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Smart thinking

Smart thinking can assist in: where and how to look for information required, understanding that information, deciding which information is relevant, working out and expressing your ideas, planning your communication and establishing a framework or structure in which facts and evidence make sense. Smart thinking can also improve your capacity to set your communication in context. It alerts you to the importance of: your audience and their expectations, the information requirements and your own assumptions and biases which will need to be considered and explored.

Smart thinking addresses these issues and improves your skills by exploring and emphasising reasoning. Reasoning is defined as the process of understanding relationships between the many events, objects and ideas in our world. Using reasoning we see that these cannot exist alone but they interconnect and we also see that any particular one may not make sense without the knowledge of another.

Smart thinking involves a level of social dimension and as a result we all have some kind of reasoning we do on a daily basis. For most of us our knowledge consists of facts and information as well as a structure or framework with which we interpret these ideas.

Questioning is a key skill that enables us to develop a complex knowledge about the world in the form of structures of related ideas, in which we communicate to others. It is said that finding the right answers is not important but rather asking the right questions is supreme as this will enable you to find the answers easier.

Smart thinking helps us become more effective and consistent in problem solving, helps us understand the world as best as we can and helps us become successful in areas of our lives where information is concerned. It also helps you to study, helps you at work and makes you an active member of communities.

Thinking smart is about recognising the contexts of power and influences in which knowledge exists. Thinking smart is about using knowledge within the constraints of these contexts. It also always involves remembering that our own reasoning may equally involve the exercise of power and of influence.

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