A Poem by Rohit

Author: Rohit
Created: May 17, 2017 at 08:34 pm
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Category: Sad | Love | Relationships
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In the silence, under the stars,
I realize, someone mine is now damn too far.
The crowd around laughs at me,
Wherever I go, there’s only one face that I see.

Memories of the first official date,
Bring me to a different state.
Remember the time she held my hands,
Thought of spending the entire night onto the beach stands.

In the beech, as a couple our first dance,
Thought of expressing my love, but had no chance.
I come to the place where we first kissed,
Can’t say why she is still missed.

Remember the moment spent in her arms,
Want to cry my heart out, but manage to stay calm.
Something went wrong on every single day,
Accepted it, maybe that’s what is left in my fate.

Whichever way the wind blows,
I stand alone but no one knows.
Within the core, I created a world,
After knowing the truth, it just broke and swirled.

I smile, I laugh, I giggle at times,
Someone, I miss on every single dine.
Hiding emotions is not an easy art,
The learning hurts, more than a needle on the dart.

Life is only about playing a lot of games,
I feel as if she still calls me with my lovable nick names.
Never blame the time she came into my life,
Felt amazing when she introduced herself as my future wife.

The comfort that I had in her arms,
Try to lose my conscience until it harms.
Try to hide myself in some corner,
Refrain myself to see her with some foreigner.

Feel confined within me and my thoughts,
Realize that something major is lost.
I don’t blame our first meeting time.


© Rohit - all rights reserved

Author Notes

This poem is all about the state when the poet tries to move on but something holds him back. this poem is all about the beautiful memories v/s the current day scenario. and by the end there is a self realization and the acceptance of the fate.

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May 20, 2017
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I enjoyed reading this <3

Thank you..

 Rohit replied on January 02, 2018

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