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Author: odinroark
Created: April 10, 2017 at 09:06 pm
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Pocket Companions

Pocket Companion
by Odin Roark

A good washing up is a good washing up,
but layers of love are never lost.

How long has it been?

“A mantle of dust,
a bit of sand,
maybe some fish oil residue
gives special character,” he used to say.

So many days now past.
Magnifying ants for horror play.
Trimming a yoke branch for slingshot accuracy.
Screwdriving Erector Set connections.
Gutting deep lake spinner catches.
Leather punching notches in favorite belts.
Ah, the looking back.

Now, like new once more.
Everything tucked back in,
Servitude getting momentary rest
as a hand-me-down’s rebirth
awaits new experiences.

It’s peaceful tucked securely in here.
Dark and warm. Haven’t been this clean…ever.
Kind of eerie, though. Like narrow canyons awaiting sunrise.

Always love the beginnings,
cocooned back in my original box,
wrapped in red and white
with bright yellow ribbon for giving.

All set for the surprise.


His grandson’s pocket companion will begin,
forging new memories,
for that’s what Swiss Army Knives are for.
Passing the aged box of adventure on to the next
is what makes growing up never ending.

Curious, he shakes the box,
giving me a bruising start.

“What is it Grandpa?

© odinroark - all rights reserved

Author Notes

Ever wonder if pocket companions pass on some magic?  

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