darak asked.

“A group of people with similar skills working towards a common goal?” I answered.

“You really think it’s a group of ‘similar’ people?” Darak said placing emphasis on the word ‘similar’.

“Not necessarily, I mean Zan and I have different skills and your skills Darak are different from ours but I think what holds the skills together are our complementary skillsets. We all complement each other really well” Reis said.

“You’re right Reis. It’s the differences that hold the Guild together. If everyone had exactly the same skill, not to be harsh or anything but that would mean one necessary person and a bunch of unnecessary people” Darak said.

“That is indeed harsh” I said.

“I don’t mix words. Do you need twenty people with the same skills to do what one person can? That is why the differences are necessary. Differences that complement one another are the best” Darak said.

“So why not just divide us all by guild. Bonds have already been established and I’m willing to bet that everyone in the various guilds complement their guild members rather well since they’ve known each other over time. Why break us up by dividing us by affinity?” Reis asked.

“I guess I just want everyone to recall how difficult it initially was to discover one another. By working with people from other guilds, the lapses in teamwork will close and everyone will be taught to appreciate their own guild members whom they have no trouble working with. That initial frustration will serve to strengthen the bonds between members of individual guilds, and further strengthen the bonds within Benedict’s Ark once they get past the initial frustration” Darak said.

“That’s quite a ‘unique’ perspective” Aurora said with a weird expression on her face.

“It’s not unique! He’s just being sadistic, that’s all!” I roared angrily.

Darak burst into laughter much to our surprise.

“Possibly but there is one more reason for this tradition that goes beyond sentimental or occupational value. Time is a limited commodity. Like Ryu of Kolmnid once said…’Life is but a day’. I’d like for you to reflect on that” Darak said nostalgically.

“Well, we’re coming with you Darak. I know you usually hang out with the other masters but we’d like you to continue teaching us mastery over our Treasures of Fate” I said.

“Well, you’re a bit wrong about that. The other masters and I have such a great affinity for one another that it would be unfair of me to hang out with them while the rest of you are having a bit of trouble adjusting to each other. I originally intended to train alone but I guess I can accommodate you all in my training sessions” Darak said.

“Sweet!” Ayumi cheered.

“Rumour has it that the Pyrogeysers have an affinity for flame. My lesson might be easily understood by you” Darak said.

Ayumi looked at him in admiration.

I noticed her admiration of him and felt a little irrelevant.

Darak led us deeper into the forest.

“Haah, he sighed. We just arrived in the Saggeesian Wilds. I think we’d best rest for at least a day before beginning our training” he said.

“If that’s what you want to do that’s fine. I’m going to go mark my name on as many trees as I can find! That’s the proof of my existence!” I exclaimed with a laugh.

“Hmmph!” Darak rolled his eyes and said with a slight laugh.

“Proof of existence? Did I really say that?” I began to feel foolish.

Was the proof of my existence going to be an unknown name marked on many tree branches?

“It may have been unwittingly said but I think you get it Zan” Darak said.

“W-Wait a minute. You can’t tell me that what you have refused to tell us all these years was that the so-called proof of our presence here in some way represents the proof of our existence?” Reis said as it dawned on him.

“Don’t take life for granted. It’s best to make the best of as many moments as you can. One day when you’re no longer in these wilds, you don’t want the only proof of your existence to be a name marked on a tree do you?” Darak asked.

It wasn’t completely a bad thought but something about it made it a thought that was not completely attractive.

The princesses reflected on his words as well.

“One day, when we’re no longer here, we want our identities to call out from beyond the grave ’we were here!’”

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