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Majestic Dreamers Ch 17: An Echo From The Past


Finally the diplomatic tussle was over. Saggeese and Darak would begin to supply Tyron with agricultural aid and the Princes of Tyron would call off the wedding to the Princesses. The Princes wasted no time in returning to their homeland. Darak on the other hand was speaking with the king and we stood a distance off watching.

“Darak, I’d like to thank you for intervening. I know it was too much trouble for you and you usually do not like involving yourself with political affairs” the King said.

“You should thank my associates” Darak said as he pointed to us.

“Associates huh? It may have all turned out well in the end but am I wrong in assuming that you had nothing to do with their actions?” the king asked.

“They may be in my care but their actions are their own however I must admit that I may have encouraged their actions a little…” Darak was saying.

“Encouraged their actions a little?! You almost set Saggeese and Tyron on the path to war!” the king exclaimed in alarm.

“Forgive me your majesty but I honestly do not believe that the agreement between Saggeese and Tyron was completely right either especially since and I will say this candidly that the focus of your attentions was on the Treasures Of Fate. Try not to make any decisions you will regret much later” Darak said.

“I admire your honesty Darak but this was honestly between the Princes and I” the King said.

“I beg to differ. Your actions in one way or the other affect every citizen of Saggeese. Do not forget that. If the actions of two lowly citizens could impact Saggeese this much; then you should consider how much more your own actions weigh” Darak said.

“Since it all turned out well, I’m grateful to you” the King said.

“Like I said, you should be grateful to my associates. It was their actions that began all this and even I was unaware of their intentions till I saw them during the bonding ceremony which if I must mention is akin to an execution. I don’t intend to complain now but I guess the point I’m trying to make is…if they didn’t make any attempt at taking responsibility for their actions…I might have remained silent as well” Darak said.

The king glanced our way for a while.

“They are impressive I will admit but don’t go telling them I said that” the King said.

“Now why would I do that? I have no intention of feeding their bloated egos any more than I have done already” Darak said.


Meanwhile, the Princesses walked towards us. We saw them approach and didn’t know how to react. Yeah, we could act smartassedly when we were alone with them but we certainly had no intention of getting ourselves into trouble with them in the presence of their father.

“Hello there Reis, Zan” Aurora called.

“Hi” we said nervously.

“You really did us a favour in there. Thanks” Ayumi said.

“HAAAAAAAAH!!! Ayu just thanked us” I exclaimed in a whisper. “Did Ayu really just thank us?” I said again and Ayumi punched me in the shoulder.

“Don’t call me Ayu!” she demanded.

Did I say we had no intention of acting smartassedly in the presence of royalty? What better way to showcase your bloated ego than in front of an important crowd?

“Hello Aurora” Reis said silently.

He was the more reasonable between us two and that bro of mine was becoming scarier by the minute. I never thought he had it in him to deal that kind of blow to a royal and by that I meant the show with the princes.

“You’ll have to forgive me for speaking out of turn but just like Zan probably feels right now…” Reis was saying when I interrupted him.

“Don’t turn me into a scapegoat yourself Reis” I said with a smirk.

“Just like he said; we have absolutely no intention of being turned into scapegoats” Reis said.

“I guess with this…your freedom is now assured?” Aurora asked.

“According to our guildmaster…we shouldn’t count on it. If anything at all, we should be wary now more than ever now that we’ve got our names on royal lips” Reis said seriously.

“I don’t think my dad will take back his word” Aurora said.

“It’s not so much your dad I’m worried about. We just made ourselves a new powerful enemy and we are not going to drag Saggeese into trouble by insisting that you protect us” Reis said.

Aurora stared at him in surprise.

“This time, we need to think ahead. We can’t keep acting as though our actions don’t affect anyone else. It’s something our guildmaster taught us” I said.

Ayumi stared at me in surprise then the sisters stared at one another.

“Is it just me or have you two changed quite a bit?” Ayumi asked us.

“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked her.

Aurora nodded in agreement with Ayumi.

“Rescuing strangers you’ve never met. Interfering with a royal wedding, rescuing us from a fortified castle, speaking out of turn at a royal discussion? We always thought you were reckless idiots who didn’t think ahead but for guys who don’t plan ahead everything just fell into place naturally. So I’m wondering; have you changed or is this who you really are…is the real you someone we are blind to?” Aurora asked.

“Perhaps your sightscope has been adjusted a little more accurately to your perception of us” I said with a laugh.

“But there is this strange feeling that lingers on albeit an unfamiliar feeling. I don’t know how to describe it. I feel happy yet I feel hesitant to show it. Looking back, I feel a certain oneness with my guild and perhaps…Saggeese too” Reis said.

“That may be the feeling of selflessness you’re feeling right now” Ayumi said.

“Haaaah, it’s no wonder we’re unfamiliar with the feeling. It’s something we wouldn’t usually consider on our own” I said.

“You’re wrong about yourselves. Everything we said you did…you did without thought but thinking back on it, you had no reason to do any of the things you did for us. You’re more selfless than you realize though you may be a tad bit misguided” Aurora said.

“That is certainly a fact” Ayumi agreed.

We reflected on their words for a while. It made a deep impact on us. Then Darak called for us. We said our farewells to the princesses and then we headed out.


Once back at the guild, Reis and I changed and headed out. It was going to be a clear night and we knew where to watch a full moon; a certain beautiful place that most definitely meant a lot to us. We headed to the field of lunar flowers.

“This was where we taught them to enjoy life like a common person does” Reis said.

I nodded.

“I’ve been thinking Zan. You know how I always said I wanted to be a king that created a kingdom where the common and royal lived together in harmony?” Reis asked.

“What about it?” I asked him.

“We already have that kingdom. We’ve always carried it right here” Reis said as he raised his hand to his chest.

“Darak heads a guild of many that respect him. It made me realize something. Remember how the ‘thieves’ in Tyron treated us when they found out that we knew his name?” Reis said.

“They were all eager to have Darak owe them a favour and they helped us…even against their own kingdom without hesitation” I said.

Reis nodded.

“At the same time look how it is in real kingdoms. The common do not generally hold the royals in high regard and it is the same way with the royals” he said.

“Yet among the Dragon Hide Fated Treasure Guardians Guild, royals and the common work together with mutual respect for one another yet acknowledging the fact that they are different. A royal is a royal and a common person is a common person; they don’t deny what they are but they respect each other for who they are. Do you think this is how the kingdom of the hero king who calls forth the Majestic Dreamers Of The Wonderful Dawn is?” Reis asked.

“I can’t say for sure. His kingdom sounds more like a myth than reality. But if His kingdom really did exist, it would tear apart everything Zangaeia is and shake its foundations to the core. I wonder…why is he called the ‘Hero King?’ I have thought about it for so long and then I was forced to wonder what the two words ‘Hero’ and ‘King’ really mean. I realized a painful truth. None of those titles can be claimed; they can only be given. I must admit I felt more relaxed after I came to that realization” I said to Reis.

“Wow, you’re being more thoughtful now than you ever were” Reis said to me.

“There is another thing I was forced to recall. The words of Omega” I said in silence and then we both stared at the stars.

Our minds filled with a clear image of Omega. An image so clear we saw it reflect in the stars and with the image came the lingering question Omega had asked us once before;

“When your freedom…costs others their freedom…then could you really call that freedom?”

© EdwinBozie - all rights reserved

Author Notes

"When your freedom...costs others their freedom...could you really call that freedom?"

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