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Majestic Dreamers Ch 11: Return To Saggeese


At dawn, Reis awakened from his sleep. Apparently, he was under a slight sleep spell when Omega awakened and Omega’s rampage was a trial for me. You might have figured that part out by now. However, Reis still did not know how to call on Omega wilfully and I did not yet completely comprehend Omega’s words. I summoned the Nightbane in a time of great need. It didn’t necessarily mean that I could pull it off every time. I told Reis what Omega had told me about the ‘quality’ of ‘air’ that could move the ‘cart’ without pushing it. The girls filled in the details I missed. Reis seemed to think deeply on those words and then he sighed.

“I don’t think I can pull off summoning Omega wilfully just yet” he said.

“Then for now, we’ll go with the old fashioned way” I said as I tugged on Reis’ ring of Omega.

With a loud roar and a flare of flame and thunder, Omega appeared with the words;

“How dare you attempt to claim a power you haven’t earned?!”

“Heh, we’re headed to Saggeese Omega” I said with a slight smirk.

“You may be impressive but you’re still quite a brat boy” Omega growled angrily.

I shook my head with a chuckle.

Reis laughed.

“Some things will never change” he said.


We flew to Saggeese talking about a lot of things along the way. The princesses were excited about returning home and seeing their father again. By the time we arrived, it was sunset.

We landed quite a distance from the border of Saggeese and continued the rest of the way on foot. We escorted them to the castle discreetly. When we finally stood before the king he looked very grieved.

“Alas, you kept your promise as I expected, now I will keep mine” the king said with a grim look on his face.

“What promise?” the princesses were oblivious.

“Uh-um…to grant us our freedom once we returned you” I lied nervously.

Reis nodded in agreement. The king looked at us with a puzzled look on his face. We shook our heads frantically to signal him to the fact that we had changed our minds.

After a long struggle of miscommunication, he finally got our message. He kept silent because he had made his promise before his knights and the people and he did not want to look like a man who did not keep his word.

“If the rescuers have decided that that is their reward for your rescue, then I shall honour their request” the king said.

We sighed in relief.

“Why do you seem so relieved? You’ve finally earned what you’ve craved for a while and note to self, we got ourselves out of the tower, you did not rescue us so if we were to hit you with a batch of technicalities, you would realize that we owe you nothing” Aurora said.

“I’m honestly glad you’re so clueless” I said with a sigh.

“You certainly have become much harsher these past six years” Reis said with a sigh.

“Did you say something?” the princesses glared at us angrily.

“We said nothing. Anyway, rescue or not, we did our part and went through all that trouble almost for nothing. Well the Treasures Of Fate are enough of a reward on their own but nothing beats freedom. Goodbye princesses and this time, it may be for good” I said and we strolled out of the castle and into the streets.

Only when we were safely back at the Dragon Hide’s Guild did we realize that we had indeed gone through all that trouble for nothing. We had totally forgotten to retrieve our Treasures Of Fate from the princesses. We were shocked at our stupidity.

I laughed in defeat.

“I give up, I guess one of the reasons they are called Treasures Of Fate is that the choice of the wielder is theirs to make. It was stupid of us to think we could reclaim something we had given. I definitely wanted to hold those strings really tight!” I complained.

“You know, perhaps we were not that interested in the Treasures Of Fate in the first place, the ones we handed to them. Do you think we did all this because we just wanted to see them again like one last time?” Reis asked me.

“You think we’re that admirable? Don’t mock us Reis or could it be that you’re finally going soft?” I asked him.

“But haven’t you ever thought of it? That there could be something more to life than just theft?” Reis asked me.

“I might have thought of it. With the resources at our disposal, there is a lot of other avenues we could earn treasure from without resorting to theft. B-B-But wait a sec- hey hey hey Reis, where is all this coming from?” I asked him.

“Other avenues huh? Well isn’t that interesting?” we heard a familiar voice behind us.

It was so unpleasantly unfamiliar that we shivered at the very sound.

“D-Darak! S-So you overheard us” Reis said in an attempt to put on a brave front.

“I promised to take care of you till you decided you were strong enough to take care of yourself. It seems that moment is almost upon me, after all, if you were smart enough to consider ‘other’ avenues, then you are smart enough to survive in the world” Darak said.

“But that moment is still so far away from now” I said with a laugh.

“I need you to grow up a bit more quickly. Things…might be changing soon” Darak said.

“For the better...or for the worse?” Reis asked seriously.

“That to a large extend is dependent on everyone in Zangaeia and the dominant forces might serve as a catalyst to that change however, it isn’t something that can be achieved by a single party” Darak said.

“What do you mean?” Reis asked.

“Zangaeia is a world of royals and the common. Legends have made it known to us that the fate of both parties is certain and legend also mentions one way to change that fate” Darak said.

“The ‘Treasures Of Fate’” Reis said.

“Treasures Of Fate? I wonder if that’s what they truly are. My gut tells me they aren’t accurately named. Either that or there has been a mistranslation somewhere as the legend was passed down but rumour has it that only one force in Zangaeia can truly uncover the purpose to the Treasures Of Fate and that force is…” Darak was saying when Reis informed him.

“A force written in the name of love. A force called ‘The Majestic Dreamers Of The Wonderful Dawn’. The power said to call forth the one known as ‘The King Of Dreams’” Reis said.

“You can sometimes be quite mysterious Darak” Reis said.

“But you believe the tales. The legends are all connecting together like a cloth being woven, like a multitude of dreams being woven into one. The final picture is still a mystery” Darak said.

“I would never have thought that I could end up with the kingdom’s Treasure Of Fate; the Dragon Omega” Reis said.

“And I ended up with the Nightbane” Zan confessed.

“I saw your struggle and I have never been more proud of the Dragon Hide Thieves Guild than I was at the moment I saw you bond with them but at this rate, I can’t keep it from you any longer” Darak said.

“Keep what?” I asked.

“If you’re resourceful enough to believe there are ‘other’ avenues in life apart from theft, then you really have grown so I will let you in on a secret” Darak said.

“What secret?” Reis asked.

“The true name of this Guild. To the light, we are a traders’ Guild, to the shadows, we are a Thieves’ Guild however…amongst our comrades, we are known as The Dragon Hide Fated Treasures Guardians Guild; a bit of a dramatic name if I must say so myself” Darak said.

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