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Author: tanyaa
Created: February 16, 2017 at 01:19 am
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Current state of...  

If I could drown out the expectations, id be free of the failures
open to frustration and passion all in one endeavor.

If I could unfeel the heart strings, I'd be stronger than the mind traps
simply traveling this incredibly unpredictable life map.

Is it ever better than the last? A choice we make - past is past.
Now is here and tomorrow is near but what makes our future self more important than our current fears?

Is it about ego or me-go? Simple impact or void inflicting confidence that dictates days and negates nights?
know your role; back of the bus, roast in the oven, mentally breaking blind trust.

Emotions don't belong here. Not the kind followed by tears.
Be stronger than that. have dreams bigger than your need of...everything.

absence isn't indicative of love. That's what some say.
Presence is implicit to love. That's what lovers portray.
Indifference is absent of passion.
Absolute devotion is weaved in the everyday, and then some.

where do you stand in the dance?
Me? I'm waiting for the music to start...

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February 16, 2017
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What's it all about?
Rather than a unified theme or point of view, the poet has given us a series of philosophical musings, a group of nicely rhymed observations and questions that she has culled at this point in her life. I especially liked verse 3, which begins with the query "Is it ever better than the last?" Maybe this is a re-phrasing of Peggy Lee's famous "Is that all there is?" At 71 I'm still dealing with that one myself. The conclusions in the rest of the verse tell me the poet's moving in the right direction. Whichever one of us comes up with the right answer first must be sure to tell the other. Well done.

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