A Poem by HungGarKid

Author: HungGarKid
Created: April 15, 2017 at 03:09 pm
Upload Type: Poem, M (16+)  
Category: Romance | Non Fiction | Dark
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Oh yeah, Oh no- China(Tar) part 2 of 3

Oh yeah, she has my heart and soul
Here she comes, her I lay
So I try to find my ancient forgotten mask- just to fade away
My love, the dark princess- Oh no, the neon city wants us to play
Oh yeah, I love you- I hate you- But all the frightened souls are yelling- just one more day
Lost in a maze of money and excitement
Just to feel her soft touch, her free spirt, Oh how it attracts you
Her love so unforgiving
Where we live in the unknown, without a clock to tell us of a distant time and place
Oh baby, give me a taste
Echo's of her cries guiding me her way
I wish we'd be lost just for today
Oh yeah, you're understanding- your illusion of loyalty
Oh, how it finds its way to me
Her betrayal always captures your soul- it makes you pay the hidden fees
I often wonder, what it is I see in her- her love so blind
Oh yeah, I love you- I hate you- I'm addicted to you
My battle scars wear as armor to shield all the pleas
Can't you see what this China(Tar) is doing to me
I'm always waiting on the ghost to let go
Oh yeah, set me free
Dear Mr. lawman- I've seem to lost the key
Something in the way she moves, her loves like a disease
Lurking in disguise just above
I hear her tempting whisper- Oh yeah, Oh no- come back to my love affair

© HungGarKid - all rights reserved

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