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Faith and Man

Darkness. Only darkness. Man looks all around but sees darkness. Darkness ahead, darkness behind, darkness to the left and right.

“Hello?... Is anyone there?... I can’t see anything. I am afraid and alone.”

“Hello Man.”

Man jumps at the sounds of the voice.

“I am Faith. I am here to walk with you.”

“What is this place?” Man asks, “I don’t know where I am!”

“My friend,” Faith begins, “this is a place known to every man alive. It is a place the hurt are familiar with, where widows, orphans and homeless frequent. It is home to failures and lay-offs. Welcome to Challenge.”

“I don’t understand,” Man questions, “Why am I here?”

“My child,” Faith smiles, “You are one of the lucky ones. You have been handpicked to be here. You have been granted the opportunity to grow, to expand your potential. You have been chosen specifically to become one of the greats, that is, if you rise to the occasion. Many have walked through here just like you. Yet many have been lost in here for weeks, months, even years. Some make it out. Others don’t.

 “Why do only some make it out?”

Faith continues, “Here in Challenge, there are two paths, one to the right and one to the left. The one to the right offers a guided way out and the one to the left allows those who come through here to navigate their own way out. Some believe they can find their way through the darkness alone. They go left. I have witnessed even the strongest of men get caught in the tangled mess within these walls, trapped and unable to move. You see Challenge is a jungle. It has sharp edges and pointy corners. It is full of obstacles you may not see. Those who chose left are pompous and often too haughty to turn to me for help.”

“Why should they turn to you?”

“For I am the tour guide here in Challenge. I lead the path to the right. I provide a way out. This is my home. I was born in the darkness. I was created for the darkness. I shine brightest in the darkness. In my time here, I have seen the smallest and weakest folk, the ones I thought would crumble and cave under these conditions, navigate their way out. I have seen those who have real inner strength within walk through the darkness. They made it through because they turned to me, placed their weight on me, used me as a crutch, a director, a compass. So hold my hand,” Faith continues, “and I will guide you.”

“But I’m afraid. What if I fall?” Man replies.

“You may. But if you do, I will give you strength to stand up.”

Man looks at Faith and asks, “What if I bump into something? What if there is something blocking my way?”

“Don’t worry my child. I will teach you to climb over it.” Faith reassures.

“But what if it is really high? What if I can’t even see the top?”

“Then we will climb slowly, one step at a time.”

“What if I get tired of climbing and my legs start to hurt?”

Faith smiles, “Then I will carry you.”

“But I am heavy. How do I know you have the strength to lift me?” Man questions.

“My strength is a funny thing.” Faith begins, “It is malleable. I am only as strong as you believe I am. If you believe I can carry you, I will. However, if you do not believe I can assist you through this, my strength will dissipate and I will become flaccid and weak. Know that I am a constant here in Challenge. I am not going anywhere. If you feel me slipping away, it is because your grasp is not strong enough. Even at times when you feel it is hard to hold, all you need is to squeeze tighter.”

 “But I can’t see an exit sign. How do I know there is a way out?”

“Good question,” Faith says, “the exit sign may not be clearly marked, but that doesn’t mean it does not exist. It may be a while before you see it. But trust me my child, it is there.”

Man turns to Faith, “It feels like I have been in the darkness for eternity. I do not even remember what the outside looks like.”

Faith smiles and replies, “You have quickly become so used to the darkness. Know that because of the dark, the light you will experience once you get out on the other side will be brighter than you can ever imagine.”

Man takes a breath, grabs Faith by the hand and takes a step.


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Author Notes

When trials and tribulations come knocking, where do we turn?

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